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How to Clean a Glass Bong?

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If you want to have the best session with your bong, the trick is to keep it sparkling, shiny, and clean. A clean bong gives the best hit. Keeping it clean is very easy and very affordable. It only takes between 5-10 minutes to maintain even the dirtiest pieces with simple supplies. You only need to do it monthly.

Note that glass bongs have remained the most popular smoking accessories since they are easy to operate and clean. Leaving them dirty for a long time might give you a hard time scraping out the amount of resin that has stuck on it.

The glass bong or water pipe is the commonly used smoking device among people. It uses water to filter and cool smoke. The bong mounts a bowl on top of the downstem. This part helps direct the water via water located at the base, then to the neck, and through your mouthpiece.

To clean the bong, it's advisable to learn how it works. Otherwise, it won't be effortless for you to follow our comprehensive guide to maintain and clean it for smoke purity, optimal performance, visual appeal, and longevity. Let's delve into the cleaning process for smoke-lovers to have a great session: and get to know the apparatus that you will need for a sure quire before you start the process:

Here are some of the materials and ingredients during the cleaning process.

  • Towel or Dry Paper
  • Coarse sea salt
  • Huge zipper storage bags.
  • 99 % isopropyl alcohol and rubbing alcohol
  • Rubber stoppers or even bong plugs

Remove the downstem and bowl.


This is a step that most smoke lovers overlook. It should be the first thing that you are supposed to do. Carefully detach the downstem and bowl from your bong and insert them in separate storage bags. Place the bowl and the downstem in different bags and ensure they are safe enough not to break or get damaged.

In case the two are two pieces, it is advisable to detach them too. However, some glass bongs have more features attached to them. Guess what? You should disassemble them also. Make sure nothing is attached to it before you begin to clean it.

how to clean glass bong shake the plastic bag

Note that a thorough cleaning will involve shaking and scrubbing; therefore, separating every delicate part of your bong will help protect it from damage. After this, you can now clean them separately.

Note: You may need to put on latex gloves; the resin smell is intense and might be hard for you to get rid of.

Please put them in sealable storage bags containing alcohol.

Let's now focus on this time-honored tried and true cleaning method for most smoking apparatus. Using isopropyl alcohol leaves your glass bong in a great shape. You should use 70 % of the alcohol for light cleaning, but most smoke users will rely on either 91 % or 99 % isopropyl alcohol for heavy and true cleaning.

Pour your preferred amount of alcohol into every separate bag until they are fully submerged. Add a handful of the coarse sea salt. The salt knocks down the loose resin and debris on the side of your glass bong interior.

Keep in mind that alcohol is not safe if you are using an acrylic bong. It renders it useless. Therefore, any attempt to use it will dissolve all the adhesive that holds your bong, making it redundant.

And we are aware that this article is all about how to make glass bongs clean, but just in case you have an acrylic bong, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t attempt to clean it with alcohol. The alcohol will alternatively dissolve any adhesive that holds the bong together, and it will render it unusable.

The Guide to Salt Cleaning Method

Most bong users swear by the cleaning power of the salt. They say it's a quick-fire cleaning:

Step 1. Pour a few tablespoons of salt into your glass bong through the mouthpiece. Note that the coarser your salt is, the better.

How to Clean Glass Bong Step1

Step 2. Fill the bong with lukewarm water until it gets beneath the bong shaft line.

How to Clean Glass Bong Step2

Step 3. Cover the mouthpiece and shaft hole and begin shaking your glass piece. Do that for some minutes.

How to Clean Glass Bong Step3

Step 4. You can now drain the dirty water inside your bong.

How to Clean Glass Bong Step4

Step 5. Continue rinsing the glass with warm water and salt until you feel it is thoroughly cleaned. At this point, rinse it until the taste of salt disappears.

How to Clean Glass Bong Step5

Besides alcohol, salt, vinegar, etc., more bong cleaners in the market are used to clean your glass bong. Such as BIG CHIEF and FORMULA 420 bong cleaner, which is the original complete 1-minute cleaner.  Simply shake and rinse!

However, any recommendable chemical cleaner that you use ensures to shake it properly. If combined with salt, they work best. With the chemical solution plus salt in your glass bong, shake it okay for a few minutes, and rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Shake the solution up!

How to clean glass bong shake the solution up

Cover all the openings of your bong using either your hands or a stopper. The shaking part is fun. Do it as hard and as long as you can. The longer time you take, the better. As you shake, you will realize the resin buildup is starting to dissipate miraculously; however, some resin remains unshaken even after a thorough shake. Don't fret; the next step will be sure to dot the i's and crosses the t's.

Let them soak.

