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Bong Filter: What Is It And How Does It Benefit You

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When it comes to bong filters, many people appear to believe they are unnecessary. Weed has a reputation for being "harmless" and "safe." While marijuana is a relatively safe drug with numerous health benefits, you are still inhaling smoke into your lungs at the end of the day. Because tar is present in smoke, this can be harmful to your lungs.

What Is A Bong Filter?

Bong filters were created as an additional attachment to help keep tar, resin, particles, and other contaminants out of your lungs. When using a carbon filter, you will experience what many people refer to as a "clean high." You know how when you take a hit from a bong you've used repeatedly without cleaning, and you can't taste the mouthwatering terpenes you could the first time you used that glass piece? A bong filter will give you that elevated experience with every rip.

Just from one sesh, you can see the resin buildup after using a bong carbon filter for the first time. You can see the results for yourself. And your lungs will appreciate it!

Benefits Of Using A Bong Filter

Benefits Of Using A Bong Filter

As increasing states legalize cannabis in the United States by 2022, we can expect a better smoking experience overall. Water chamber bong filters have been used for hundreds of years, and combining them with a bong carbon filter is the optimal way to smoke weed. Let's look at some of the advantages of using a carbon filter when smoking marijuana.

Reduce Tar Intake 

Tar damage from marijuana smoke can harm your lungs because cannabis users inhale smoke more deeply than cigarette smokers. Carcinogens are released when anything is burned, whether it's tobacco, wood, paper, or even cannabis. To avoid lung damage, some people have switched primarily to edibles. However, not everyone enjoys edibles because the high is frequently different from smoking. There is another option to protect your lungs if you enjoy the process of smoking.

Prevent Coughing

Nobody enjoys the harsh hits, lungs burning, and heavy dry coughing that follow a bong rip. If water filtration and smoke cooling aren't enough, a carbon filter is exactly what you're looking for. The activated carbon absorbs all of the tar, resin, and other contaminants, resulting in the cleanest smoke possible. So, if coughing is a problem, you should definitely try out a carbon filter.

Good For Asthma Users

It wasn't just the coughing that was an issue for people with asthma; it was also the constricted breathing for up to an hour after smoking. Coughing occurs when tar and resin particles enter your lungs and settle on your lung tissues. Using a bong filter can immediately trigger asthma symptoms. They have a much cleaner experience when they use a cannabis carbon filter. It's not perfect, but it's a hell of a lot better than before.

Increase Sanitation

The bong filter not only filters out smoke and protects your health but also aids in sanitation. Take MouthPeace, for example. It protects those sharing a bong but don't want to put their mouth where another person's mouth has been.

MouthPeace - Popular Bong Filter On The Market


The MouthPeace by Mooselabs is a cleverly designed marijuana carbon filter. The design was created to fit any size water pipe, from mini to large, as well as recyclers, dab rigs, and weed pipes!

Inside this "Mouth Peace," there is an activated carbon filter with antibacterial properties that absorbs resins, toxins, and tars. The one-of-a-kind design does not obstruct airflow or block your intake at all. They have been widely reported actually to enhance terpenes.

We purchased and tested Jay's Moose Labs bong filter to see how well it worked. I was an ideal experimenter because I have asthma and rely entirely on ice to cool hits to prevent coughing. It was like night and day when I used a Mooselab bong filter. We still used an ice bong, but in addition to the cooling, we used a bong filter. It was the coolest, most comfortable cigarette I'd ever smoked. There is no heat, no coughing, and everything is much more "clean."

Remember that activated carbon absorbs odors. Your bong water usually has an odor, and the filter captures all of those odors, allowing you to taste the terpenes in your cannabis.

The fact that you can see the Mooselabs carbon bong filter in action is my favorite feature. After three days of using the filter, our carbon filter roll had become completely caked to the point where we could no longer pull from it. Can you imagine how much gunk is in your lungs?

How To Use A Bong Filter?

How To Use A Bong Filter

The bong filter is effortless to use. Fill the silicone mouthpiece with the activated carbon filter. The filter will easily fit into the piece. Then, with the pointy side down, place the mouthpiece on top of the bong mouth. Because of the piece's flexibility and shape, you can adjust it to fit snugly and securely. Then take the hit as you usually would. The filter will handle the rest of the work.

Because of its simple design, this practical tool is very affordable, with the option to buy filters in bulk. The mouthpiece, which is made of silicone, is dishwasher safe and easily replaceable if something goes wrong with it. When the filter appears to be tapped out, remove it and replace it with another. The average filter lasts about 30 hits with a vape, 15 hits with a bowl, and 4-7 hits with a bong. For increased effectiveness and fresh flavor, we recommend that users change their filters on a regular basis.


The introduction of new bong filters and other attachments has paved the way for more enjoyable and healthier cannabis use. We hope this bong filter guide has helped you find a better smoking experience. Although the trend is still relatively new, we hope that every stoner eventually discovers the fantastic things a weed carbon filter can do.

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