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Carb Caps

Cheap Carb Caps For Sale

A good dab carb cap ensures that your concentrate will be maximized vaporized and gets a heady dabbing. Without a carb cap, your dabbing game will be effectively useless! We have different styles, sizes, and materials carb caps for sale. We believ...

Cheap Carb Caps For Sale

A good dab carb cap ensures that your concentrate will be maximized vaporized and gets a heady dabbing. Without a carb cap, your dabbing game will be effectively useless! We have different styles, sizes, and materials carb caps for sale. We believe you will find the most suitable carb cap for your needs from INHALCO. Check out our best carb cap for quartz bangers.

What Is A Carb Cap?

A carb cap is a lid placed over a domestic nail or banger to direct the airflow and vaporize your dabs even at low temperatures. These devices are indispensable for your dabbing setup because they constrict airflow to your nail, thereby increasing flavor.

Without the carb cap, you will only be pulling cold air into the nail chamber, and this will cool down your heating element and concentrate, thereby stopping you from enjoying the flavors contained in your concentrates.

When you dab without a carb carp, you tend to take higher temp dabs, destroying the terpenes, which gives flavors to your concentrate. So why would you want to try dabbing without having a carb cap?

Types Of Carb Caps

Bubble Carb Cap - The bubble caps are the perfect shape and size to fit into your favorite quartz banger. It has a bulbous body and has hollow stems that extend from both the top and bottom of the cap. The bubble-like shape body allows you to swirl around the banger to push the oil around with great ease. The bubble cap will powerfully work with the flat top banger because it will create a sealed room, making the concentrate vaporize faster.

Vortex Carb Cap - Vortex carb cap, sometimes also called spinner carb cap, while you are dabbing, these unique design dab caps will create a vortex when you inhale. The spinning airflow will make the terp pearls spin inside the quartz banger to achieve the best dabbing efficiency. These carb caps are the best carb cap for terp pearls!

Directional Carb Cap - These classy dab carb caps are great to work with a flat top and slanted dab banger. They could provide a directional airflow that helps push your flavor concentrate to the corners of your nail or banger. It will more completely vaporize your concentrates so that you're not worried about wasting your expensive concentrate.

UFO Carb Cap - Named for their UFO-like shape, the UFO carb cabs allow you to control your airflow. It will ensure all concentrates are vaporized, and no dabs are wasted when you are dabbing. Most of the UFO carb caps feature an easy-to-grip handle which helps to keep your fingers away from the heat. And you can easily direct the airflow while dabbing.

Channel Carb Cap - The channel cap is the revolutionary design that makes the dabbing game more interesting! This type of dab carb cap is designed like a flat dish. Unlike other carb caps, these style carb caps are crafted with air channels rather than conventional holes. The dish shape will create a seal against the flat top banger, and the air channels will create a vortex of air that helps the concentrates spread across the surface of the banger. Get ready to get high with these channel carb caps!

Carb Cap Dab Tool - This is a 2-in-1 dab tool for every dab lover. This dab tool with a carb cap features a pointed tip on one end of the tool, and the other end features a carb cap. You don't have to use multiple tools when you are dabbing. It will help you save your money and help you improve the efficiency of your every dabbing. 

Materials Carb Caps

Carb caps all work on the same principle: to cap heat as dabs melt inside the nail. The most common carb caps are made of the following materials:

  • Quartz carb cap
  • Glass carb cap
  • Marble carb cap
  • Titanium carb cap
  • Silicone carb cap

When picking out a new carb cap, the most important thing is to make sure it will be compatible with your quartz banger!

How Does a Carb Cap Work?

Carb caps have a small hole that limits the airflow to your nail, thereby increasing flavor. When you place a carb cap on your domestic nail, it transforms the heating element into a convection oven. As the airflow is restricted, the nail retails more heat for an extended period.

This extra heat allows you to maintain your dabbing temperature for long hours when you get reasonable control over the nail temperature and wait times. The carb cap gives you more time to enjoy all the terpenes contained in your concentrate, and you dab for a long before heating up again.

How To Use A Carb Cap?

Here is a simple procedure on how to use a carb cap:

  • First, heat your banger nail (containing your concentrate) with a dab torch
  • Set the carb cap on top of the banger with the nipple pointed into the bucket.
  • For directional carb caps or bubble carb caps- use your hand to twist it on top of the banger to direct the airflow while you dab.

Various carb cap styles have different operations, but the most common are the directional carb caps and the bubble carb caps.

The directional carb caps give you control over your dab by swirling air into all areas of the bucket. This way, you vaporize all of your dabs and enjoy the best of their flavor. It works with flat and slanted top opening bangers.

The bubble carb caps have a spherical shape that allows more freedom moving the cap and directing the airflow. It works with flat-top bangers.

Other types are the vortex, bullet, and pearl spinning carb caps. And they all have worked a little differently from each other.

Benefits Of Using A Carb Cap

There are many benefits you stand to enjoy when you use a carb cap on your banger nails, including:

  • It helps to retain more heat
  • It allows vaporization at lower temperatures
  • It allows efficient vaporization
  • It helps you enjoy the flavor of your concentrates for a more extended period.

You can check the different options of carb caps available and choose based on what you feel is more comfortable for you. Always remember, "You need to cap it to get an even hit."

How To Clean A Carb Cap?

Like other dab tools and accessories, your carb cap has been working for you for a while. To keep it in the best working condition, cleaning your carb cap regularly is very important. What you need to do is put your dirty carb cap into the isopropyl alcohol soak. After a while, rinse it with warm water and dry with a towel or air dry. Ready for the next dabbing!


Frequently Asked Questions About Carb Cap

What Is A Carb Cap For?

A carb cap is an essential part of your dabbing game. It works by trapping the heat and creating convection to help you achieve low-temperature dabs.

How To Use A Bubble Carb Cap?

The bubble carb caps work a little differently with each other. When ready to dab, the bubble carb cap on the heat banger after heating the banger with wax concentrates inside. This time, you need to rotate or twist the bubble carb cap to direct the airflow.

Can You Use A Silicone Carb Cap?

A silicone carb cap is an excellent choice for any dabber. The silicone cab works as well as the other materials carb cap. They are durable and never break when you drop them!

What Kind Of Carb Cap Do You Use For A Slanted Banger?

Directional carb caps can do great work with slanted bangers.

What Size Carb Cap Do I Need?

When choosing a carb cap, it is critical to make sure it is compatible with your banger nail. You can measure your banger, and if your banger is 25mm or 30mm, you can choose a carb cap fit with 25mm & 30mm quartz bangers. Our bubble carb caps and channel carb caps are suitable for most size bangers. If you are unsure what size banger to choose, our bubble carb cap and channel carb cap will be great choices.

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