Terp Pearls

What Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls are an innovative dab accessory for dabbing. Other dabbers call it dab pearls, terp balls, or banger beads. These t...

What Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls are an innovative dab accessory for dabbing. Other dabbers call it dab pearls, terp balls, or banger beads. These terp pearls will spin around inside the banger when you take a dab with a dab rig. They help to achieve low-temperature dabs and disperse concentrates for the more potent hit.

In short: Terp pearls are a popular dab accessory that people use to get maximum flavor and effects from every dab.

What Do Terp Pearls Do?

Terp pearls are mainly used to disperse concentrates and evenly distribute heat for huge dabs.

Without terp pearls, your concentrates may gather in a corner and these concentrates on the blazing hot quartz banger or surface might produce a lot of smoke and a massive lung expansion. It was greatly degrading the flavor and even the true effects that you expected your experience to deliver.

However, the terp pearls will evenly distribute the concentrate over the surface of the banger inside by spinning. That means it will make more flavor and bigger clouds before the nail cools down. 

Today, terp pearls are mostly used by dabbers who want to take huge and flavorful low-temperature dabs.

Types of Terp Pearls

Borosilicate Glass Terp Pearls. These terp pearls are sturdier than regular dab pearls so they are easier to maintain. However, borosilicate glass couldn't greatly work on high heat which said that it might melt or change shape under high heat.

Ceramic terp pearls. As we all know, ceramic features greater flavor and heat retention than borosilicate glass. These terp balls also could provide great work for you. But you have to pay attention to these ceramic terp balls because they are breakable. That means that they are a little hard to maintain.

Quartz Terp Pearls. Compared with borosilicate pearls and ceramic pearls, quartz pearls seem more popular due to their great heat retention and high flavor. Also, many dabbers choose them because they have excellent features and are affordable.

Sapphire & Ruby Terp Pearls. These pearls are a great addition to your dab rig! They hold heat impeccably well compared to other pearls. They can stay hot for a long time and are great for the low temp dabs. Just make sure you don't use a q-tip dipped in alcohol to swab hot pearls or put them on the alcohol when they are hot.

Synthetic Corundum Terp Pearls. Synthetic corundum terp pearls are the perfect replacement for ruby terp pearls. They have better heat retention and high flavor but they are cheaper than ruby terp pearls.

SiC Terp Pearls. SiC pearls are a new member of the dab pearls but have not yet been widely used in the market. Some dabbers say it’s a huge game changer. The SiC is harder than quartz and has a thermal shock resistance as well as high heat resistance. And they are easier to clean. It's a new exploration for all of our dabbers!

When you are looking for terp pearls, you will probably come across the terp pearls sizes. Different sizes will bring you a different dab experience. Also, you will meet some terp pillars that are like a pill.

Terp Pearl Sizes:

  • 3mm terp pearls
  • 4mm terp pearls
  • 6mm terp pearls
  • 8mm terp pearls

Here's the reference about the different size terp pearls on the banger.

Terp Pearls

How To Use Terp Pearls?

Usually, how to use terp pearls depends on the way that you choose. But before you ask this question, do you know whether your terp pearls can withstand high heat?

Here's the reference for whether terp pearls of different materials can withstand high heat.

Terp Pearls

Now, you should know whether your terp pearls can withstand high heat. To achieve the best hits, you should know how to use the terp pearls in different situations.

If your terp pearls can withstand high heat, you can choose to put the terp pearls in the banger before or after heating. Of course, to better distribute heat and disperse concentrates while they are in motion, we will recommend you place them in your banger and heat up with a butane torch. After it cools to your desired temperature, use a dab tool to place the concentrates into the hot banger and put the spinning carb cap on the top of your banger. Now is the time to take a hit! Kindly know that not all carb cabs can get the dab pearls spinning, just make sure you have a spinning carb cab for great work. Like our vortex carb cap, cyclone spinning bubble carb cap, and directional airflow carb cap.

If your terp pearls can't withstand high heat, then you must heat evenly the banger first, and let it cool to the temperatures you want, then put in the terp pearls to achieve the best low-temperature dabs. 

How To Clean Terp Pearls

Keeping your dab pearls clean will help you get the best low-temperature dabs.

If the dab pearls surface has a layer of thick residue, it will be hard to disperse concentrates and evenly distribute heat given the nature of work they are entrusted with. It will even change the flavor of the dab and affect your dab experience.

Fortunately, cleaning the terp pearls is easy, you just need to use a dry q-tip to swab out your banger and the terp pearls inside after each dab or put your completely-cooled dirty dab pearls into isopropyl alcohol soak for about a half-hour and rinse the terp pearls with warm water.

Using Carb Caps With Terp Pearls

Carb Caps

As we mentioned before, only some Carb Caps which we call spinning carb caps can work with terp pearls.


If we want to get pearls spinning, we need some airflow. The spinner caps are designed with a carb hole and an angled tube stemming down the carb cab. That will create airflow within the bottom of your banger when you inhale. This is the key to making your pearls spin.

No spinner carb caps? Don’t worry, check out our vortex caps, cyclone spinning bubble caps, and directional caps to get your terp pearls spinning!

Where To Get The Best Terp Pearls

Find the best terp pearls from our entire collection. These dab pearls are considered the best due to their affordable price point, heat retention, and high flavor. Add the terp pearls for a higher level of your dab game!

Frequently asked questions about Terp pearls

How Many Terp Pearls Should I Use?

Oops! 1, or 2, or, more, that is the question. Some dabbers like to use one pearl, and some dabbers like to use two pearls or more. It's hard to say how many terp pearls you should use. The most suitable for your dabbing way is the best! It's fun to explore a different dabbing experience, right?

How Do You Get Terp Pearls To Spin?

Only some carb caps can get the dab pearls spinning. Make sure you have a spinning carb cap.

Do You Need a Spinner Cap For Terp Pearls?

Yes, it is necessary. Not all dab carb caps can work with the terp pearls, The cyclone caps, spinner caps, Vortec caps, and directional caps can work great with the pearls.

How Do You Keep Terp Pearls Clean?

It's a good way to use dry q-tips to clean the dab pearls after each dab. That will help them last longer and always provide flavorful dabs, too.

Are Terp Pearls Worth It?

Yes, if you want to experience a better low-temperature dab. We definitely recommend you use terp pearls for your dab game. The benefits of terp pearls are obvious. These dab pearls will spin super fast in the bottom of your banger which is great to help to spread the concentrates around the banger inside so that you can take a flavorful and huge dab.

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