As mentioned earlier, use an adequate amount of cleaning solution that submerges the entire part. The right amount of alcohol and salt is determined by the form factor and size of your glass. For the rule of thumb, fill the glass up with the alcohol to a consistent level with the bong water line. You can also use some cotton balls, a stopper, or a cork to plug any available opening to avoid messing up in the next step.

You can leave the parts to soak to allow the solution to work magic. The longer it soaks, the better results you get. But if you are impatient, ten minutes are appropriate in the solution.

Remember that the longer you allow them to soak, the faster and easier the residue trickles down to simplify cleaning. If the glass bong is intensively dirty, a thirty-minute soak is effective. It softens the resin buildup for easier cleaning.

Pro Tip: adding a dash of vinegar to your solution increases the acidity, making the cleaning solution dissolve more and work faster. It removes even the hard water stains.

Wipe them down.

After soaking and soaking the few pieces of your glass bong, kindly pour out the solution. Before rinsing with clean water, you can now use a rag to wipe out the potent cleaning agent. You get to capitalize on the solution since it's still powerful and can be reused.

You can pick a paper towel and stick your hands inside to wipe any remaining grime for the parts that have bigger openings. The more elongated openings call for a drumstick with a towel draped around it to go in and smudge all the buildups.

For those bongs with smaller openings, especially the smaller pieces such as pipes, you can use a pipe cleaner or any other tools that can get inside the bong and scoop every resin. Just improvise, don't overthink it.

After you are done clearing the grime out of your glass bong, you can pick up other detached pieces of your bong that have soaking. However, a tremendous amount of the grime will only be dissipated after a very long soak. For now, let's use a cotton swab or rag to clean it.

Before we get done with this stem, your bong is supposed to be clean and polished. Otherwise, it is advisable that rinsing will help pretty much before keeping the glass bong back to the shelf in case of some residue smears.

Rinse out the pieces in hot water.

After soaking, get running hot water to wash off the cleaning solution. It helps dislodge some resin buildup before the cleaning process. Ensure the water is boiling and put on gloves to protect your hands.

Rinsing using hot water loosens up the buildups that might be clogged on your bong. Also, the tongs might be helpful to grip the bong parts securely. However, if you use hot water on a cold piece, it might shatter. It's safer to start with some lukewarm water if your piece is cold and gradually raise its temperatures.

If it's a smaller routine cleaning, rinse the glass bong very fast and hop into the next step. Use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs to knock off the large resin.

In case there are chunks of resin or tar that you can reach, you can use the cotton swabs to knock them off. If it resists, you shouldn't worry since you want to remove the bigger ones. You can quickly get rid of the smaller chunks by freezing the glass bong for about 30 minutes. Freezing loosens up the fragments. Make sure the bong is dry before freezing it.

After clearing the resin from the glass bong and other parts:

  • Rinse off using warm water.
  • Shake it lightly or gently to remove any remaining wax.
  • Do not reassemble your bong without rinsing it thoroughly to ensure no smell is left.

        It is advisable to learn how to get rid of resin from the glass bong. If it remains, its taste overpowers the flavors of the sweet terpene in your flavor. A considerable number of smokers understand how to clean and save some resin for the next session. These leftovers can get you better experience, and since herb has become so expensive nowadays, every little experience matters a lot.


        Of course, I didn't have to add this last step, but the feeling and experience of using a clean bong are too fancy and magnificent not to include it. The reason we clean the bong is to smoke from a freshly cleaned device. It's time to take advantage of making use of your newly neat piece.

        Time to fill your bong chamber with fresh cold water and put some terpenes to have a delightful hit that comes once every few weeks. With a clean bong, you'll not strain to have that specific flavor; it's time to tap your herbs, experience it at your purest.

        The Cleaning Process a Silicone Bong

        Silicone Bong

        It's shocking how easy cleaning a silicone bong is. Unlike glassware that is delicate and you have to be extra cautious when cleaning it, silicone is remarkably effortless; you need a dishwasher to have it clean.

        The silicone bongs are small, light, and are long-lasting. Here, you don't have to break the bank to purchase alcohol. You can easily dislodge the chunks of resin using a dishwasher. This is so because they are unbreakable.

        You don't have a dishwasher. Don't worry; below are a few other methods that can guide you on how to clean your silicone bong:

        • Freezing: Silicone bongs are resilient against cold and heat. Place the dirty piece in a freezer for several hours. After removing the bong out, crush it and get rid of the frozen bits. This will get rid of every solid material attached to it. However, the flower smokers might still feel the tar smell.
        • Alcohol: This type of bong doesn't react to polar solvents such as alcohol. Fill your silicone bong with some warm or cold drinking. A warm drink works best here. You can immerse the silicone in the alcohol cleaning solution overnight. Rinse it thoroughly with water.
        • Plant-Based Cleaners: Some cleaning solutions have Vitamin E and coconut oil. They work the same as alcohol.


