Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are bongs made of an extremely durable material silicone, but there is no difference in structure from ordinary glass bongs but more flexible. They are all composed of a water filter device and a dab nail. You may notice that Silicone bongs are going viral recently, because pr...

Silicone bongs are bongs made of an extremely durable material silicone, but there is no difference in structure from ordinary glass bongs but more flexible. They are all composed of a water filter device and a dab nail. You may notice that Silicone bongs are going viral recently, because probably silicone bongs are the best substitute for glass bongs, even though glass bongs are art, silicone bongs are the trend. The superiority of silicone material, long service life, and favorable price make it more and more popular with stoners. Now silicone bongs have become one of the fastest-growing products in the industry.

Why choose Silicone Bong


Silicone bongs are normally more affordable than other types of bongs because the mature and advanced technology of silicone production now greatly reduces labor costs. The difference between the production of silicone bongs and other bongs is that silicone bongs do not require very complicated handwork and craftsmanship, which allows every stoner to buy a silicone bong at a reasonable price.


Choosing silicone bong is equivalent to buying a lifetime warranty for your bong. Silicone is not only cheap but also has excellent elasticity and super high tear strength, which is difficult to replace with other materials. It is worth mentioning the thermal stability of silicone bongs. Silicone is resistant to high temperatures and can maintain its stability between –100 to 250°C. It will not be burned out to produce dangerous smoke. Therefore, Silicone bongs have a very strong service life.

Easy to wash

Why? Although the Silicone material is not lipophilic, the silicone resin has water repellency and prevents stickiness. Firstly, silicone bong is a good water-sealing product, which can filter smoke well. Secondly, the dirt is not easy to stick to the inner wall of the pipe, which makes cleaning easier and provides you with a very good solution.

Friendly for beginner

Silicone bong is not only cheap, high temperature resistant, durable, and not easy to break, it is very friendly to novices, and its softness and comfort will make it feel better when used and will provide novices with a good experience, so we recommend novices more Using silicone bong, for experienced players, we also strongly recommend buying silicone bong as your backup choice.

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

Silicone bongs are safe, but you have to get your bong from a trusted supplier. High-quality bongs have no BPA chemicals. The silicone material has a very high melting point, which makes it safe for use. You don't have to watch the flame when you're using them, and you won't have to worry about any dangerous fumes.

Unfortunately, some low-quality silicone bongs on the market are made with (Bisphenol A), a chemical used in making plastics and resin products. BPA is very harmful to your health and can cause you tons of health problems. You should stay safe and get your bong from a trusted supplier.

Silicone Bongs VS Glass

Silicone and glass are different materials with different properties, showing that products made from either of these materials will have other qualities. We will explore how these materials affect these different types of bongs' functionality and effectiveness and how this will affect your smoking experience. silicone bongs have many similarities and differences compared to glass bongs, and here we'll start with some of the differences?


They are more durable than glass bongs. silicone is more rigid and more durable than glass, which is more delicate to handle. If you're afraid that you'll drop your glass bong halfway through your session, you should probably go for a silicone bong because they are way more reliable and an excellent investment in the long run. The only way they can be destroyed is if your whole house burns down, and we're not so sure about that.


Silicone bongs are more portable, unlike glass bongs, because they are less likely to break, and they can be folded to fit any place, which makes them the perfect bongs for you if you like to travel.

Cleaning and disassembly

Most silicone bongs can be disassembled, which makes cleaning more accessible as compared to most glass bongs. With glass bongs, one can only remove the bong bowl, making it harder to clean those hard to reach spaces.


Glass bongs are more aesthetically pleasing than silicone bongs. They can also be crafted into pieces of art that silicone bongs cannot match. silicone bongs are made for both functionality as well as durability, so glass bongs are more costly than silicone bongs.

Silicone bongs are also similar to glass bongs in a few ways:


Whether glass or silicone, bongs were still made for one reason alone, smoking some herb or tobacco. It's a century-old concept that has its roots way back in Africa, and both are made to serve one purpose, filtering tobacco and smoke using water.

Both require bong bowls

Both silicone bongs and glass bongs require bong bowls to hold the dry herbs, which deliver smoke from the herbs into the downstem and are eventually filtered by the water. Whichever bong you buy, ensure that it has a bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to smoke out of Silicone Bong?

Yes, in recent years, silicone has been regarded as a safe alternative to traditional plastics. Due to the safety and stability of silicone products, silicone products have been continuously introduced to the market. Silicone has very good thermal stability, even if the temperature is heated to 250°C, it can maintain thermal stability. Silicone is undoubtedly one of the safest bong materials.

but you should choose the silicone bong from a trusted and eligible supplier, it is very safe to use a qualified Silicone Bong, but maybe you have heard of BPA chemicals, which is an ingredient from low-quality silicone products, Its scientific name is bisphenol-A. This ingredient has been confirmed by a large number of experts to be harmful to the human body. Long-term use will induce health problems for your body. You should reduce your exposure to bisphenol-A. In the European Union, Canada, and China. The use of bisphenol A has been restricted, which is why you need to buy your silicone bong from a trusted supplier. INHALCO uses both medical grade and food grade Silicone.

How to clean Silicone Bongs?

Because the Silicone material is relatively non-sticky, you only need to simply disassemble it, soak it in isopropyl alcohol for a few hours, and then scrub it with a brush. For stoners with high cleaning requirements, you can even clean them after boiling, because silicones are softer and easier to disassemble, and they are easier to clean than glass bong.

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