Reclaim Catchers

What is a Reclaim Catcher?

As the name suggests, a reclaim catcher is used to catch leftover reclaim that remains after dabbing sessions. It is an attachment for your bongs or the dab rig for oil concentration. While these glass tubes attaching to the rig make the rig look prettier, it has a superb functional addition to every dab set up...

What is a Reclaim Catcher?

As the name suggests, a reclaim catcher is used to catch leftover reclaim that remains after dabbing sessions. It is an attachment for your bongs or the dab rig for oil concentration. While these glass tubes attaching to the rig make the rig look prettier, it has a superb functional addition to every dab set up. It entices the flavor seekers.

How does a Reclaim Catcher Work?

A reclaim catcher is an attachment for a dab rig that would work well for heavy dabbers. Just like an ash catcher, a reclaim catcher helps keep your rig clog-free and clean. This catcher aims to ensure the rig is always dry for the next dab session. It will collect the drops and save you from watching an oil flow in your rig until it clogs.

The reclaim catcher catches the unvaporized and condensed oil that remains in the receptacle. Thus, lessening the number of times you need to clean the dab rig.

First of all, to use a reclaim catcher, you need to attach the banger or nail to the top of your reclaim catcher, after which you connect it to the water pipe. This will allow smoke produced during dabbing to flow down the reclaim catcher before going inside your water pipe. Through this, it leaves the reclaim from the dab rig to collect at the bottom of your reclaim catcher.

After you finish dabbing, you should disconnect the bottom of your reclaim catcher from the dab rig to collect the leftover oil as you prep it for the next session.

In the case of a silicone jar, the reclaim catcher makes it easier to scrub and clean, unlike standard ash catchers that are hard to clean inside. It saves you time to clean the water pipe daily.

Benefits of Reclaim Catchers

The most significant benefit of a reclaim catcher is that you can quickly access the leftover oil and reuse it. It might not give the best flavor as it did initially, but the hit will be hard. If the oil you dabbing is of excellent quality, you can smoke it for the second time. It saves you money when you reuse the oil.

However, some dab rigs have a built-in reclaim catcher; for this type, the vapor swirls inside your reclaim catcher. Any condensed or unvaporized oil clings to your reclaim catcher then eventually drips into a collecting chamber. This keeps leftover oil away from the dab rig.

Reclaim Catchers Shopping Tips:

When choosing a reclaim catcher for your favorite water pipe, it’s important to know the following information to make sure you get the correct reclaim catcher for your rig.

  • Joint Gender

Usually, a dab rig features a female or a male joint. When you choose a reclaim catcher for it, you need to choose the correct gender. Remember, opposites attract! That says, if you have a dab rig that features a 14mm female joint, you need to purchase a 14mm male reclaim catcher. This allows the reclaim catcher to work perfectly with the rig. If you bought the wrong size reclaim catcher, but you really like its style, don't worry, check out our glass adapter. You can use a glass adapter to change a bong to any size you need.

  • Joint Angle

Almost all dab rigs are set up on either a 45 degree or 90 degree angle. Just like the joint gender, these also need to match. The good thing is that you can easily determine the angle of your rig. For example, if your rig joints with an 18mm 90 degree female joint, choose a 90 degree 18mm male reclaim catcher!

  • Joint Size

Find a suitable joint size for your rig. Remember that only the same size can match! If your rig has a 10mm joint, then choose a 10mm reclaim catcher. No exceptions, unless you plan to use glass adapters.

Reclaim Catchers For Sale

We offer reclaim catchers in an awesome selection of types and joint sizes. Our reclaim catchers are great to catch your flavor concentrates and allow you to reuse them without waste anymore!

Many dab reclaim catchers come with a removable Dab Container. It can be great to help you to store your wax. 

Dab rig reclaim catchers are a staple in every dabber's collection. Whatever you want to reclaim your oil or make your rig clean, reclaim catchers are always a great choice.

Check out our wide selection of reclaim catchers for sale below to find your best reclaim catcher.

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Using a reclaim catcher is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Detach your dab rig's nail or banger from the joint.
  2. Attach the reclaim catcher to the joint of your dab rig.
  3. Reattach the nail or banger to the joint of the reclaim catcher.
  4. Proceed with your dabbing as usual.
  5. Over time, the reclaim catcher will collect the residual concentrate that would otherwise be lost.

Reclaim catchers can be worth it for many dab enthusiasts. Here are a few benefits:

  • Reclaim catchers help collect and save the residual concentrate that accumulates during dabbing sessions.
  • They can reduce the frequency of cleaning your dab rig, as the reclaim catcher intercepts much of the residue.
  • Reclaim can be reused, providing an additional source of concentrate.
  • By capturing reclaim, you can potentially save money on concentrate in the long run.
    Ultimately, the worth of a reclaim catcher depends on your personal preferences and dabbing habits.

To retrieve the dab reclaim from your reclaim catcher, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully detach the reclaim catcher from your dab rig.
  2. Hold the reclaim catcher over a heat-resistant container or silicone mat.
  3. Apply gentle heat using a torch or heat gun to the underside of the reclaim catcher.
  4. The heat will melt the collected reclaim, allowing it to drip into the container or mat.
  5. Allow the reclaim to cool and solidify before using or storing it for future use.

Reclaim generally contains lower levels of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to fresh concentrates, so its potency may be lower. The effects of reclaim can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the original concentrate and the collection process. Some users report that reclaim has a different flavor profile and a slightly different high compared to fresh dabs. Ultimately, the impact of reclaim on your experience may differ from that of fresh concentrates.

The amount of reclaim collected can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • The quality and quantity of concentrate used in your dabs.
  • The efficiency of your dab rig and nail or banger.
  • The temperature at which you vaporize your concentrates.
  • The frequency of your dabbing sessions.
    If you're consistently collecting a significant amount of reclaim, it may be worth adjusting your dabbing technique, experimenting with different temperatures, or considering the use of a reclaim catcher to capture and reuse the residual concentrate.

Please note that the information provided is based on general experiences, and individual results may vary.

When selecting a reclaim catcher for your rig, consider the following factors:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the reclaim catcher is compatible with the joint size and gender of your dab rig. Common sizes include 14mm and 18mm, and joints can be either male or female.
  2. Design: Reclaim catchers come in various designs, such as drop-downs, angled adapters, or straight tubes. Choose a design that fits your rig and provides easy access for cleaning and retrieving the collected reclaim.
  3. Material: Reclaim catchers are typically made from glass, silicone, or quartz. Glass is the most common and offers durability and heat resistance. Silicone can be a more affordable and flexible option, but it may not withstand high temperatures as well. Quartz reclaim catchers provide excellent heat retention but may be more fragile than glass.
  4. Cleaning and Maintenance: Consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining the reclaim catcher. Look for features such as removable parts or easy disassembly for convenient cleaning.
  5. Budget: Set a budget for your reclaim catcher purchase. Prices can vary based on the material, brand, and design. Consider your budget and find a reclaim catcher that meets your requirements without compromising quality.

By considering these factors, you can choose a reclaim catcher that fits your rig properly and enhances your dabbing experience.


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