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With the rising popularity of dabbing concentrates, consumers are looking for a convenient and portable device to take their smoking experience to the next level. As a result, nectar collectors are quickly becoming the most alluring and fashionable choice for smoking. Instead of the conventional method where you drop a small dab extract in your glass, a nectar collector only requires you to heat the tip and apply it to the concentrate.
Better yet, a nectar collector is easy to use, affordable, portable, and more efficient. If you are a passionate smoker, a dab straw is an essential addition to your collection. Even if you are new to the dabbing world, investing in a nectar collector opens up more dabbing possibilities.

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is a portable, small-sized dab ring that is usually vertical, and in a straw-like design, you can easily disassemble and carry it with you. You can use a nectar collector with all types of dab concentrates. Some of the components in a nectar collector include:

  • Mouthpiece: The nectar collector has a straw that functions as a mouthpiece with a flared top and can also be used to dab or sip vapor.
  • Tip: A quartz, ceramic, or titanium nectar collector tip, about 10mm-14mm, is usually heated up to vaporize the concentrate.
  • Water Chamber: The water chamber in the nectar collector is a percolator that filters the dab vapor using water.
  • Concentrate Container: This is a silicone dish or food-grade glass that you use to contain the dab.

What is a Dab Straw?

A dab straw, also referred to as honey straw, is a long glass pipe, usually cylindrical. One tip of the dab straw serves to inhale the vaporized concentrate, while you can use the other end for dabbing.

Best Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. Most of the variations are just aesthetic to set each one apart, but they don't interfere with the nectar collector's functioning.
Here are some of the best nectar collectors that will enhance your smoking experience:

Silicone Nectar Collector

Silicone is one of the newest materials used on nectar collectors. A silicone nectar collector is an excellent option if you are on a budget since they are much more affordable than other types. Additionally, they are easier to use and nearly indestructible and unbreakable, giving you the freedom to go with it almost anywhere due to the high resilience level. You can also store it in your freezer if you aren't ready to use it immediately. The low temperatures cool the smoke, so it still maintains that coolness until it gets down your throat, ensuring that you don't feel any irritation.

Water Nectar Collector

Water nectar collectors come with a sturdy glass chamber with a water filter that functions as a filtration system. For a more enjoyable smoking experience, add water into the glass chamber to cool the vapor. This way, the vapor will flow down your throat without any irritation. Still, every part in a water nectar collector is detachable, making it easy to clean.

Glass Nectar Collector

A glass nectar collector is one of the most popular types in today's market. Many smokers prefer this type because glass doesn't mess up the taste of your vapor, so you'll have a better taste, and it's also aesthetically appealing. Still, smoke and glass don't mix, so vapor seamlessly slides along the surface without interacting with any molecules in the pipe. For smokers looking for an authentic dabbing experience, glass nectar collectors will deliver what you are looking for.

Wooden Nectar Collector

A wooden nectar collector usually comes with a titanium tip, glass, and a glass bowl, and it's slightly bigger than four inches. You can also take it apart after several uses to ensure that you clean it thoroughly. While traveling, you can protect the concentrate straw using the wooden cover to prevent it from any potential breakage. Additionally, a magnet on the clasp creates a magnetic seal when capped that protects the quartz tip so you can put it away while still hot.

Electric Nectar Collector

If you want a more convenient experience while dabbing, an electronic nectar collector is an ideal option. You no longer have to carry a dab torch while on the go if you plan to take a dab. Instead, you only need to assemble the electric nectar collector, turn the heat up on the tip then dip the device into your concentrate.

How to Use A Nectar Collector?

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Get Your Nectar Collector

Now that you know the best types of nectar collectors, you need to purchase a proper dab straw and get high at home or wherever place is convenient for you. A nectar collector is an incredible addition to your dab ring collection to let you enjoy endless possibilities. Therefore, whether you prefer silicone, water, glass, wooden, or electric nectar collector, you can get it at INHALCO.COM.

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