10 Premium and Affordable Herb Grinders in 2020

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Many people do not know the value of the grinders. However, an avid smoker would understand without needing an explanation. Grinding weed with your bare hands can be cumbersome. Not only that, but you can also end up having Marijuana Blisters on your hands. Depending on the amount you need to grind in a day. Herb grinders have not made it into the market today, they have been around for a long time. Thanks to the fact that they can be used to grind various herbs, Some enthusiasts have gone the extra mile to come up with a homemade herb grinder.

The topic of discussion today is focused on discussing which herb grinder is the best pick. We will be exploring ten of them in detail. So feel free to choose one that fits your preference. It will please you to know that every product discussed here is available on the market.

1. Mandala Grinder ($20.98)

Mandala Herb Grinder

If you have ever used a grinder, then you know how important it is. The most common types of grinders are cheap, plastic ones. The most common flaw about them is that they break way too easily. When luckily you come across some weed that is not well dried, you would have to apply more force.

Since the Mandala Grinder is made from aerospace-class aluminum alloy, it is considered very strong and durable. Making the product very likable. If you compare this material to the traditional zinc alloy material, you will prefer this. The fact that it is lighter compared to most materials is also a plus.

The product is 2.1 inches in diameter and 1.6 inches in height. It comes in a beautiful titanium blue color, including 1 × 4-Piece Mandala Herb Grinder and one Pollen Scraper. 

2. Golden Bell Herb Grinder, Best Seller on Amazon ($18) Golden Bell 4 Piece grinder

The Golden Bell Herb Grinder is the cheapest product we have on display today. It comes in a variety of colors - including silver, black, blue, and green. This product is also among the few herb grinders that offer a lifetime warranty.

With 2 inches in diameter and 1.6 in height, the grinder fits perfectly in your hand. It is made of a heavy-duty zinc alloy material. Making it durable enough for you not to have to use the warranty. However, this is not always the case. You could have bought one of the faulty products. Last but not least, it has a durable ring that inspires a fast grinding experience.

3. Kozo Herb Grinder ($24.97)

Kozo Herb Grinder

Since most grinders' meshes are not removable, this particular herb grinder gets its edge from being unique. With a removable mesh, cleaning becomes easier. Apart from that, it fits perfectly into the bottom piece. In my opinion, this is one of the best herb grinders I have come across. It was designed to hold more ground material and be more stable during the process. Ultimately, this leads to the grinding of more weed, while also preventing the spilling of the goods.

The sharp teeth make it easy to grind the product. Just a few twists, and you will be good to go. This is made from heavy-duty alloy - making it hard to break. The product accepts returning if a customer is not satisfied with it. His or her money is also fully repaid, with no questions asked. This is definitely a deal you don't see every day.

4. Herb Grinder Titanium Blue ($20.98)

Herb Grinder Titanium Blue

The material used to make this Titanium Blue Herb Grinder is heavy-duty zinc alloy. It is a 4-piece grinder with 3 chambers. If you are a lover of art, then you might appreciate this special grinder, simply because the design is beautiful. It offers customers a smooth and noise-free grind. Making it highly preferable. Its well-shaped teeth make it simple to grind weed into fine particles.

A cool addition to the design is the Neodymium magnets. They help hold the grinder together so that the contents do not pour out whatever the case. This grinder has a stainless-steel micro screen that is used for fine pollen filtering. This feature assures you that the result is as fine as it could be. We all know how annoying seeds can be; this may be the perfect solution to that particular worry. Users are discouraged from cleaning the grinder with their bare hands, otherwise it may cause scratches.

5. Astrological Clock Signs of The Zodiac Grinder (Best seller on Etsy-$22.99) Astrological Clock Signs of the Zodiac Grinder

The materials used to come up with this product are zinc, aluminum, and alloy. These materials ensure that the grinder is stable enough not to spill the merchandise. Apart from that, it also has a good weight making it easier to handle. While traditional grinders may present problems while trying to turn the to, this one doesn't.

The movement is easy and smooth, making the grinding process much faster. The astrological clock may look too temporary at first, but it stays on for a long time. With a price of $22.99, it is cheaper than most of the others. Even though something being cheaper is more often than not a bad sign, not this time. The product was tested in the real market by producers, and it performed very well. Making it viable to make it into this list.

