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If you’re tired of carrying around a fragile glass bong or glass water pipe, then a silicone bubbler or silicone pipe could be just what you’ve been searching for! Silicone bubblers aren’t as heavy as glass, they’re much more durable, and they are also a lot easier to clean. A silicone pipe or bubbler works the same as a glass bong, without a lot of headaches.

Many people are curious about what a silicone bubbler is, it’s a common question that gets asked a lot. Most people are familiar with glass bubblers or water pipes. Silicone bubblers or silicone pipes are the same but made from silicone.

If you have ever smashed, cracked, or broken your glass bong or bubbler, you already know how frustrating it can be. The good news is that silicone bubblers and silicon pipes won’t break, crack, or shatter. They are a lot sturdier, while also being more comfortable to clean and lightweight.

Silicone bubblers are entirely made from silicone except for the glass bowl. The silicone is specially treated, which will enable it to be able to withstand heat while also making it easier to clean. No more scrubbing and trying to scrape black residue and ash from your bong! Silicone is easily cleaned in a solution of hot water and soap.

With the right attention and love, your silicone bubbler or silicone pipe is going to last if any glass pipe or bong. Silicone bubblers contain the same essential parts as a traditional bong and function just the same way.

Your silicone bubbler or pipe is going to be a great addition to your collection, and once you make the change from glass to silicone, you’ll never go back. 


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