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The Freeze Pipe is a smoke shop in the United States that specializes in creative bongs, pipes, and nectar collectors that can be frozen. Their i...

The Freeze Pipe is a smoke shop in the United States that specializes in creative bongs, pipes, and nectar collectors that can be frozen. Their iconic design and one-of-a-kind creativity make them instantly recognizable, and they quickly dominate the cannabis industry.

What makes the Freeze Pipe shoot to fame is it employs a unique freeze filtration technology that is innovatively engineering a glycerin coil structure; these glycerin coils are a type of freezable glass device used as an attachment to a water pipe or other smoke devices to cool down the vapor, generally functioning as a removable neck of a bong.

Freeze Pipe glycerin coil attachment

This glycerin coil structure is a type of glass chamber wrapped coil structure, the chamber is filled with glycerin, once this glycerin coil glass is frozen, the vapor can get a double freezing filtration when the airflow through from the middle of the coil. It's also worth mentioning that glycerin is a viscous gel-like liquid that's non-toxic and 100% organic, with the added benefit of being thicker than water, so it stays frozen for longer but takes less time to freeze.

Freeze Pipe Collection Available on Inhalco

Bong Collection

  • Beaker Bong

The best seller Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong is a classic piece; based on the original beaker bong design, when the steam reaches the premium borosilicate glass beaker base, the freezing journey of the glycerin coil has only just begun.

  • Double Chamber Bong

Freeze Pipe Double Chamber Bong technologically upgrades the performance of the Freeze Pipe Bubbler, both two chambers feature the jellyfish characteristic bubbler downstem, with dense cracks providing triple the bubbling volume.

  • Bong Dual

The Bong Dual is the star of the party and the center of attention, it definitely stands out with its double filtration chamber plus the largest glycerin coil, but doesn't add any extra resistance, effortlessly giving you the smoothest vaping experience and wowing the connoisseurs at the party.

  • Recycler

This tried-and-true elite dab rig is a must-have.  Like a precision instrument made for dabbing, the Freeze Pipe Recycler creates a precise continuous circulation system while glycerin coils provide double the chill,  providing an ultimate experience far beyond what an ordinary bong can provide.

Freeze Hand Pipe

If you're new to the brand, this classic hand pipe is a must-have; in fact, the Freeze Pipe is named after it. When hot smoke passes through this hand pipe with the glycerin coil, it instantly cools down the fume that is higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving you with ice-cold and smooth hits.


This Freeze Pipe Bubbler will undoubtedly take your session to the next level. This hammer-shaped bubbler not only has a 6-tree percolator inside the chamber, but it also continues the brand's tradition of including a glycerin coil, evolving into a hammer pipe with a double filtration system, ensuring that every hit is cold and smooth.

Nectar Collector

Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector is the only nectar collector with a glycerin coil, It only takes a few seconds to serve you with the most professional and quick dabbing experience.


  • Freeze Pipe Enail
  • Ashcatcher

FAQ Freeze Pipe

What is Glycerin? Is it Safe?

Glycerin is present in many of Freeze Pipe's products; however, what exactly is glycerin? Glycerin is a non-toxic, food-grade gelatinous liquid that is found in a wide range of common foods and beverages. The FDA has also confirmed that glycerin is not harmful to humans and is safe to consume, and has approved its use in foods and beverages such as pasta and cereal.

Because of its unique physical properties, glycerin takes little time to freeze but lasts longer, so it is used in Freeze Pipe's freezing technology.

Please trust INHALCO as a reputable online headshop; we prioritize product safety and do not sell products that endanger our customers' safety.


How long do I freeze the glycerin coils? 

The recommended freezing time is one hour or more; however, the glycerin can be completely frozen in one hour, allowing you to enjoy the best experience. The Freeze Pipe official also mentioned that if you only need a quick hit, you can shorten the time of the coils in the freezer.

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