How To Use Terp Pearls

How To Use Terp Pearls

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As dabbing became popular, more and more accessories were invented to take the dabs to the next level. Terp pearls are among these accessories. For dabbers, efficiency is the most important aspect of dabbing. They want to get the most out of every last drop of concentrate without any waste. This is what terp pearls do. They maximize every gram of concentrate for your enjoyment.

This article explores the uses, benefits, and cleaning tips for terp pearls. If you're interested, join us in demystifying terp pearls.

What Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls, also called dab pearls or terp balls, are essentially little balls that spin around inside banger while taking a dab. They help distribute concentrate and heat evenly, providing consistent dabs and maximizing flavor. Most common terp pearls are made from borosilicate glass,  quartz, or ruby. They usually range from 3 mm to 6 mm in diameter.

How to use terp pearls

What Are the Benefits of Terp Pearls?

Why do many dabbers like dabbing with terp pearls? Apart from the fun of watching the pearls spin in the banger, terp pearls offer the following benefits:

  • Maximum Utilization of Concentrate at Lower Temperatures
  • Terp pearls guarantee the maximum utilization of the wax at lower temperatures. They help ensure the hot air trapped inside the banger circulates evenly, so all the concentrates are fully consumed. There is no waste and less residue left in the banger.

  • More Even Heating & Vaporization
  • Without terp pearls, the concentrate may pool up in the corner of the banger. The dab beads can increase the surface area in contact with concentrate and disperse heat more evenly, so the concentrate will be vaporized more evenly.

  • Bigger Smoke Clouds & Better Flavor
  • Dabbing at low temperatures allows for better preservation of flavor and terpenes and is even safer for your health. High-temperature dabbing creates a thick cloud of smoke, resulting in an unpleasant flavor. It may also cause a sore in your lungs and throat.

    How To Use Terp Pearls?  

    1. To get the most out of the terp pearls, drop one or more into the quartz banger before heating the banger with a torch. 

    2. Once they are in the banger, you will heat them to your desired temperature and cool them for a while as usual. You can check the temperature of the banger with an infrared thermometer. 

    3. When your banger reaches your desired temp, you will use a dab tool to place the dab into the hot banger.

    4. At this point, you can place a carb cap or terp marble on the top of the banger. A vortex carb cap is ideal for collaborative use with terp pearls. You can also use other tools like a marble cap. 

    5. Now, it's time to inhale the goodness of your concentrates. As you draw in tasteful vapor, the airflow from the hole in the carb cap makes the beads spin, doing its magic of distributing heat and concentrate.

    How To Use Terp Pearls

    Notes: Some terp pearls are made of materials that can withstand high heat, while some do not. Ensure to know how much heat the pearl can take before purchasing it. If your terp pearls are made of a material that can't withstand high heat, you have to heat the banger alone first, then drop in the beads, and finally concentrate.

    How To Clean Terp Pearls?

    Just like any tool, your terp pearls need to be cleaned and maintained after every dab. A cleaner accessory means a cleaner dabbing session! A shiny dab pearl will help preserve the flavor better, giving a delectable hit every time. The more frequent you clean them, the easier the process will be. Here are step-by-step tips for cleaning your pearls:

    1. Run a cotton swab around in the banger with the dab pearls inside after every use.
    2. When cleaning your banger with a super heating torch cycle, pearls left inside the banger will clean like the banger.
    3. If they are too hot, you need a pair of heat-resistant tweezers to remove your terp pearls. Remember to rinse and dry them before use.
    4. Please don't drop the hot terp balls into cold liquid. Let them cool down first.
    5. Soak your terp balls in alcohol for about 30 minutes, then rinse and dry.

    You may also be concerned about:

    How Many Terp Pearls To Use?

    It all depends on your preference, but the most common choice is dropping 1-3 inside. Most people only use one layer instead of stacking them in a pile — although it could be a fun experiment. The most common number of pearls to use is two if you want to let them spin.

    Why Are My Terp Pearls Not Spinning?

    If your terp pearls are not spinning, perhaps it means you use the wrong carb cap. There are lots of different styles of carb caps. A directional airflow carb cap is required for terp pearls. Vortex carb caps are the most popular choice for terp pearl spinning. If your carb cap doesn't have the correct airflow configuration - the pearls might not spin. Or probably you put in too many beads, which will clog the banger so they won't spin around. Ensure you have the proper number; two are most recommended for the best result. 

    If neither is the reason, maybe it's time for you to clean up your banger and dab pearls. A deep cleaning will reduce friction, allowing pearls to spin freely.

    Wrap-Up: Get The Best Terp Pearls & Upgrade Your Dabs

    By now, you should understand why terp pearls are a must if you’re trying to get the most vapor out of your concentrates, especially if you enjoy taking big fat rips at temperatures below 420°F. Dabbing with terp pearls allows you to enjoy the experience of getting high, but only if you use them properly and clean them regularly. Otherwise, you may end up having an unpleasant smoking experience. So visit INHALCO and treat yourself to the best terp pearls and other related accessories to customize your setup.

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