10 Best Mushroom Bongs in 2021

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Who doesn't love the mushroom aesthetic? As a cannabis user, you've probably still seen plenty of them during your sessions. There's just something about the mushroom aesthetic that seems to fit right in on a poster, a grinder, or even a dab tray.

The love for the mushroom is truly on display, however, in an aesthetically decorated mushroom bong. From trippy multicolored mushroom-shaped bongs that look like they've fallen off a blacklight poster to beaker bongs proudly bearing decals of everyone's favorite fungus, there's no end of appreciation for the mushroom in glassware.

Whether you're a fan of cool-hitting recycler bongs or the classic beaker, there's no end of mushroom-themed glassware on the market. In this article, we'll show some appreciation for the aesthetic of the mushroom by taking a look at 10 of the best mushroom bongs in 2021. So read on!

1. Recycler Mushroom Bong

Recycler Mushroom Bong

If you're someone that appreciates a cool, smooth hit, this delicate-yet-intricately decorated recycler bong is definitely a unique addition to your collection.

Featuring a mushroom mouthpiece and a group of tiny, colorful mushrooms gathered atop the chamber, and a green pipe neck, this themed bong by Empire Glassworks pays a distinct homage in a way any retro gamer would love. 

This 6-inch tall bong is as portable and easy to manage as it is aesthetically pleasing. Despite its small stature, the bong has multiple chambers to cool your hit before it reaches you, making every pull as smooth as the last.

If you've got a quartz banger, this piece also features a reinforced banger hanger. For the avid cannabis user and retro gamer, there really is no equal.  

2. Hand Painted Mushroom Bong


If you're looking for a mushroom bong that's all about aesthetics, you really can't go wrong with this gorgeous, hand-painted beaker bong. This bong features carefully painted mushrooms across thick, durable borosilicate glass and is a perfect balance of pretty and hardy. 

This finely painted bong, which comes in at an entire foot in length, is fantastic for a session with friends. And you might even snag a few compliments for the gorgeous designs too!

As they're carefully hand-painted, each bong is unique, with subtle differences between each piece, adding a nice personal touch to your collection. When it comes down to it, Canna Style's hand-painted bong is not only pretty but downright charming in its own right. 

3. Mushroom Percolator Bong with Carb

Mushroom Percolator Bong with Carb

Looking for something else that's sharing size, but perhaps a little more exotic in design? My Burn's fiery mushroom bong is an eye-catching piece of glassware that will definitely liven up your next session. This 16-inch beast features both a percolator and a diffuser to ensure that each pull is smooth and cool, with an ice catcher for a slight added chill to make your hits even smoother. 

With a trio of mushrooms planted in the percolator, on the handle of the bowl, and atop the diffuser, this bong seriously bares the mushroom aesthetic proudly. To top this scarlet-hued bong's decor off, a ring of red flames wraps the base. If you were looking for an eye-catcher, My Burn's fiery mushroom bong is an easy choice. 

4. Lookah Glass Mushroom Manor Bong

Lookah Glass Mushroom Manor Bong

If you're looking for a mushroom water pipe that's more trippy in design, you will do well to pay a visit to Mushroom Manor. This nine-inch bong by Lookah Glass is undoubtedly one of the more complex and eye-catching on this list. Functionally, the bong features a well-aerated percolator and a nice airy chamber for dense, cool hits. Once you're nice and high off those hits, prepare for the colorful experience of the manor.

Aesthetically, this bong features an impressive amount of finely crafted detail, with an array of technicolor mushrooms sitting atop a UFO percolator. Topping off Mushroom Manor is a teeth-gritty, enraged mushroom monster mouthpiece, making this trippy-looking pipe one heck of a conversation starter. 

5. Mushroom Water Pipe

Mushroom Water Pipe

Empire Glassworks comes back with another themed glass mushroom bong, this time in the form of a unique-looking rig. With a tall green pipe-looking neck, a piranha plant bowl, and a group of multicolored mushrooms sitting atop the chamber, this bong is a charming-looking piece that once again pays homage in a way that a retro gamer would appreciate. 

