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Tube Bongs

Straight Tube Bongs are bongs or dab rigs with a long ver...

Straight Tube Bongs are bongs or dab rigs with a long vertical cylindrical appearance. Tube bongs are the most popular and common on the market because their structural design is simple but powerful in ease of use, and their top-to-bottom upright uniform construction is very effective and tried-and-true.

In terms of material tube bongs are similar to most other bongs, glass bongs and silicone bongs are the most common, there are also some rarer tube bongs made of bamboo available. The structure design is also very simplistic: tube bongs do not have fancy and complicated features or functions, but a straight-up tube shape is a scientifically very effective and straightforward structure, usually a diffused downstem or extra percs for filtration are contained in the bottom. This simple design also makes straight tube bongs very easy to clean. However, because of their straight-up structure, tube bongs are usually taller than other bongs, so many connoisseurs believe that tube bongs are more unstable and prone to tipping, but this is a misconception because tube bongs are usually equipped with a great and secure base.

Despite the fact that there are many new and innovative bongs and smoking accessories on the market, a traditional and classic tube bong remains as popular as ever. If you're looking for a tube bong that functions well, look no further than the INHALCO tube bongs collection to find the one you're meant to have!