6. 9TO5 Grinders ($29.99) 9TO5 GRINDERS

Although the price may be a bit above the average we have here, so is the quality. One of the first features weed enthusiasts will notice the smooth grind. As I mentioned earlier, this is not obvious. Most grinders expect you to use a lot of force, which more times than not, results in the herb grinder breaking. The presence of healthy herbaceous herbs reduces all impurities, making it stronger than ever.

You will be glad to know that it is made from military-grade aircraft aluminum. The product also contains a stainless-steel sifting screen, which is removable. As we have seen in other grinders, this makes it easier to clean. According to the listing on Amazon, you get two grinders for the price of one. I am not sure whether they mean a two-piece grinder or two separate grinders. I guess you will have to order one to find out. Just head over to Amazon and search the name on this paragraph's title. For those that like the color black, this might be your lucky day. The 9TO5 grinders come in color black.

7. Mountain UFO 4 Piece airplane grade aluminum Weed Grinder($32.99)

Mountain UFO 4 Piece airplane grade aluminum Herb Grinder

This kind of weed grinder from Etsy is made out of airplane grade aluminum. At $32.99, it is officially more expensive than most of the rest. However, the fact that it lets you put a personalized message at the back goes a long way. In the fashion industry, the personalization of clothes is becoming a big deal. I guess the same was bound to happen in other industries. 

This Mountain UFO weed grinder boasts of being high quality and durable. The fact that it has a cool drawing of a mountain UFO is a huge allure for customers, especially those with taste. The UFO design was done using UV printing. This means that it will last for the longest time. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of colors. Textured grip in the design also helps for a slide free grip.

8.Golden Gate Grinders ($21.95)

Golden Gate Grinder

For extra toughness, this herb grinder is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This by far beats the traditional material zinc-based aluminum. Sometimes when you try to grind weed, it does not come out fine doe to blunt cutting teeth. This product tries to curb that problem by being the exact opposite. To make sure no weed is being wasted, a pollen scraper is included in the box once shipped.

Also, to prevent the contents from falling to the ground in case of an accident, neodymium magnets were installed. This holds the lid firmly and prevents the grinder from opening, even if the grinder falls to the ground. Not many grinders are scratch-resistant. We have already seen one that discourages us from washing it due to this same reason. The Golden Gate, however, is scratch resistant. It goes on to prevent flaking, peeling, and even smudge. A fine specimen indeed. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty. So if at any point it starts to be a nuisance, you can return it with no questions asked.

9.CALI OG Slic 2" Grinder ($29.99) CALI OG SLICK GRINDER

A huge problem when using most grinders is that the weed sticks a lot. But the CALI OG has come to fix this flaw. The grinder boasts of being non-sticky completely, making it easier and faster for the weed to be ground. In a bid to make it more durable, it is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. While most grinders will produce an annoying scratching sound while grinding, this one is as silent as the night.

Apart from that, it is also smooth and does not need a lot of effort to grind weed, even if the buds are not completely dry. With a diameter of 2 inches, it is big enough to enable a grip tight enough to grind anything. In the comments section over in Amazon, you will see how much users appreciate this product. They call it tough and reliable, compliments that should not be taken lightly.

10. Kannastör 4pc Jar Body Grinders($35 - $45) Kannastör 4pc Jar Body Grinders

This is the most expensive weed grinder on the list. Let's see if there is a reason for that. One advantage it has over many of the others we mentioned is that it has a changeable screen. Everybody likes something they know they can edit to fit their preferences, even if it is just one part. Most grinders do not have a clear jar belly. This means that it is often hard to tell what is left in the grinder. But this product lets us see what is left exactly. Is the higher price starting to make sense yet?

It also has a modular design that gives it an edge over its competitors. As if all this was not enough, it is known to be far superior in durability than most others. This is because it uses 61/60 anodized food-grade aluminum - something I am sure most of you are hearing for the first time. In terms of the warranty, it has a limited lifetime warranty, which means that even though the warranty if for life, some conditions would disqualify the warranty.


You no longer need to keep using your hands for the hard work. These ten products will have you set with as much weed as you would like in no time. I can guarantee that all of these gadgets can half the time you take to prepare one joint with your hands. Also, sometimes we will not see all the seeds when using our hands. But when using a herb grinder, impurities cannot go through the screen. This is because the filter is often prepared to let in only the finest ground pieces. So say goodbye to the sore fingers and a waste of time. These grinders are here to save the day.

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