Blunt Roller

What is Blunt Roller

The Blunt roller or joint rolling machine, both derived from the cigarette rolling machine, can be adapted to each other, or modified an...

What is Blunt Roller

The Blunt roller or joint rolling machine, both derived from the cigarette rolling machine, can be adapted to each other, or modified and optimized specifically for the cannabis industry, and is the ideal machine and solution to assist connoisseurs of all types in getting rid of the hassles of hand rolling. The Blunt roller comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is simple to use, making it simple but very standardized to assist connoisseurs with varying needs in rolling compact blunts and joints.

Cigarette rollers were invented in the 18th century for the standardized and mass production of tobacco products, an invention that was great to both the tobacco and cannabis industries; they put the combination of raw materials and processing in the hands of every connoisseur, allowing us to create our own beautiful and perfect blunt and joint. Simultaneously, as connoisseurs become more sophisticated, they want rollers that showcase their style and fashion tastes as well as functionality, and joint rollers, like fashion items, require more options. Continue reading to see more blunt rollers.

Type of Blunt Roller

Although blunt rollers come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they are broadly divided into two types: Electric rollers and manual rolling machines.

Electric rollers are electronically powered automated rolling machines that are larger than a manual blunt rolling machine but small enough to fit on your desk.

For those who have a high demand for blunt, electric blunt rollers can be very productive, effortless, and more convenient. Simply load a sufficient amount of tobacco or dry herb into the machine and place your hemp wrap in the roller, then start it up and it will automatically make multiple blunts.

Manual rolling machines do not require electricity but require you to manually place dry herbs and hemp wraps evenly, then calibrate and roll them. Although it requires more input, it is easy and simple enough for novices to produce a beautifully shaped, evenly filled, and firm blunt.

How do rolling machines work? (How to use a Blunt Roller)

Rolling machines have evolved from large factory machines to small tools for personal use as connoisseurs' needs have changed. There are now more and smaller rolling machines available at headshops that can not only serve and adapt to individual users, but can also efficiently roll high-end perfect joints. Here is a handy tutorial to teach you how to pack a blunt by the blunt roller.

Step 1: Using the grinder, grind your hay more evenly and finely. A fine and even herb can help you make a more even and firm joint.

Step 2: Open up your rolling machine. The joint roller is typically made up of two barrels, one of which is fixed and the other of which can be opened by clicking down. Once opened, there will be room to reload dry herb.

Step 3: Place a sufficient amount of dry herb into the roller. Place a filter tip (optional) at one end of the roller; a filter is not required, but filter tips can filter out some harmful impurities, offering a safer and healthier blunt. Then, load enough dry herb evenly into the roller, taking care not to overpack or over squeeze the roller in an attempt to load more dry herb, as this may result in inhalation difficulties.

Step 4: Close the roller and roll it. Close the lower barrel upwards and begin spinning the roller, doing a full 360° turn; this action will tighten the tobacco inside the roller and prepare it for packing later.

Step 5: Insert the hemp wrap or rolling paper. Insert the rolling paper between the two barrels, rolling paper facing you, so that it can properly wrap the hay, then spin the rails. When you've rolled all the way down to the adhesive strip left, lick it or moisten to activate the adhesive strip's stickiness.

Step 6: Complete the rolling and remove the blunt. You have completed a successful joint rolling when all of the remaining rolling papers are involved. Now you can open up your blunt roller machine, take out your blunt, and have some fun.

How to choose a Blunt Roller or rolling machine? Blunt Roller shopping Guides

When it comes to purchasing a joint roller, there are several important factors to consider in order to find the best rolling machine for you.

To begin, determine how frequently you smoke and how much you require. If you only relax occasionally on the weekends, a simple manual joint rolling machine will suffice and you can enjoy your treats in just a few simple steps when you need them. However, if you smoke a lot and have a large dose, you might want to consider an electric roller machine, which can make multiple blunts at once with no effort on your part and allows you to stock up on portions for several days.

The second step is to select a reliable online purchase channel. Remember to choose an online headshop like INHALCO, as secure payment and good after-sales service can improve your experience and provide a variety of purchase and use guidance.

Finally, you can also choose to buy some common accessories according to your own habits and needs, such as joint rolling must be used when the hemp wrap, grinder, etc., and joint holder kind of accessories can quickly improve your smoking experience, or with the use of a rolling tray. Usually choose to buy a bundle more preferential, purchase details can continue to browse down.

Finally, you can choose to purchase some common accessories based on your personal habits and needs, such as the accessories that must be used when joint rolling like hemp wrap, grinder, etc., or joint holder type of accessories can quickly improve your smoking experience, or if you like rolling a blunt with the use of a rolling tray. Purchase details can be found further down if you choose to buy a more preferential bundle.
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