How to Choose a Right Nectar Collector for Dabs?

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When it comes to choosing the best nectar collector - there are many aspects that you must consider to make the right choice. Your preference is key to determining the right one for you, which is why we created this in-depth guide about the different types of nectar collectors available.

Join us as we take a look at silicone, glass, hybrids, and electric nectar collectors. By the end, you’ll know exactly which one is right for you.

Nectar Collector

The Importance of Finding the Perfect Nectar Collector

The reason why it’s essential that you find the perfect nectar collector is because your experience matters. There’s nothing like taking a smooth dab from a nectar collector that fits your needs.

By finding the right nectar collector for you, you’ll be able to use specific products, such as different styles of wax or oils. The last thing you want is to purchase a nectar collector only to find out that it’s incompatible with a specific type of concentrate.

Furthermore, finding the perfect nectar collector will help you save money in the long term because it fits your needs. The saying goes - “buy once, cry once,” which means that you won’t spend extra funds on another nectar collector because you purchased the wrong product the first time.

Overall, your experience is paramount. You’ll never regret your purchase or look back once you’ve found the right one for your needs. You may prefer glass over silicone for personal reasons, or you might prefer nectar collectors with attachment capabilities.

Having a wide variety of options is important in life and is just as meaningful when choosing the best one.

Without further ado - let’s take a look at the different types of nectar collectors and how to zero in on the best one for you

Silicone Nectar Collectors

 Silicone Nectar Collector

When you just gotta dab here and now without the accessories - then look no further than a silicone nectar collector(also named honey straw). It is typically the least expensive product compared to other types of nectar collectors, such as glass or electric. 

Silicone honey straw consist of a silicone grip and mouthpiece that are rated up to 482℉. Furthermore, they have an attached titanium straw that can be easily heated.

They are the most basic of the bunch, but they do allow you to fine-tune your dabbing experience. After a handful of dab sessions, you’ll know exactly how long you must wait to ensure you taste each and every flavorful terpene.

This type of nectar collector is preferred by beginners and dabbing-veterans alike due to its ease-of-use. All you need to do is heat the tip and place it on your wax of choice.

Not only are silicone honey straws affordable and easy-to-use - they are also incredibly portable. In general, silicone honey straws can fit in the palm of your hand or in the front pocket of your skinny jeans. In other words, a silicone honey straw is a bomb-proof alternative to delicate glass-types that can be taken virtually anywhere.

The benefit of silicone honey straws is the fact that they are highly durable. A drop, or two, won’t damage a silicone honey straw because it lacks delicate parts that are prone to breaking. Instead, silicone honey straws are shock-absorbing and built tough. 

If you lead a no-muss-no-fuss lifestyle, then it’s likely that a silicone nectar collector is right for you.

Glass Nectar Collectors

INHALCO Glass Dab Straw

If you’re more of a glass type, then look no further than glass nectar collectors. Whether you’re allergic to silicone or you prefer the feel that glass have to offer, a durable glass nectar collector will provide an experience that’s second-to-none.

A prime example of a streamlined glass nectar collector is INHALCO’s Glass Dab Straw Kit. The Glass Dab Straw Kit features three different tips, such as titanium, ceramic, and quartz. This means that you’ll never be out of options when it comes time to dab. Each type of material features a different experience, and with all three, you’ll never miss out.

When people think of an all-glass product, the words “fragile” and “accidents” comes to mind. However, Inhalco’s Glass Dab Straw Kit features a mouthpiece that’s built like a tank. Thanks to the high-grade borosilicate glass, the mouthpiece is a made-to-last part of the device.

Furthermore, the Glass Dab Straw Kit is incredibly portable. This is the perfect piece for on-the-go travel because it easily fits inside a pocket, bag, or purse. If you find yourself constantly on-the-move and you want something with more class, then a glass nectar collector will be just right for you.

Lastly, a glass nectar collector is always the perfect gift for a friend or significant other. If you or anyone you know is a wax connoisseur, then a glass nectar collector will hit the mark - every time.

Silicone and Glass Nectar Collectors 

Silicone and Glass Nectar Collector

When you want the benefits that silicone and glass have to offer in your nectar collector - then a hybridized silicone and glass honey straw may be your best bet.  

