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7 products

What is a Reclaim Catcher?

As the name suggests, a reclaim catcher is used to catch leftover reclaim that remains after dabbing. It is an attachment for either the bong or the dab rig for oil concentration. This Catcher Catcher may look like an extra glass tube attached to the rig to look prettier, but it has a superb functional addition to every dab set up. It entices the flavor seekers.

How does a Reclaim Catcher Work

A reclaim catcher is an attachment for a dab rig that would work well for heavy dabbers. Just like an ash catcher, a reclaim catcher helps keep your rig clog-free and clean. This catcher aims to ensure the rig is always dry for the next dab session.

The reclaim catcher catches the unvaporized and condensed oil that remains in the receptacle. Thus, lessening the number of times you need to clean the dab rig.

First of all, to use a reclaim catcher, you need to attach the banger or nail to the top of your reclaim catcher, after which you connect it to the water pipe. This will allow smoke produced during dabbing to flow down the reclaim catcher before going inside your water pipe. Through this, it leaves the reclaim from the dab rig to collect at the bottom of your reclaim catcher.

After you finish dabbing, you should disconnect the bottom of your reclaim catcher from the dab rig to collect the leftover oil as you prep it for the next session.

A reclaim catcher will collect the drops and save you from watching an oil flow in your rig until it clogs it.

A reclaim catcher has several reasons to use it. In the case of a silicone jar, reclaim Catcher Catcher makes it easier to scrub and clean, unlike standard ash catchers that are hard to clean inside. It saves you time to clean the water pipe daily.

Benefits of Reclaim Catchers

The most significant benefit of a reclaim catcher is that you can quickly access the leftover oil and reuse it. It might not give the best flavor as it did initially, but the hit will be hard. If the oil you dabbing is of excellent quality, you can smoke it for the second time. It saves you money when you reuse the oil.

However, some dab rigs have a built-in reclaim catcher; for this type, the vapor swirls inside your reclaim catcher. Any condensed or unvaporized oil clings to your reclaim catcher then eventually drips into a collecting chamber. This keeps leftover oil away from the dab rig.


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