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Dabbing, which is the consumption of marijuana concentrates, has become extremely popular over the last couple of years. The skyrocketing popularity of dabbing can be attributed to the rapid legalization of the recreational use of cannabis in many states. Additionally, it's a healthier way of consuming weed recreationally, and you can expect a more intense high.

You probably have your dab rig or a couple of them if you are a hardcore dabber. Have you ever considered taking your dabbing game to the next level? Yes, it's possible to get your dabbing game to the next level. Add the following accessories to your dabbing rig. 

1. Quartz Banger

Quartz Banger

A banger is a dish-like accessory that holds the marijuana extracts on the dab rig. It's typically made of ceramic titanium, glass, or quartz. The banger aims to keep the concentrate at a perfect temperature for vaporizing the material and releasing terpenes. 

Why choose a quartz banger? 

Most rigs come with a titanium banger, and sometimes the metallic taste leaches into the marijuana concentrate robbing it of its pure flavor. It's best that you quickly replace this with a quartz banger over any other material. Here's why; 

  • Improved flavor: - You can expect a superior flavor and aroma when low temp heating dab concentrates on a quartz banger. This results from quartz being a material that favors gradual heating allowing the concentrate to heat up in a manner that retains most of its terpenes.

  • Easier to clean: - Unlike other banger materials, you can easily clean up a quartz banger with a paper towel or cotton swap as long as you use the banger correctly. Avoid high temp heating dab concentrates on a quartz banger as this can lead to the oxidation and staining of the quartz. 

  • Improved heat retention: - Glass and titanium bangers are known for their poor heat retention, while quartz has superior heat retention. Thus, a quartz banger makes it easier to slow heat the concentrates correctly. 

  • Ability to restrict airflow: - A quartz banger will give you the ability to limit airflow on dab rigs with too much airflow when coupled with a carb cap. This works to boost the function of your rig. 

  • Improved durability: - Ceramic bangers tend to crack when heated on the same spot repeatedly, while glass bangers shatter when overheated. In contrast, a quartz banger will not break or crack when overheated or repeatedly heated in the same place. 

2. Terp Pearls

Terp Pearls

Terp pearls also go by terp balls or dab pearls, and they are small balls that you can place inside a banger. The balls are mostly 4-6mm in diameter and can be made of sapphire, ceramic, ruby, borosilicate glass, or quartz. Quartz terp balls are the most favored because of the material's outstanding flavor preservation and heat retention. 

Why do you need terp pearls

Terp balls are critical to improving the functionality of your dab rig. Once you place them inside your banger, you will have to get them spinning. While spinning, they will assist in distributing heat and dispersing the dab evenly. The result of this is that the concentrate can retain most of its terpenes; thus, providing you with incredibly flavored and robust hits. 

Using dab pearls correctly.

Terp Pearls

It's essential that you use your terp pearls correctly to get the most of their desired function. Here's how to;

  • You can choose to add the terp pearls before or after you heat the banger. The most common way is to add quartz dap pearls before heating the banger. If your terp balls are made of glass and other materials besides quartz, it might be best for you to add them after heating the banger. 

  • You might have a dilemma on how many dab pearls to add to your banger. Experienced dabbers recommend two because one might not work as effectively, while three or more will be too much. 

3. Carb Cap

Carb Cap

carb cap is an accessory that works as a cover for the dag rig's nail. It has a bottle-cap-shaped dome with a long shaft on the top. The crown fits over the rig's nail while the shaft can work as a dabbing tool. Besides working as a cap for a dab rig, it has a hole on the side for controlling airflow to the banger.

The function of controlling airflow is more pronounced when the carb cab is used with a quartz banger. Most rigs don't come with a carb cab because they have an inbuilt airflow hole, which mostly lets in excess air. 

What makes a good carb cap

  • Material: - Most carb caps are made from titanium or glass, and among the two, there is non-more superior. It's best to go for a titanium carb cap made from grade two or grade three titanium and top-notch borosilicate glass for glass carb caps. You can also expect more colorful and exotic designs with glass carb caps. 

