Ash Catcher

Ash catchers are necessary Bong Accessories that every serious smoker should have in their life, and we have a wide variety of ash catchers for you to choose from! Ash catchers are primarily designed to be added to your bongs or water pipe and can’t be used to smoke by themselves.

What Is an Ash Catcher

Ash catchers are necessary Bong Accessories that every serious smoker should have in their life, and we have a wide variety of ash catchers for you to choose from! Ash catchers are primarily designed to be added to your bongs or water pipe and can’t be used to smoke by themselves.

What Is an Ash Catcher

Ash catcher could simply be understood by its name. They are designed to be easily attached to a dab rig or bong and catch ashes and resin to prevent them from entering your flower tube. Make your bongs and pipes more clear and have a great smooth smoking expiration, all ash catchers can solve this problem. Plus, the ash catcher can perfectly fit into your smoking style despite how different it is. It increases the smoothness of each take and puts extra features on it.

Thus, the ash catcher is always shaped like a water bottle or a container. It’s used to attach to large pieces, such as water pipes, bongs, or dab rigs. The spot it needs to be attached to is at the joint where it is usually attached to the bowl or banger. After connecting the ash catcher to the bong, you need to place the bowl on top of the ash catcher. Basically, the most outstanding feature of any ash catcher is that it provides an extra chamber with water, functioning as another percolator. Moreover, we also offer ash catchers with different types of percolators, which is an add-on to the regular cooling process. You can find almost all kinds of percolators inside the ash catcher regardless of your preferences.

Learn more from the content "What is an ash catcher and how to use" before you choose to buy it.

What Does an Ash Catcher Do

Why would you need an ash catcher? Because no one enjoys hitting a filthy, dirty, grimy bong or pipe. Ash catchers are designed to help make your smoking experience better by preventing ash and other debris from entering your bong or pipe. They’re considered by many severe smokers as one of the most essential bong attachments.

Your ash catcher will add another level of filtration to your pipe or bong. Not only will your smoking experience be smoother, but less ash and debris will also make its way into the water. Cleaner bongs and pipes mean that you’re going to have a much better smoking experience and spend less time having to clean your bong.

How To Choose The Right Ash Catcher

Before you rush out and grab an ash catcher for your bong, it’s crucial that you understand what joint size you need, whether it’s a male or female joint, and the angle of the ash catcher required. Not all ash catchers are the same, and different bongs will need a different type of bong attachment.

When you’re deciding which ash catcher you need for your bong or pipe you need to check the following specifications:

  1. Joint Size – If you have a glass bong, it’s going to be either 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm. You need to purchase an ash catcher with the correct dimensions to match your bong.

  2. Joint Gender – Your bong or water pipe is either male or female. You need your ash catcher to be the opposite gender to your water pipe or bong.

  3. Joint Angle – Your joint will either be 90 degrees or 45 degrees. It would be best if you chose an ash catcher that is the same as your bong or water pipe.

How to Use an Ash Catcher?

In order to explain how to use an ash catcher, we need to analyze the structure of the ash catcher first. As the picture demonstrates, there are two joints attached to the body of the ash catcher. The two joints function differently, the one on the side is for your bong, and the one on the top is for the connection of the bong stem. That’s how an ash catcher usually works, no matter how it is shaped, the main structure does not change. 

However, there could be slight differences between the types of the ash catcher. Some ash catcher requires water inside the chamber, yet some don’t. But don’t you worry, most ash catchers with a percolator require water, and almost all ash catchers in our collection require water so there won’t be much confusion. 

It is very easy to use an ash catcher, you just need to fit the joint into the bong. Before that, all you need to do is to figure out joint gender, joint diameter, and joint angle. 

There are usually two joint sizes in the market, 14mm joint and 18mm joint. Also, there are 90-degree joints and 45-degree joints. More details will be explained in the FAQ part. After you settle on a decision of the two answers, you’re good to go.

Well, if you are looking for the best ash catcher. Take look at the blog of "top 9 best ash catchers"! If you have any questions about ash catchers or bong attachments, then please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to fit an ash catcher into your bong?

Here we are going to explain in detail how to choose the perfect ash catcher for your bongs. There are four essential things to consider when you finally decide to buy an ash catcher: angle, gender, size, and weight.

  • Angle

There are two joint angles bongs have: 45° or 90° angles. Before you made up your mind, you should make sure the degree of your joint. It’s super easy to differentiate. Why do we need the degree to match? It is because the waterline of the ash catcher should be parallel with the bottom of it and the bowl should sit in the same angle position as the original bong. An unparallel waterline could result in a useless ash catcher. You wouldn’t want to waste your money, right?

  • Gender

Bongs come in male or female slides. What is worth noticing is that the ash catcher you should get is supposed to be the opposite gender of your bong. For example, if you got an ash catcher with a female joint, you should get a male joint ash catcher. However, if you made the wrong purchase decision (hope that you won’t after reading this explanation!!), you can always use a male to female or female-to-male adapter to fit the two together. 

  • Size

Joints come in three sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. As with joint angles, your ash catcher should match the joint size of your bong. If you got a smaller one then the smoke could come out from the joint, and if you got a bigger one, you won’t be able to match it in the joint. Although we do have some glass adapters to help to make your purchase worth it! 

  • Weight

The purpose of considering the weight of the ash catcher is that it is an extension of your original bong, with a complicated design it could heavy your bong and make it unstable to stand. Luckily, the ash catcher in our store is all light-weight and stable, you can choose out of your preferences. It’s all big bong guaranteed. 

Does Ash Catcher worth it?

Ash catcher is for people who are trying to reduce the work of their cleaning process and for people who want softer and cooler smoke. The time is too valuable, you need to waste it by smoking weed out of it instead of cleaning the bong.

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