Butane Torch

There're various applications for butane torches, from construction use to kitchens. Butane torches are necessary tools for dabbing. These devices can produce flames up to 2600ºF, perfect for heating a quartz banger or others. ...

There're various applications for butane torches, from construction use to kitchens. Butane torches are necessary tools for dabbing. These devices can produce flames up to 2600ºF, perfect for heating a quartz banger or others. There're various styles of torches, from travel-sized devices to large torches for tabletops. Large torches generate more intense flame and will heat nails quicker than travel-sized ones.

What is a Butane Torch?

A butane torch is a piece of equipment that generates an intensely hot flame using butane. Butane torches can develop flame temperatures up to about 2600ºF. This temperature is high enough to melt metals like aluminum, copper and vaporize many organic materials.

Applications of Torch

Brazing & soldering - Due to its ability to generate flames with high temperatures to melt down the metals, butane torches work great for brazing and soldering.

Cooking Butane torches are commonly used in the kitchen. The triggers of butane torches can produce low or high amounts of butane, allowing the users to generate the perfect temperature they want very easily. It can be used to melt cheese or brown the toppings, caramelizing sugar.

Smoking As butane torches have various designs from travel-sized to large devices for the tabletop, it's a necessary device for many smokers who use dab rigs in their daily life.

How to Choose a Butane Torch for Dabbing?

There are several points needed to take into account when choosing a butane torch for dabbing. Butane torches are important devices to enhance your dabbing experience.

Intended use:

Butane torches have a very diverse range of applications. They can be used for big plumbing jobs like sweating joints for copper water lines and are useful in the kitchen, at about 1500°F.


Butane torches are made of various materials. The solid torches usually have durable die-casting aluminum bodies with brass nozzles; some higher-end torches can create multiple flames. Some butane torches use brass nozzles in lighter duty while metal and plastic construction for the handle and main body.

Flame adjustment: 

A good torch should be able to produce a controlled, powerful flame that does not vary a lot. Each butane torch has a flame adjustment knob, which is critical to the performance of torch, because the flame length needed will be different depending on various activities.

Burning time:

It's the length of time a butane torch will consume a full tank of gas. It depends on the amount of gas a torch can hold and how efficiently it burns. A standard torch can last about 30 mins and an hour at full power of burning time, while it is about 3-4 hours for industrial torches.


Safety issues are always the top priority for these devices. Push-start torches come with safety locks that can avert accidental ignition. Generally speaking, self-igniting torches are safer than manual torches.

How to Refill a Butane Torch?

It's inevitable to refill the butane torch as it becomes part of our daily life. Here are simple guides to refill the butane torch properly.

  1.  Please make sure that you turn off the torch properly.
  2.  Drain out the remaining fuel or air from the torch by flipping the torch upside down because butane is heavier than the air. By doing this, you will hear the escaping sound of air or butane.
  3.  Flipping the torch upside down, you will find a refill port at the bottom.
  4.  Insert the refill nozzle into the canister, get the filler in the direction of the butane torch, then press and hold. 
  5.  In a few seconds, the torch is filled with fuel. A wet spray back indicates that it's fully filled.
  6.  After refilling the torch, please wait for a few minutes before starting to use it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are butane torches used for?

Butane torches can generate flame temperatures up to 2600°F, which can melt common metals. Therefore, it has really wide applications, from tools solving plumbing, soldering, and brazing, to melting or browning toppings on casseroles or soups, marked as kitchen torches and cooking torches. It's also commonly used as lighters for cigars and vaporizing concentrate.

Is a butane torch hotter than a propane torch?

Butane torch reaches a maximum of 2600°F while Propane torch can jump to 3600°F. A propane torch is way much hotter than a butane torch. Therefore Propane torches are commonly used in the manufacturing, construction, and metal-working industries. A butane torch is commonly used in our daily life applications.

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