Puffco Vape and Accessories

California-based, Puffco is a well-known vape hardware company in the cannabis industry. PuffCo was founded in 2013 by CEO R...

Puffco Vape and Accessories

California-based, Puffco is a well-known vape hardware company in the cannabis industry. PuffCo was founded in 2013 by CEO Roger Volodarsky with the goal of fusing design and engineering to provide consumers with the best-centralized consumer platform possible, rather than limiting themselves to industry standards.

Revolutionizing the Concentrate Consumption

Puffco has established a new standard for extract vaporization. Whether Puffco Peak Pro's subtle Peak shape, co-branded designs with renowned designers, or the Puffco Plus Vaporizer Pen, which pioneered the ability to vaporize essential oils without the use of a heating coil or wick. Puffco has taken the world by storm in recent years with its portable smart rigs and vape pens as a result of this.

Awarded the "smart rig", this motorized device from Puffco is more portable, faster, and easier than traditional dab rig. It not only interprets the original flavor of the extract but also delivers the exact efficacy and potency of cannabis, making it a quick and easy dabbing experience.

Puffco Products Shopping Guide

Puffco Products & Puffco Peak Line of Vaporizer

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak, the first of its kind in the smart rig and similar products, this vaporizer with four heat settings not only allows you to switch modes at will, but it also sets the standard for the smart rig space in terms of heating speed, precise temperature calibration, and charging range, bringing smart technology to the forefront in the dab rig category.

Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco Peak Pro, the upgraded version of the Peak,  also the Puffco's flagship product, offers more professional vaporization features, and impressively, they are able to complete the vaporizer's temperature calibration and Lantern Mode and highly customized experience on the phone with the smart app, which is suitable for connoisseurs with more needs.


Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco vaporizer's innovative "sesh-mode" has also been lauded by industry critics such as The Vape Critic. The smart mode of the Puffco Pen is designed for consumers and beginners who don't want to spend too much effort and time on the dabbing experience, without the need for long presses. Simply double-press the button to vape for 12 seconds.


Puffco Budsy

Puffco's return to the original work of the industry, as Puffco's first water pipe products, an innovative combination of ordinary water bottle design and bong, water bottle's hidden shape makes Budsy the best companion for any outing.

Other Puffco Accessories

  • The Puffco Peak Atomizer
  • The Puffco Hot Knife
  • The Puffco Glass
  • The Puffco Chamber
  • The Puffco Plus Chamber
  • The Puffco Carb Cap
  • The Puffco Journey Bag


Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Puffco? Is Puffco a good brand?

The manufacturing process and the quality of the Puffco Plus product are quite good. Puffco is known as the pinnacle of the smart rig because it has done some technically revolutionary things to set itself apart from other wax devices, starting with its groundbreaking nature. There are still many products of its type, but there is no doubt that Puffco Plus does it better.

Is Puffco worth it?

If you like dabbing and are a fan of concentrate, then Puffco is worth it, because even though the price of the device is high, what matches its price is the extraordinary experience and innovative vaporization technology that Puffco brings, especially in terms of engineering and style, a masterpiece of both style and function.

How to use Puffco Peak Pro?

  1. Turn your Puffco Peak Pro on
  2. Long press the Puffco Peak Pro button for 3 seconds, and the vibration band light will turn white.
  3. Next, press each time to increase the temperature by one level; the highest temperature light display is white, and double click to activate the mode.
  4. To calibrate the temperature and light mode, use the APP.

How to clean Puffco Peak?

According to the official cleaning guide, the cleaning frequency is once every 20 uses or so.

  1. First, soak the glass and carb cap in isopropyl alcohol, then rinse them off with water, 99% isopropyl alcohol is preferred if available.
  2. When cleaning the atomizer, you can clean the assembled parts by dipping them in isopropyl alcohol, ceramic contact with water will lead to a short circuit, so do not clean with water
  3. Clean the base of the atomizer with a cotton swab moistened with isopropyl alcohol, as the base is electrically energized and should not be cleaned with water.

Note: Make sure all parts are dry before using the product.

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