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Who are we?

INHALCO is an innovative online head shop that offers a wide range of top-quality cannabis and smoking accessories including pipes, vaporizers, nectar collectors and more.

In the past, we have been about providing every stoners with the best shopping solution at our diligently curated store. However, during the last couple of years, we have grown into so much more. Today, INHALCO is a well-trusted head shop due to our exceptional relationship with our customers, friends, co-workers, partners, and even our competitors.

Our Mission

At INHALCO, we are on a mission to make shopping for cannabis accessories, convenient and more enjoyable with a one-stop-shop solution for all your cannabis needs. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure maximum satisfaction when you shop at our online head shop. Enjoy a safe and secure, stress-free, fun-filled shopping experience with fast friendly services and discreet packages so no one has to know your business.

We stand to make shopping easy for all stoners.

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What We Do

We believe in passion and only work with people that are passionate about the cannabis industry. That’s why we discontinue using vendors who aren’t up to our speed and operate with integrity. And, we take quality control extremely serious. In fact, if a product doesn’t meet our expectations and perform at par, we remove it. We would never sell you products that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Every product we carry is weighed and tested with our customers in mind and our preferred companies make sure our glass is high quality and will hold up for many years to come. We handpick top-notch products of the best quality and the most popular in the marketplace

What We Offer

We pride ourselves in offering well-curated solutions and quality cannabis products, in response to every smoking enthusiast's common needs. To satisfy our esteemed customers, we work tirelessly to provide unique glassware, dabbing, and other accessories. We also have bubblers, bongs, dab rigs, honey straws and the best accessory collections  available, including dab attachments, reclaim catcher, dab mat, dab accessories, and more.

Choose from some of the best nectar collectors and dab kits available, made from glass, and silicone. Or, select your choice of bong accessories from carb caps, Terp pearls, grinders, dab mats, and 510 batteries, to ash catchers, bowl screens, glass adapters, and so much more.

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How We Stand Out Among The Rest

What really makes us stand out from the rest is our team effortlessly searches across the globe, continuously, to provide our customers with the most extensive selection of premium concentrate-related products. We also hand-pick our products and we enjoy doing this or anything else that will make our customers happy. From one-of-a-kind dab rings, bubblers, and bongs, to our dab pens, wax pens, and silicone nectar collections — which are currently our best-selling products — we can accommodate all your vaping needs.

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Affordable Pricing

There are many costs associated with running a physical store.

You have to pay monthly rent and you also have to pay employees wages as you need staff to run the store during open hours. Other costs associated with a retail store are cleaning fees, display cases, maintenance, local advertising, insurance, etc. Because we sell only online, we don’t have to pay these costs, nor do we have any middlemen to pay since we deliver our products directly to you. Therefore, we pass all those savings on to you with low prices, discounts, and special deals.

You will also save on paying taxes if shopping online in another state because online markets don’t collect taxes from other states. You can compare the prices of a physical smoke shop to online stores, to see this is true. By shopping at our online head shop, you get better pricing, better quality, and more value delivered to you, fast.

Shipping And Delivery

Why search Google for “head shops near me,” when we deliver vaping products and smoking accessories right to your door at lower prices than physical stores charge. And, not only is all our inventory in-house but when you place an order with us, your product is shipped the same day. We work hard to minimize your wait time from the moment the purchase button is clicked to the moment your package arrives at your door.

And, we ensure your checkout is fast, secure, and followed by a confirmation email that contains your tracking information, so you will know when your package will arrive. Not to mention our customer service is rated among the top services in the industry since we are always here to help our customers get the best shopping experience.

You get 3 to 7 business day USPS shipping free on all orders of $40 or more.

Combine that with our shipping policy, in which we will replace or refund any items that arrive broken, along with discreet shipping, and you got a supreme deal with great value.

Why Choose Us For All Your Cannabis Accessories

We encourage every dabber to get creative with our cannabis products. Offering an array of creative designs to inspire your artistic spirit allows you to take smoking to a whole new level. With customization services and our limited editions of parts, accessories, and dabbing products, you are sure to have a fun-filled shopping experience.

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