10 Best Rolling Trays

10 Best Rolling Trays in 2024

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If you're tired of scrambling for a clean space to get your roll on, you'll love rolling trays, which are created to make the smoking experience easier, more convenient, and less messy. When you look at a rolling tray, you may not realize the potential this small square or rectangle accessory holds. But once you start using it, you'll feel like you've found your long-lost mate that makes each smoking session unforgettable!

Rolling trays are not just about good looks and good vibes. One of their most significant function is that they offer an organization. They keep all of your accessories in one spot, and some even have tops, slots to hold your rolling papers, grinder, or other tools.

1. Green 420 Rolling Tray$14.30

420 Green Metal Rolling Tray

Keep the good times rolling with this Green 420 Rolling Tray. If anyone needs a nice-sized tray to use for cleaning and rolling their smoking products, the 420 Rolling Dish fits the bill quite nicely. This metal rolling tray features a spacious surface with a 420 Logo and green cannabis weed for you to chop and pack your smoking goods in. Available in two sizes, this 420 green rolling tray is bound to be a new favorite in your smoking accessories arsenal.


  • Material: Metal
  • 420 Logo & Green Cannabis Weed
  • Available in 2 Sizes
  • Small: 7" × 5.5"
  • Medium: 10.5" × 6.25"

2. Spongebob Rolling Tray$18.98

Dunkees Spongebob Rolling Tray

A smoking room is not complete without a Dunkees Cannabis Rolling Tray with Unique Art. As an original art rolling tray by talented artist Daniel Militonian, this Spongebob Rolling Tray never fails to win the heart of rolling lovers. The large and flat surface area is excellent for rolling. Made from hard metal, it is pretty solid and durable to provide years of rolling fun. With vibrant colors and exquisite patterns, this rolling tray is easy to stand out in any collection. Pick the rolling tray for yourself or as a gift for a SpongeBob fanatic. 


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 13" x 9"
  • Spongebob Art by Artist Dunkees

3. Rick And Morty Rolling Tray$18.98

Dunkees Rolling Tray Rick And Morty

Transform your everyday act of rolling into an artistic experience. With bold, childlike imagery designed by Dunkees, this Rick and Morty rolling tray adds style and functionality to your tabletop. The Solid construction adds strength to help support the weight and keep this tray from bending, while the colorful finish gives it an eye-catching look. This metal rolling tray is durable and comes with a large space to keep all your smoking materials well organized, regardless of your preference. Any fan of Rick And Morty deserves it.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 13"x 9
  • Rick And Morty Design
  • Original Art by Artist Daniel Militonian ( Dunkees )

4. Discreet Smoker Wood Rolling Tray$39.88

Discreet Smoker Bamboo Wooden Rolling Tray

Prefer a wood rolling tray? If so, look no further than this Discreet Smoker Wood Rolling Tray crafted from high-quality bamboo wood. This handcrafted weed tray features an array of valuable assets for your rolling needs. The Slots design of different shapes and sizes offer spots for your grinder, ashtray, roller, and other accessories, keeping the space clean and organized.

Overall, we’d highly recommend this wooden rolling tray to anyone who likes to add a touch of class and enjoys pragmatism in their smoking sessions.


  • Material: Bamboo Wood
  • Brand: Discreet Smoker
  • Size: 9" x 6"
  • Multi-Use Preparation Tray
  • Placeholder Cut Out for Accessories
  • Classic Design

5. Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid$16.99

Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid

What is the better way to roll than with this Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid! Ornamented with a Saiyan image, this metal rolling tray comes with a strong magnetic lid that keeps your accessories in without spilling. 

Premium metal makes the tray durable for many years of use and difficult to break. The smooth surface doesn't need any hard scrubbing and can be easily cleaned with water. As an incredible integration of style, durability, and practicality, this awesome metal rolling tray is a perfect gift for any fan of the anime! 


