Nectar Collector Kits

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25 products

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, having the right dab kit will undoubtedly make your dabbing sessions more enjoyable, stress-free, and worth it.

What is a Nectar Collector Kit?

A dab kit is a pack of dabbing tools that add style and comfort to each of your blunt sessions. They come in various fancy, durable and compact cases that make them perfect for home and any outdoor scenery.

Components of a Nectar Collector Kit

Our silicone dab kit collection is a repository of handy dab tools, ranging from honey straws, dab mats, silicone glass nectar straws, glass blunts, water filters, ignition sources, and a lot more. These tools have their unique functions and are very easy to use, clean, and carry about.

Depending on your dabbing kit preference, you are sure to get a combination of several dab tools. Here is a list of some of the dabbing tools for this collection and how they work.

Dab Containers(Known as Concentrate Containers ) come in various sizes depending on your choice of collection and can hold from 1 gram to 2 grams of your favorite herb or concentrates.

To make dabbing easy, your herbs are transferred from their parchment paper into the dab container, and a hit can be taken directly as they are built resistant to high temperatures.

  • Sturdy Shock Proof Case

The sturdy case that comes with every dab kit collection is a fine sturdy outer protective gadget designed to avail your dabbing gears from dirt, drops, and bumps and ensure that you have ease of transporting your tools with peace of mind.

The nectar dab kit case has several compartments that ensure your tools sit comfortably with no risk of shattering, breaking, or slipping off.

  • Nectar Collector

This handy tool brings a whole new level of experience to your smoke sessions. Nectar collectors are used by igniting the tip with a torch and then using the heated titanium or quartz tip to touch your concentrate, which is in a dab container.

The Silicone nectar straw is resistant to high temperatures and can be used to vaporize any concentrates.

Dab mats are designed to primarily stop shatter wax, herb, and other forms of concentrates from being stuck to your furniture. Dab mats are made from silicone and will serve as the perfect place to keep your dab tools.

Every dabbing enthusiast would love the dab mats' simplicity and versatility as they act as a coaster for dab rigs and prevent them from sliding or falling over if lightly bumped.

  • Water Filter

The water filter is another golden tool that lets you add moisture to the vapor so that there is no irritation in your throat or upper respiration system. Also, they ensure that you enjoy every drag while getting complete flavor out of your favorite herbs, wax, or concentrates.

Why Get a Dab Kit?

  • Dab kits are portable and easy to carry about
  • They contain every necessary tool for beginners or experienced vapers.
  • They give you an edge to enjoy your dabbing sessions anywhere you want, indoor, outdoor, or on travel occasions.
  • The tools are easy to use, clean, and are reusable for a long period.
  • Silicone dab kits bring a new level of experience to your dabbing experience as the house is a wide range of tools to try new things with.
  • They are durable and made from the best heat-resistant materials.