How to Choose a Right Nectar Collector for Dabs

Different Types of Nectar Collectors for Dab

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How to Dab with A Nectar Collector?

Benefits Of Using A Nectar Collector

Different Types of Nectar Collectors

Which One Is The Best?


Ever heard of a nectar collector? It's not the most common smoking device, but definitely gaining popularity as the years go by.

Just like bongs and dab rigs, nectar collectors come in a variety of different types. Keep reading to learn more about nectar collector features, types, and more.

How to Dab with A Nectar Collector

How to Dab with A Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is a rather new tool in the dabbing world. They're long devices that look like electronic (or other material) syringes and are sometimes known as honey straws or dab straws. Functionally, they work very similarly to straw.

Before we describe what it's like or how to use a nectar collector, let's do a quick recap on how to hit a regular dab. Dabbing is a way of smoking THC that doesn't involve dry herbs like hitting a bong does. Many people prefer dabs because they're cleaner and provide smoother aromatic hits.

With that being said, hitting a dab can be a long and complicated process. You'll need to fill the bong with water and then heat a nail located on the side of the bong. This is where things get tricky, as heating up the nail too much produces terribly harsh hits.

You then just apply the wax to the nail and inhale once everything is cool. But there's always the cleaning process and the waiting.

This is where nectar collectors help out. With these straw-like contraptions, you just have to press a button to heat the straw and dip it straight into your wax of choice. That's honestly it when it comes to how to dab with a nectar collector.

This way, you're able to inhale your hits at any time without having to go through the extraneous process of using a dab rig.

Benefits Of Using A Nectar Collector

Obviously, the two most important benefits of using a nectar collector are that it's easy to clean up and it's highly portable. Because you're not having to use multiple pieces of equipment just to get a single hit, you're only really having to clean one item. That item is most likely just the nectar collector itself.

Portability comes from the same logic as well. You don't have to bring so much equipment with you everywhere whenever you want to hit a dab. All you'll need (in most cases) is your collector and your concentrate.

Other benefits include:

  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginner dabbers
  • Minimizes waste
  • Saves time and money

One benefit that has to be mentioned separately is the cooling system in nectar collectors. More often than not, hitting a dab ring produces harsh hits that burn throats. Some dab rings come with water filtration systems built in to reduce that harsh burn by filtering hits.

While nectar collectors don't have complex filtration systems in them, they had smaller filters that produce similar cooling effects.

Benefits are still under research since the device is rather new. But we're sure there are many more benefits to hitting a nectar collector dab.

Different Types of Nectar Collectors

Just like bongs and dab rigs, there are multiple types of nectar collectors. Unfortunately, the selection is a little bit more limited since it's a small device with limited uses. 

But no worries, there are still plenty of nectar collector options available. Let's take a look at the most common types of nectar collectors.

Silicone Nectar Collector

Would you be surprised to know that silicone isn't traditionally one of the original ways to make bongs or dab rigs? Yep, glass and ceramic have long been the kings of the smoking game.

But, silicone is becoming a popular material to use for smoking tools and accessories. This is mostly because of how cheap they are to make compared to other materials like glass and ceramic. They're also very easy to clean.

All you have to do with these types of collectors is soak it in hot water with soap and you'll have a clean nectar collector! No having to worry about it shattering or breaking either, as this material is very durable. If you are not sure about silicone, we have an article on "Are Silicone Bongs Safe?"

Silicone Nectar Collector

Glass Nectar Collector

Glass is a staple material for almost all types of smoking accessories. From bongs to pipes, glass is a sturdy and rather inexpensive material. 

It's no surprise this carried over to the nectar collector craze when people started using this device. These types of nectar collectors mimic the traditional dab in the closest way possible. 

The vapors you inhale circulate throughout the collector to deliver a clean, fresh hit to your mouth. These are perfect for both beginners and experienced dabbers.

Silicone and Glass Nectar Collector

Silicone and Glass Nectar Collector

When you want the benefits that silicone and glass have to offer in your nectar collector - then a hybridized silicone and glass honey straw may be your best bet.  

Silicone and glass nectar collectors have a significant benefit over traditional silicone nectar collectors because they have the ability of water filtration. Water filtration is a massive benefit because it makes for a smoother hit.