At just over half a foot tall, this bubbler features a lengthened, diffused downstem to smooth over and cool your hit as you pull. The colored borosilicate glass is not only fun to look at but is also durable. If you're a retro gamer or a fan of a certain plumber, this straight-necked pipe is a stellar piece for your collection. 

6. Glow in the Dark Mushroom Recycler Bong

Glow in the Dark Mushroom Recycler Bong

Daily High Club's glow in the dark bong is undoubtedly a standout on this list for more than its trademark glow. This five-and-a-half-inch mushroom-shaped recycler features curvy intakes leading to the upper chamber.

This neat little bong will deliver tight, cool hits in a small, aesthetic package when paired with the bong's inline percolator to kick up some bubbles. 

Of course, the real fun only begins once the lights go out! As implied in the name, this glass mushroom bong glows a trippy green in the dark. With illuminated patterns atop its mushroom cap chamber and a glowing Daily High Club logo, it's safe to say this bong won't be hard to find in the dark.

7. Mushroom Beaker Bong

Mushroom Beaker Bong

Suppose you've been looking at the previous selections thinking that you'd like something just a bit less extravagant. In that case, this beaker bong is a simple yet adorably decorated bong for the mushroom-loving smoker.

This 14-inch bong is perfect for sharing with friends and comes with an ice catcher to cool your hits as any great beaker should. It comes in three colors and features cartoon mushroom decals across the neck and base.

This piece is charmingly simple and will make a fun addition to your next session. Indeed, if you were looking to go for a glass mushroom bong with a bit of a cute factor, this piece is a clear winner.

8. Cool Mushroom Glass Water Pipe

Cool Mushroom Glass Water Pipe

One of the more uniquely designed bongs on this list, this 14-inch bong is undoubtedly one heck of a trip! It features a mushroom cap-shaped bulb in the neck to smoothen your pulls and hits as cool as it looks. To make the bong seem even neater, it comes with a matching glass dab dish and dabber. 

It's hard to put the aesthetic of this bad boy into text, but this red, yellow, and dark purple colored bong definitely catches your attention (your session is guaranteed to begin with your friends asking, "whoa, what is that?!") This colorful and uniquely shaped bong would be an intriguing addition to your collection!

9. Colored Mushroom Bong

Colored Mushroom Bong

This 10-inch bong's unique wine-bottle-like shape and smooth, curvy design make it a sleek and artsy addition to this list.  With its airy chamber and showerhead percs, this sleek-looking bong provides excellent filtration for a nice smooth hit. If you're more of a dabber, this rig is also capable of taking a banger. 

This Everything For 420 bong is an artsy addition to any cannabis enthusiast's collection. It features a colored neck, perc, and base in soft, pleasing orange and green hues. It has a mushroom-shaped perc and an array of smaller mushroom buds jutting from the top. 

10. Straight Neck Thick Base Mushroom Bong

Straight Neck Thick Base Mushroom Bong

We've reviewed a lot of trippy and cool-looking mushroom water pipes, but is there anything a little more elegant? Marijuana Packaging.com brings us this soft pink percolator bong. With a banger hanger straight neck and a showerhead perc, this 10-inch beauty will deliver cool hits and look gorgeous doing it. 

A soft pink mushroom dominates the center chamber, with multicolored offshoots to offer more room for diffusing. With its calm colors and curvy, elegant shape, this bong is just as pleasing to look at as it is to take a massive rip off of. 

Best Mushroom Bongs in 2021: Wrap Up!

If there's one thing to take away from this article, it's that there's definitely no lack of options when it comes to bongs that feature everyone's favorite fungus. From retro gaming themed recycler bongs to more simple, cutely themed beakers, there's a wide variety of glassware out there that pays tribute. 

Are you looking for your next glass mushroom bong? Maybe you're on the market for something a little more classic, like a glass beaker? Check out our selection of bongs to find the right piece to make your next session one to remember!

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