There's No Better Time Than Now to Own a Vaporizer

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Let's face it - as Coronavirus continues its march across the world, there's never been a more pressing time than now to protect your lungs. However, this aspect deeply impacts individuals who rely on herbal products for recreational purposes.

Read along to understand why there's no better time than now to own a vaporizer, how they benefit the lungs, and where you can find the best vaporizer on the market in time for 4/20. 

Why 2020 is The Year of the Vaporizer

Wax Vaporizer

Vaporizers have always been popular; however, the last few months have provided an even great sense of urgency to own a vaporizer. COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, is a worldwide pandemic that primarily affects the respiratory system.

The respiratory system is one of the most crucial components of your entire body because it allows us to breathe. Thanks to our lungs, we can take deep breaths of oxygen, which infuses our blood to power our entire body.

However, when it comes to smoking herbs, such as herb or tobacco, we're damaging the respiratory system. This is not to say that smoking herb is bad, but in the age of Coronavirus, you may want a tool that's easier on your lungs.

This tool is known as a vaporizer, which turns your herbs or concentrates into vapor. Instead of combusting your herbs or concentrates with high heat, vaporizers vaporize the contents into a vapor cloud with low heat.

If you're wondering what the benefits of vaporizing are - then you've come to the right place.

The Benefits of Vaporizers

Vaporizers use far lower heat to produce vapor when compared with traditional smoking methods, which require an open flame. Vaporizers utilize heating elements and a battery pack to reach a safe temperature and produce harmless vapor.

Just for reference, combustion occurs at 451℉, and vaporization occurs at 350℉ and less. However, it's also essential to note that various compounds within a material, such as herb, have different “boiling points,” so to speak. This means that the lower the temperature, the better.

Decrease Lung Damage

The primary benefit of using a vaporizer is reducing the damage to your lungs. As COVID-19 remains a serious threat to public health, you want to protect your lungs as much as possible. Combustion may lead to decreased lung health, which doesn't bode well for the current situation.

On the other hand, vaporizers offer vapor, which does not significantly damage cilia or alveoli. By keeping your lungs in tip-top shape, you're doing yourself a favor by promoting lung health.

Reduce Second-Hand Smoke

When you smoke tobacco, it's likely that someone is being exposed to your second-hand smoke. In this case, it's best to protect yourself and others by decreasing the amount of second-hand smoke you release into the air.

Vaporizers eliminate second-hand smoke completely, which is a significant benefit for anyone that's around you while you're indulging in tobacco products. 

Completely Versatile

One of the best aspects of vaporizers is the fact that you can use a wide variety of products with a single device. Vaporizers can easily vape flowers, concentrates, and e-liquids - as long as you have the proper attachments.

This means that you don't need to spend more money on additional devices for specific products.  Most vaporizers are all-in-one vaping devices, which gives you the power to choose a wide variety of products.


portable wax vaporizer

Although it's unlikely that you'll be going out for day-long adventures, vaporizers can easily fit in the palm of your hand while you head to the balcony or porch to enjoy a vape session.

No longer will you need to lug around a large and heavy smoking device. Instead, your featherlight vaporizer will pack a punch anywhere you decide to vape. 


NANO II Wax Vape Pen 

Before, most people would claim that vaporizers are the most expensive method to consume tobacco. However, vaporizers have come a long way in their technology and their affordability.

For instance, the Nano II Wax Vape Pen is a specialized vaping device that will transform your wax into delicious clouds of vapor. At $42.99 - there's no better option in the entire vape market.

Should You Always Use a Vaporizer?

This question can only be answered by you. Some of you may have issues that force you to use a vaporizer, such as those with asthma or those who've quit smoking cigarettes. However, many of you still enjoy smoking tobacco via traditional methods, such as glass bongs, dab rigs, one-hitters, and dab straws.

Ultimately, vaporizers offer a new way to consume herb or tobacco without additional wear and tear on your lungs. 

The Best Vaporizers of 2020

So far, the best vaporizers of 2020 come from INHALCO. Each vaporizer is crafted with the discerning herb or tobacco connoisseur in mind, which is why you'll only find high-quality materials in each.

Vaporizers, such as the Nano II Wax Vape Pen, Airis QuaserAiris HeadbangerAiris 8Ecube Portable Enail Dab Kit, and the Dual II Vaporizer, provide users with an experience that's second-to-none.

High-quality materials, top-shelf craftsmanship, convenience, and safety are all attributes that can be found under one roof: INHALCO. Once you experience the INHALCO difference - you'll never leave your vaporizer behind.

Experience the INHALCO Difference Today

If you're ready to experience a state-of-the-art vaporizer, then head over to INHALCO with the code “420” for a massive 20% discount store-wide. Stock up now while supplies last - this is your best chance to protect your lungs during these unprecedented times while guaranteeing an unforgettable 4/20.  

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