Who are we?

We are Premium Innovators!

Inhalco is a huge manufacturer of concentrate consumption products with its numerous disintegrated outlets located across the globe. With ample years-experience in the development, engineering, and design of highly-rated wares for smoking enthusiasts, we pride ourselves as a one-stop solution for well-curated silicone-made bongs, dab rigs, and nectar collectors.

As your premium shopping assistant, Inhalco is wholly concerned about adding exquisite feels to your smoking accessories. Bearing this notion in mind, our company work tirelessly with the help of industry skilled hands and brains in Toronto into providing unique glassware and industry-standard electric products to fit our esteemed customers.


We are quality, durability, and finesse; ALL-IN-ONE!

Inhalco products depict the new era of lasting use and value in the concentrate consumption products. Our premium assurance would be a puff without the installation of A-grade quality control and standard measures to scrutinize products which have contentiously undergone our various state-of-the-art technological and engineering production phases. Our scientific goal remains to always develop the cleanest, healthy, and efficient products that gift users the maximum potency and flavor inherent in concentrate consumption.


We are ART!

Inhalco is not only reforming the smoking culture through durable silicone-themed products alone; we are also reconciling the artistic spirit of users with their chosen products. Our wide array of products showcases fun-filled creative designs and inspirations that take your smoking experience to a new level. Our high-end customers have a lot to benefit from our customization services and a deep selection to our limited editions.