  • Size: - Make sure that you get a carb cap that fits the size of your nail perfectly. If you go for a mismatched carb cap for your nail, you will have difficulties dabbing. 

  • Shape: - It's critical to get the correctly-shaped carb cap depending on whether your dab rig has a standard dab nail, a banger nail, or a honey hole. Rigs with a banger nail won't take regular carb caps, while typical dab nails won't take a banger nail carb cap. 

4. Reclaim Catcher

Reclaim Catcher

A reclaim catcher is an additional piece of glass for a dab rig whose primary function is to trap black resin/condensed, unvaporized oil called reclaim produced during dabbing. Therefore, it works as an ash catcher, but for a rig and some can house quartz banger. A reclaim catcher will make it much easier to clean your rig. There are basically for types of reclaim catchers; 

  • Reclaim catcher with silicone dish, which is the most popular
  • Reclaim catcher with a dab nail
  • Dropdown reclaim catcher
  • Nectar collector with reclaim catcher

Things to consider when choosing a reclaim catcher

  • Size: - Here, it's the diameter size of the catcher joint that attaches to your rig that matters. The most prevalent diameter sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. 

  • Angle bends: - Having the right bend angle for your reclaim catcher will allow it to work without leakages with your rig. Most dab rigs are designed for attaching a 90-degree angle bend reclaim catcher. If you have a smaller rig, a 45-degree angle bend reclaim catcher may be best for you. 

  • Joint type: - You should match the joint part of your dab rig with that of your reclaim catcher. If your rig has a male joint, pair it with a female joint reclaim catcher and vice versa. 

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    5. Dab Tool

    Dab Tool

    Dab tools, dab wands, or dabbers are spatula-like tools for scooping a dab of concentrate and placing it on the heated nail. They can be made from quartz, glass, or titanium, but quartz dabbers are preferred because they can preserve the flavor of the concentrate better. You can go for a titanium dab wand if you want something more durable. 

    As metal is a good conductor of heat, make sure that you don't place your titanium dab tool on the heated nail for extended periods as it can result in burn injuries. Keeping this in mind, it's best to have a dab tool with a longer handle. Having a dabber means that dosing, collecting, and applying a dab of concentrate will be much easier and for you. 

    6. Dab Torch

    Dab Torch

    A torch is a dabbing accessory with butane or propane fuel that allows you to heat the banger in your dab rig. The torch is a critical component of a rig; without it, there is no dabbing. 

    Picking the right torch

    • Butane vs. propane: - Generally, butane is considered the superior torch fuel, but it's more expensive than propane. The latter is not favored because it burns much hotter, resulting in the oxidization of a titanium banger. Moreover, it's much harder to control the nail heating with propane flame as it's hotter. 
    • Torch size: - If you have a smaller dab rig, you will have an easier time heating it correctly with a smaller torch. A bigger torch works best for a larger rig. 
    • Flame size: - A torch with a broader flame makes it easier to heat the nail evenly, unlike a torch with a pointed flame which you will have to move around to achieve the same effect. 

    7. Dab Container

    Dab ContainerAs the name suggests, a dab container is a container for your dab concentrate or wax. They are usually made with non-stick material like glass or silicone, which means that you won't be losing any dab concentrates to the container walls.

    Depending on your needs, you can go for a glass dab container which will look more elegant but is less durable than a silicone container. In addition to this, a silicone container will be more affordable than a glass container. There is also the option of choosing a multi-slot dab container if you want to keep a variety of concentrates in the same place.  

    Bottom Line

    Adding these accessories to your dab rig means that you will get to enjoy dabbing even more. Keep in mind that dabbing is an ever-evolving space; therefore, new accessories are always coming up. Stick around for another must-have dabbing accessories list soon to take your experience to an even greater level. 

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