Where to Buy a Weed Grinder

Where to Buy a Weed Grinder

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How to Grind Weed

Where to Buy a Weed Grinder

Different Types of Grinders Weed

Get On Your Grind

We know. Adding another step in between getting from regular you to elevated you isn’t ideal.

However, grinding your weed is necessary for an enjoyable smoking experience. While you can use your hands to break up your herb, it is not nearly as efficient as a grinder. Additionally, grinding your weed down into small pieces makes it burn better and last longer.

Want to learn where to buy a weed grinder? Keep reading!

How to Grind Weed

If you’ve never used a weed grinder before, don’t fret! Let’s talk about how to grind weed:

  1. Use your fingers to gently break apart the nug into smaller pieces and add your herbs to the grinder teeth. Don’t put any in the center, as this is where the magnet is. Covering this will make rotating your grinder more difficult.
  2. Put the top of the grinder on, and rotate about ten times clockwise. Then, rotate a few times in the opposite direction to fluff up your herb.
  3. Remove your ground-up herb from the grinder and enjoy!

Now that you know how to grind weed, let’s talk about where to buy the best type of grinder for your individual smoking needs.

Where to Buy a Weed Grinder

Online Headshops

The best place to buy a grinder for weed is at online head shops. Buying a grinder online gives you more options than buying in-store. We offer grinders of all shapes and designs, so you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

Buying your weed grinder online also gives you the option to read reviews from real, non-bias smokers. While your local headshop employee might have this same information, they’re ultimately still trying to make a sale. Additionally, buying a weed grinder online makes it easier to compare specs and reviews between different grinder models.

Online headshops frequently have coupon codes and sales, so finding a good grinder at an even better price is easy. Additionally, many online headshops offer free shipping after a certain amount is spent, so you can save your gas money!

Buying a weed grinder online will save you money, time, and headaches.

At Your Local Head Shop

While buying a grinder online may be the easiest option, you may want to see the grinder in person before you buy. Your local smoke shop or head shop can also be a good place to go.

Buying a grinder from your local smoke shop gives you the opportunity to see and feel the grinder before spending any money. Additionally, you can talk to the sales associate in real-time. They may be able to give you personalized recommendations that you would not get from a website.

Staying informed on sales from your local head shop or smoke shop may be a bit more difficult than buying online, though. However, If your local smoke shop has an Instagram or email newsletter, you may want to do some research before arriving to ensure you don’t miss out on any sales.

Different Types of Grinders Weed

As mentioned earlier, there are many different types of grinders. Let’s discuss these so you can find the best weed grinder for yourself.

Basic 2-Part Grinders

This is generally the most inexpensive option of the bunch, mainly because it provides the least amount of add-ons.

If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive grinder for weed, then a plastic weed grinder is the one for you! The sharp teeth easily grind up your herb, and the magnet in the center protects your bud from oxidation. This is important, as oxidation can cause a significant loss in cannabinoids (aka the good stuff!)

Pollen Catcher Grinders

A step up from the basic plastic grinders are pollen catcher grinders. These weed grinders offer a multi-layer system, containing the grinding teeth, a stash can to hold your herbs, and a screen that sifts out the kief.

If you’re not familiar with kief, you should be! 

pollen catcher grinder

Kief, sometimes referred to as “keef” or “dust,” is a highly concentrated collection of loose trichomes from your cannabis flower. These sparkly, resinous bits of herb pack a punch. In fact, it contains a much higher concentration of THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids than a normal flower.

There are many uses for kief. Between being vaporized, smoked, or added to flower as a “seasoning” of sorts, it can elevate your smoking experience. Be careful, though, as kief is very strong. You should only use a small amount.

Stash Grinders

Stash grinders can vary in design, but the general goal is to offer a discrete way to grind and use your herbs on the go.

This stash grinder comes with a one-hitter pipe as part of the grinder, so bringing your cannabis on the road is easy! Its compact size and powerful magnetic lid make it safe to throw in your bag or pocket.

Stash grinders are a great option for those who want a multi-function smoking experience.

Electric Weed Grinders

The last style of grinder we’ll mention today is an electric herb grinder. These grinders offer tools to make grinding your herb easier and faster. Whether you need a bit of extra help or just want an easier grinding experience, this type of grinder is your best bet.

Electric grinders are also a great option for those looking to speed up the process. An electric grinder removes the parts of the grinding process that can be tedious, making for a faster and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Get On Your Grind - Where to Buy a Grinder for Weed?

Enjoying your herbs should be easy. Now that you know where to buy a weed grinder, give one a go! 

Want to explore the many different weed grinders we provide? Check out our best weed grinder.

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*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. All products are intended for legal usage. Before consuming cannabis in any form, please consult with a licensed health care provider, smoke at your own risk.

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