        In this article, we have fed you with a self-explanatory process that will help you clean the bong to extend the life of both the silicone and glass bong. Note that the more cleaning you do, the easier the cleaning process gets. Therefore, get those bongs that are now on sale and follow this step. It maintains and gives the device a long-life span.

        A clean and fresh glass hits differently. The smoking experience is more pleasurable, and nothing beats the first hit from a cleaned piece. You can as well apply this method to dabbers, nails, dab rigs, etc.

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        Every Smoker Needs One of These for Your Glass Bongs

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        Listen up all your stoners out there; we know you love your bongs. These glass water bongs are damn good; they filter and cool the smoke from your herb to deliver smoother toke.

        Bongs have come far from the oriental bamboo tube that they once were. They are now available in glasses of all shapes and sizes and with all manner of filters, including ice, recyclers, and percolators. You can also just go with the basic bowl and chamber or switch to a colorful mouth-blown piece of art. But that’s not the end of it; you are always welcome to accessorize your glass water bong and chase the smoking experience you desire.

        Why Buy Bong Accessories?

        As a smoker, you always have the freedom to chase new experiences. So, you are still welcome to accessorize your glass water bong beyond what you get in the stores. Depending on the make of your bong, there are plenty of attachments you can add to it.

        Bong attachments can be used to achieve fresher, cooler, and smoother smoke by providing extra filtration and diffusion. They can also just be used to make the bong eye-catching and the item of conversations! All in all, bong attachments add fun to the smoking experience. But before you start ponying up for all sorts of attachments, you must learn about joint sizes and gender: 

        • Joint Gender – Opposite Genders Match

        All bong parts have gender as either male or female. You can tell the gender of your pipe’s joint by the size of the opening where accessories fit. If the opening is wide such that accessories fit inside the joint, then it’s female. When getting accessories for a pipe with a female joint, make sure accessories have male joints and vice versa.

        Joint Gender

        • Joint Sizes – Always match joint sizes 

        Apart from gender, joints have sizes too. Standard joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Always match the bong accessories' joint size to that of the pipe. e.g., if yours is an 18mm male bowl joint, get an 18mm female bowl stem.

        Let’s Look at the Various Attachments You Can Use for Your Bong 

        1. Downstems

        A glass water bong is pretty much useless without a Downstem. Downstems are glass pieces that fit into the water pipe and make everything else possible. Smoke travels from the bowl piece into the water chamber via the Downstem.

        You can get silicone and glass Downstems in various sizes and lengths and with multiple types of percolators, including showerhead and tree arm.


        1. Ash catchers

        Do you want to improve the taste of your rusty water pipe? Then make yours an ash catcher bong. An ash catcher is a bong accessories used to achieve a clean vaping experience by catching ashes and keeping debris from getting into the bong. Some ash catcher designs even feature percolators to provide extra filtration. The point is, not all ash catchers are created equal.

        There’s an assortment of ash catchers out there. However, a decent ash catcher costs between $20 and $60. Use these bong attachments to keep your beloved bong clean. You attach these items to the stem of the bong, where the slide is then the bowl fits at the other end.

        Try out the following badass from INHALCO:  The percolator Ash Catchers.

        Ash Catcher

        1. Percolators 

        Percolators are not bong attachments per se, but they are often grouped with an ash catcher because there are some intuitive ash catcher designs with percolators on them. But most bongs have their own percolators as one of the first parts.

        A percolator is a part that enhances filtration and diffusion using mechanisms such as a showerhead, inline, and honey-comb. With percolators on, what you get is a smoother, extra filtered, and more refreshing hit.

        If you hear of a percolator attachment, just know it’s an enhanced ash catcher. So, if your bong is missing a percolator or you want more filtration, just get a percolator or an ash catcher. A descent percolator costs between $30 and $50. 

        Bong Percolators

        1. Attachment E-Nails

        So, you have heard of vaping, right? It is said to be healthier than smoking. Well, E-nails, aka E-rigs, or digital nails allow one to dab at higher temperatures beyond what a butane torch and nail allows. E-nails use electricity to heat concentrates. There are known types of e-nails, one is a stand-alone kit, and the other is an attachment e-nail.

        Attachment e-nails are for those who do not want to give up the traditional glass water bong experience. So, you get this dab nail, attach it to your oriental dab rig then enjoy the advantages of e-dabbing from your beloved old water pipe or bong. E-nail attachments allow one to set the temperature and enjoy terpenes that would otherwise not be possible with traditional dabbing.

        Attachment E-Nail

        1. Glass adapters

        As mentioned earlier, bowls and bongs have gender as either male or female, and sometimes accessories don't match. Anyway, with a glass adapter, you can change the gender of the joint from female to male or vice versa. 

