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Portable Enail Kit Wax Vaporizer - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail - INHALCO
Portable Enail - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit Wax Vaporizer - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail - INHALCO
Portable Enail - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO
Portable Enail Kit - INHALCO

Portable Enail Dab Kit - ECUBE

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If you have been looking to upgrade your E-nail device, or perhaps you’re looking for a smaller and more portable Enail kit so that you can dab when you’re away from home, then the Portable Enail Kit could be just what you’ve been searching for! This high-quality wax vaporizer is the ultimate device for people that lead active and busy lifestyles.

It features a unique controllable temperature feature that allows you to have more precise temperatures and makes the entire Enail kit easy and convenient to use even for beginners. Not only is it going to heat up much faster than many other portable Enails, but this Enail kit is also smaller and more convenient.

Some of the awesome features:

  • A customizable and easy to read and understand digital display that allows you to control the temperature of the enail the way you prefer, and the adjustment makes it ideal for different extracts which require different temperature.
  • The rapid heat-up of the Enail means that it heats up extremely fast and can reach temperatures as high as 999 degrees quickly and easily.
  • It’s made from high-quality materials that durable and long-lasting. The sturdy construction makes it a great portable enail for people out and about enjoying life. You won’t have to worry about this enail kit falling apart when you need it most.


  • Main Device
  • Water Filtering Glass Attachment
  • 3 × Nails: Titanium Nail, Ceramic Nail and Quartz Nail
  • Stainless Spoon
  • Magnetic Carb Cap
  • Magnetic Base
  • Silicone Container
  • USB Cable
  • Silicone O-rings
  • User Manual
  • Gift Box

If you’ve been searching for a new portable enail setup, then Portable Enail Kit could be the perfect device for you! As well as the high-quality Portable Enail Kit, you’ll also receive a customizable gift box. It’s the perfect Christmas gift, anniversary gift, or birthday gift for anyone that’s serious about enjoying their favorite extracts. When it comes to portable Enails, this is the ultimate gift!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Customer service is fantastic!

I got the first one and had some technical problems, I got a ahold of customer service and they sent me a brand new one and it works absolutely amazing. Highly recommend

Buy it today

Well worth the purchase not complicated not super technical. Doesn't burn and has great smoking quality super smooth.

Great product,Hits Nice,And Great,Friendly Service

This is a great product and recommend it,I use it myself daily,only thing is careful with the mouth piece,it slides out sometimes after hitting but other then that I like it...

Honest review

This is my go to for on the road or anything that involves me moving place to place well worth the money my only flaws I would have to say are the battery life & how hot the mechanisms gets itself I can get a good 6 dabs before the battery gives out and I say I can only take 2 dabs every 5-10 mins (2 dabs back to back is ok warm but once you pass it off for #3 it’s getting hot #4-6 will be blazing keep in mind this is consecutively if you wait in between dabs you’ll be just fine)

Works well

It works well and the Dr. Dabber stuff fits on it. Mouth piece is not the best, broke mine cleaning it- I ordered a replacement glass top and like it way way more. It is pretty well made, I have used it for a few months now daily. . Great overall tho I have been enjoying it!

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