Inhalco’s Silicone Glass Honey Straw Kit is the perfect example of everything you need for wax and oil-based concentrates. Not only do you get a honey straw with a detachable titanium tip, but you also have two glass tip accessories that allow you to turn your nectar collector into a mini-dab rig that’s ready for anything that you can throw at it. 

Although glass and silicone are much more durable than pure glass nectar collectors, they still require care. However, they are well suited towards a busy lifestyle that has you on the move. However, if you decide to use attachments and the water filter, it’s essential that you store the fragile glass attachments in a protected area.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to empty the water from the filter to ensure it doesn’t leak on you if you place it into your pocket. When it comes to a glass and silicone nectar collector - a little bit of water goes a long way. This means that you don’t need to overflow the filter with too much water to get an adequate and smooth hit.

Just like all other nectar collectors and dab straws, silicone and glass nectar collectors are easy-to-use. The fast heat-up time and the rapid cool-down are all thanks to the highly conductive nature of titanium.

If you see yourself using a nectar collector often or you want a future-proof device as you continue your journey into the world of concentrates, then a silicone and glass nectar collector is a perfect choice.

Electric Nectar Collector

Toker eStraw

Ah, the long-awaited (and very much loved) electronic nectar collector. These little guys are perfect for convenience, as you don't have to carry a torch with you as you would need for the other materials. 

Thus, portability is enhanced with electronic nectar collectors. The only concern you might have is cleaning. You have to be a little extra cautious when cleaning to avoid getting any electronic parts wet or damaged.INHALCO’s TOKER eStraw is the physical representation of everything that an electric nectar collector should be. Designed with new hollowed coil-less ceramic heating tip. Unlike products on the market, surprisingly, there’s no direct contact between coil and contents. Now, the heat is perfectly evenly distributed. No burning and the taste are smoother. More durable. In as little as 8-seconds, the eStraw is ready and willing to take on your oil or wax concentrates.

The capabilities of electronic dab straws are nearly endless, and in the case of the eStraw, it’s ok if you become forgetful and forget to turn off the device - thanks to an automatic standby setting. Not only does this save the overall battery life, but it also prevents any potential accident and fire damage.

Furthermore, the eStraw is fast charging, so that you never miss a session. Paired with rapid charging time and heating time - the eStraw is an example of pure dabbing bliss. Just dab-and-go!

Electric Dab Straw With Water Filter

Electric Nectar Collector with Water Filter

When you want the best of the best, regardless of price, then an electric dab straw with a water filter is for you. Not only do these types of nectar collectors offer the convenience of an electric dab straw, but they also empower you to produce the smoothest hit imaginable.

Water filtration is a tried-and-true method that reduces the harshness of smoke or vapor. Its benefits are two-pronged, such as removing harmful carcinogens from the smoke and cooling down the temperature of the smoke.

When it comes to electric dab straws with an attached water filter, the Giant eStraw and the STINGER Electric Nectar Collector Kit are your perfect companions for just about everything. The Giant eStraw or the STINGER dab kit is compact and easily storable for on-the-go adventures of any kind.

Long battery life, ceramic heating elements, and multiple circuit protection make electronic dab straws, such as the STINGER and the Giant eStraw, safe and enjoyable to use.


Whether you’re new to nectar collectors or you’re looking to add a new device to your collection - electric dab straws with water filtering capabilities are ideal for any type of wax or oil that you use.

Which One Is The Best?

To answer this question simply, it depends. These devices and their unique nectar collector features are only slightly different, so it's really up to what you prefer.

If you're a dab-enthusiast, then electronic might be for you. If you're really looking to carry the least amount of materials, then definitely consider getting electronic.

Glass is also a great option for experienced dabbers. They're a little bit more pricey but definitely worth it.

If you're a casual smoker or just starting out with dabs, we highly recommend silicone. It's easy to use and easy to clean, so you won't waste any extra time on it. To add to that, it's cheap.

If you don't like it, you can feel safe knowing you didn't waste hundreds of dollars on a device you didn't like.

Looking for our choices on the best selections for each type? We got you covered. Click here to see the "12 Best Nectar Collectors".

Your Choice of Different Types of Nectar Collectors for Dab

Does dabbing with nectar collectors seem interesting to you? We encourage you to do more research into what it's like dabbing with one and lookup methods on how to get the best hit.

When you're ready to make your purchase, head on over to our site. We have a wide selection of bongs, dab rigs, pipes, nectar collectors, and much more.

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