Bong Bowls

Choosing the Best Bong Bowl

Bong Bowl Features

  • It comes in different sizes and shapes
  • Affordable
  • Good depth
A bong bowl is a detachable slide that is attached to a bong and holds the dry herb. Bowls typically come in two sizes, 14 mm and 18mm. If all you need is a replacement slide or you just need something to give your bong life, there is no doubt you can find exactly what you need.

Most bong bowls are made of thick glass, and this makes them durable and robust. You can tap it on the table to clear it out, and you do not have to worry about breakage. Bong bowls have good depths and come in suitable sizes for all your needs.

This bowl is an essential tool of the smoking apparatus because it provides you with a space to pack the weed once you are done with the grinding process. Other bowls have built-in screens that eradicate the necessity to replace wire screens regularly.

Styles and prices

Bong bowls are affordable. The price range is about $12 to $25. Some are less pricey; it all comes down to the design. Using a different design of a bong bowl is one of the most remarkable ways of improving and heightening your smoking experience.

Different Bong Bowls and Their Advantages.

Snapper Bowl

This bowl is perfect for a solo smoker. It is shaped like a cocktail glass and is also referred to as the martini bowl. The snapper bowl is ideal for enjoying a single enormous hit all at once. One advantage of the snapper bowl is that it is made of glass, just like many bowls which assists with a healthier smoking session.

Metal Bowl

A metal bowl is made out of stainless steel. An advantage of the metal bowl is that you don’t have to worry about breakage as it can’t break; however, the metal bowl might get hot, you need to be careful when using it.

Oversized Bowl 

If you are sharing your smoke with someone, the oversized bowl will be ideal for you. It is large and deep, and you can light several hits and prolong the smoking experience without reloading.

Double Bowl

The double bowl is for two people to enjoy smoking side by side. This type of bowl has two containers where you can put your weed and share it with your friend.

Whether you want to replace your old bong bowl or you just want to level up your smoking experience, there are a variety of many high-quality bowls in the market: glass, metal, and wood. There are colorful bowls, and there are those that are plain; it’s you to decide what suits you most and what will make your smoking experience great.

Bong bowls come in different shapes and sizes. Some pieces display artistic designs, while some have an animal-like form. When trying to find the best bong bowl, the sky is the limit; go all the way to see what will suit your personality.

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