Quartz Banger

Reasons Why You Need a Quartz Banger

  • Durable 
  • Heat resilient 
  • Easy to clean 

A quartz banger is a category of a dab nail made of quartz. Quartz resembles glass, but it is not. It is a type of mineral that is clear, and it is plenty on the earth's surface. Compared to glass and titanium nails, quartz has a lot of benefits. Bangers come in different styles and sizes. 

A quartz banger is designed using quartz and used in tandem with a water pipe to increase the temperature of your concentrates and supply the vapor through your water pipe into your mouth. The composition of a banger includes the bucket in which the concentrates are heated. The joint connects to the water pipe. 

A Quartz Banger is Durable. 

A quartz banger lasts for a very long time because it is durable. Quartz is among the toughest minerals. Because of its hardness, it is used in various industrial use. Quartz bangers are more durable than glass or any other type of nail banger. The fact that it is durable is enough reason why you should consider getting a quartz banger.

Quartz Bangers are Tasteless!

Another reason why a quartz banger is being used worldwide is that it is tasteless. There is quartz that is made of pure silica sands. This means no other chemicals are being released when you are heating it. 

Heat Resilient

Apart from being so durable, the quartz banger is heat resilient. Whether you use them daily or not, don't worry about heat damage or breakage, a quartz banger can handle all that. You can heat at high temperatures, and there would be no problem. 

Easy to Clean

Just because quartz bangers can take up high heat doesn't mean they can't be used effectively on low heat. Using a quartz banger with low heat will make it easy to clean the remains. Compared to other apparatus, a banger is easy to clean, and it will look as good as new. 


A quartz banger can be effective for a long time; if you are cleaning it, use a soft piece of cloth or a cotton swab and a cleaning solution. If you are dabbing on low heat, remember to wipe your banger using cotton. It is straightforward. 

If you have a scorched banger, cleaning solutions and ultimately reheating the quartz completely removes the remains.

Restricts Air

Several water pipes for concentrates have excessive airflow to take a dab for an extended period. Using a quartz banger is an excellent way of limiting airflow to increase the general function since several designs have small holes.

Quartz is a mineral that is used to make bangers. Compared to a glass banger, a quartz banger cannot break even if it is subjected to high heat. If you buy a high-quality quartz banger, you will realize that its design has been made in a way that it can withstand high temperatures when it comes to vaporizing marijuana. A quartz banger will improve your dabbing experience. 

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