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 10.25" x 6"
  • With Magnetic Lid
  • Saiyan Design

6. Glow In The Dark Rolling Tray Set$29.40

Glow In The Dark Rolling Tray Dab Kit

This glow in the dark rolling tray stoners the best of both worlds with a stash board and concentrate handling solution. This 4-Piece Glow In The Dark Dabbing Kit includes a silicone rolling tray, which is essentially a metal rolling tray with a removable food-grade silicone, together with a matching silicone dab container and dab tool! In addition, the dab tool, silicone cover, and silicone containers will glow in the dark, which makes your late-night sessions out of the ordinary!

The silicone dab mat can hold sticky tools and doubles as a coaster for dabbing rigs. When you're done with the silicone, just remove and wash it with lukewarm water. You can replace the silicone on either side of the tray or use the rolling tray alone. 


  • Material: Metal & Silicone
  • Removable Silicone Cover
  • Size: 10.8" x 6.9"
  • Heat Insulation
  • Dab Tool with Scoop Tip for Easy Pickup
  • Glow in the Dark Dab Tool, Silicone Cover & Silicone Containers
  • Available in 4 Styles

7. Rick and Morty Custom Rolling Tray$24.95

Rick and Morty Rolling Tray Trippy Eyes

No amatter you're a Rick And Morty fan or not, this rolling tray is ideal for any smoke enthusiast. Featuring trippy eyes, the Rick And Morty patterns are given a bold new perspective, forcing viewers to re-examine the familiar. What's more, the charming art piece holds the perfect balance between function and image. These trays make the cut in the list of best rolling trays due to their durability, affordable price, and outstanding look. Add some cool style to your established setup right now.


  • Rick and Morty Trippy Eyes Design
  • Unbreakable Polymer Tray
  • Size: 5" x 8"

8. Dunkees Flower Faces Tray$18.98

Dunkees Trays Flower Faces

Keep the party going with the Dunkees Rolling Tray. As another classic work from Dunkees, this rolling tray printed with Flower Faces illustration is made from durable tin construction and is easily cleaned. The Dunkees Rolling Tray is designed with curved interior edges that help secure your rolling area for preparing your favorite herbs or concentrates without making messes or wasting any more. It is a perfect companion for both avid smokers and dabbers alike.


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 5" x 7"
  • Original Art by Artist Daniel Militonian ( Dunkees )

9. Hybrid V Syndicate Rolling Tray$11.99

Hybrid V Syndicate Rolling Tray

Prefer black and white minimalism to colorfulness? This rolling tray is made for you. There are no dazzling colors in this tray, just a simple black and white pattern. But it's no less functional.

It is a 2-in-1 rolling tray for both your dry herbs and concentrates! With a thin silicone film that slides right over half of the tray, the rolling tray can also be used as a silicone mat. You can bring it along to any smoke sesh, thanks to the portable size.


  • Material: Metal & Silicone
  • Comes with a Heat-Resistant, Nonstick Silicone Dab Mat
  • Available in 2 Sizes
  • Small: 7.5" x 5.5" x0.5"
  • Medium: 10.75" x 6.5" x 1"

10. Metal Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid16.99

Metal Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid

A proper rolling tray is essential for having a quality smoke session. This Lion Metal Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid is the ideal place to roll your blunts and joints and store the tools for rolling or dabbing. 

This wide rolling tray keeps your goodies in one place and so much more. Like standard rolling trays, this cool rolling tray can catch all that bud you drop when you roll up so you can use it later. But what makes this tray different from ordinary ones is the magnetic lid that snaps onto the rim of the tray to keep out unwanted debris. Not only does it serve as a rolling tray, but it also allows you to take it on the go like a stash jar! 


  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 10.25" x 6"
  • With Magnetic Lid
  • Colorful Lion Design


After reading the series of high-quality rolling trays we recommend, which one is your favorite? Or you want to take more than one home? Besides, if you want to try something new and make a unique rolling tray by yourself, we have got some helpful guides for you.

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