Silicone and glass nectar collectors have a significant benefit over traditional silicone nectar collectors because they have the ability of water filtration. Water filtration is a massive benefit because it makes for a smoother hit.

Inhalco’s Silicone Glass Honey Straw Kit is the perfect example of everything you need for wax and oil-based concentrates. Not only do you get a honey straw with a detachable titanium tip, but you also have two glass tip accessories that allow you to turn your nectar collector into a mini-dab rig that’s ready for anything that you can throw at it. 

Although glass and silicone are much more durable than pure glass nectar collectors, they still require care. However, they are well suited towards a busy lifestyle that has you on the move. However, if you decide to use attachments and the water filter, it’s essential that you store the fragile glass attachments in a protected area.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to empty the water from the filter to ensure it doesn’t leak on you if you place it into your pocket. When it comes to a glass and silicone nectar collector - a little bit of water goes a long way. This means that you don’t need to overflow the filter with too much water to get an adequate and smooth hit.

Just like all other nectar collectors and dab straws, silicone and glass nectar collectors are easy-to-use. The fast heat-up time and the rapid cool-down are all thanks to the highly conductive nature of titanium.

If you see yourself using a nectar collector often or you want a future-proof device as you continue your journey into the world of concentrates, then a silicone and glass nectar collector is a perfect choice.

Electric Nectar Collector

Toker eStraw

One of the biggest changes in the world of dabbing is the introduction of electric dab straws or electric nectar collectors.

These electronic devices remove the need for butane torches because they have an onboard heating element that is capable of reaching the perfect temperature - every time.

INHALCO’s TOKER eStraw is the physical representation of everything that an electric nectar collector should be. Designed with new hollowed coil-less ceramic heating tip. Unlike products on the market, surprisingly, there’s no direct contact between coil and contents. Now, the heat is perfectly evenly distributed. No burning and the taste are smoother. More durable. In as little as 8-seconds, the eStraw is ready and willing to take on your oil or wax concentrates. 

The capabilities of electronic dab straws are nearly endless, and in the case of the eStraw, it’s ok if you become forgetful and forget to turn off the device - thanks to an automatic standby setting. Not only does this save the overall battery life, but it also prevents any potential accident and fire damage.

Furthermore, the eStraw is fast charging, so that you never miss a session. Paired with rapid charging time and heating time - the eStraw is an example of pure dabbing bliss. Just dab-and-go!

Electronic nectar collectors are the new generation of nectar collectors and are perfectly suited for beginners and professionals alike. No longer will you need to fuss with heating devices and trying to time the perfect moment for the best dab. If you’re looking for one of the most straightforward types of nectar collectors, then an electronic dab straw, such as the eStraw, is a perfect choice.

Electric Dab Straw With Water Filter

Electric Nectar Collector - Giant sStraw

When you want the best of the best, regardless of price, then an electric dab straw with a water filter is for you. Not only do these types of nectar collectors offer the convenience of an electric dab straw, but they also empower you to produce the smoothest hit imaginable.

Water filtration is a tried-and-true method that reduces the harshness of smoke or vapor. Its benefits are two-pronged, such as removing harmful carcinogens from the smoke and cooling down the temperature of the smoke.

When it comes to electric dab straws with an attached water filter, the Giant eStraw and the Mini eStraw are your perfect companions for just about everything. The Giant eStraw or the Mini eStraw is compact and easily storable for on-the-go adventures of any kind.

Long battery life, ceramic heating elements, and multiple circuit protection make electronic dab straws, such as the Mini eStraw and the Giant eStraw, safe and enjoyable to use.

Whether you’re new to nectar collectors or you’re looking to add a new device to your collection - electric dab straws with water filtering capabilities are ideal for any type of wax or oil that you use.

Which is Right For You?

Ultimately, any of these types of nectar collectors is the right choice for you. If you’re budget-minded, then a silicone dab straw may be perfect for your needs. However, if you want to future-proof your dabbing equipment, then a high-end electric dab straw with an attached water filter may be the best route.

In the end, dabbing with any type of nectar collector is an unforgettable experience. Luckily, INHALCO offers a wide range of nectar collectors that will suit each and every one of your needs.


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