        Sometimes you get a new bowl or rig and discover it doesn't fit your water pipe or dab rig. You can use a Glass Adapter to change a bong to any size you need. 

        A glass adapter can also be used to add nubs for more grip. You can also get carbon filters to eliminate carcinogens, and some designs can be used as stoppers to prevent leaking. There are also adapters for converting from bong into a dab rig or vice versa. All in all, glass adapters are vital accessories for bong users.

        Are you interested in glass adapters? There are various kinds of bowl attachments out there, just go for one that is more functional and visually pleasing. They often cost somewhere between $10-$40.

        14mm Male to 10mm Female Adapter

        1. Herb Grinder

        If you are a smoking enthusiast, consider investing in a grinder for your glass water bong. Sure, there are other ways of breaking apart those herbs, but grinding is the best way to do it. To get the more out of your herbs, and even solid burn of trichomes is needed, and grinding helps achieve that.

        What are trichomes? Trichomes are the tiny crystals responsible for the frosty appearance. They are rich in Terpenes. Grinding, therefore, leads to more trichomes and hence more potent smoke. So, don't neglect to invest in a herb grinder. Grinders are priced between $10-$40.

        Try the Rainbow Mandala Herb Grinder. Made from durable, aerospace-class aluminum alloy that present excellent wear resistance and long-life span, this 4-piece grinder features a lot of benefits in contrast to traditional zinc alloy grinder.

        Lighter weight and more solid. It features sharp aluminum teeth to grind herbs with ease. Delicate laser engraved mandala pattern on the lid.

        Mandala Herb Grinder


        1. Quartz Banger

        Another way to turn your glass water bong into a dab rig is by use of a Quartz Banger. It is designed to withstand the high dabbing temperatures (350F-750F). There are many styles if Quartz Bangers, from the dome-shaped (for airflow) to the broader kinds (for larger dabs). Quartz Bangers cost somewhere between $25-$35.

        If you are still looking for a satisfactory quartz banger. You should take a look at the Quartz Banger with Spinner Carb Cap and Terp Pearls. The Spinner Carb Cap will keep your dabs cool and bring you the best flavor from your concentrates. Put 2 Terp Pearls in the quartz banger. The Spinner Carb Cap will make them spin and dispersing oil around for an even more efficient. The Terp Pearls that glow in the dark will bring more fun to your dab experience.

        Quartz Banger 

        1. Hyer Big-E Rig Vaporizer

        Another way to turn your glass water bong into a portable eRig vape device is by use of a Hyer BIG-E Rig vaporizer. It is a strange-looking vaping tool; you'd think it's a UFO device because it is convoluted. But it is very versatile, and you can customize the dabbing session as desired.

        Just fit the bottom of your glass water bong to the unit then secure the expandable base for a good fit. Once everything is set, simply plug in your e-nail and dial in your optimal vaping temperature, then give it 1-2 minutes, and your hit shall be ready. It has LED indicators to notify when the optimum temperature has been achieved. It also has a cleaning mode that, when activated, the unit heats the nail, so no residues are left behind. 

        Hyer Big-E Rig Vaporizer

        1. Bong Bowls

        Here come bong bowls. They are used for holding your smoking material. Sometimes, bong bowls are called bong slides as they are attached to your glass water bong and keep the dry herb. Typically, bong bowls come in two sizes, 14mm and 18mm.

        What’s more, they are often divided into glass, metal and silicone. Choosing a bong bowl with superior strength and durability will save you effort because you don’t need to worry about breaking it down. The price for this accessory is between $10~$40.

        Bong Bowls

        1. Hydro-Stones

        No one likes smoking dry, crunchy products, so why not get something to help you preserve your tobacco. The RAW Hydrostones can help keep your tobacco fresh. They were initially used by our ancestors to keep tobacco and other ancient herbs fresh in their sailing ships as they moved around to trade.

        RAW Hydrostone is made from uncoated, natural clay. The clay is baked in the kiln. To use it, simply soak the stones in water for about 5 minutes, remove, shake off water from them then place them in the same container where your stash is. These bong accessories are 100% reusable.

        Hydro Stones

        Final Word

        Alrighty wild ones, you love your good old bong? Well, if you do, then accessorize it; after all, what's the meaning of getting wild if you can't try to chase the smoking experience of your dreams with your glass water bongs? Bong accessories add to the fun, and there are all kinds of these helpful attachments out there you can get for fair dollar price. Have fun shopping then, won't you?

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        Glass Or Silicone Bong: Which To Choose?

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        Despite the smoothness of water filtration for inhalation amongst other merits of the recycler, users also seek for the best waterpipe material for their bong that guarantees a premium smoking experience.
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