Recycler Bongs

What is a Recycler Bong?


What is a Recycler Bong?

Recycler Bongs or rigs are a new type of glass water pipe that enhances your smoking experience by utilizing a scientific water circulation filtration system. Typically Recycler Bongs consist of two or more chambers interconnected by glass tubes, resulting in a scientific water circulation system that continuously flows to create a vortex that filters the smoke several times.

Recycler bongs are made to improve your smoking experience, they perform excellent that whether you prefer flower or concentrate, the recycler pipe is a perfect fit. The circulating cooling not only saves your lungs from hot smoke, but also better protects the terpenes from burning, thus providing the best flavor! The recycler water pipes also feature an exquisite intricacy shape, with their ingenious engineering and interconnected glass pathways shaped like sophisticated laboratory glass instruments.

If you're looking for a fashionable recycler bong, keep reading.

How does a Recycler Bong work?

Structurally, Recycler Dab Rigs are typically constructed with two or more chambers interconnected by glass tubes for water intake and discharge, with the main percolator located in the first chamber where the smoke enters, at the bottom base of the dab rig, typically the second chamber of a classic recycler bong is conical, allowing the water to swirl into a vortex and return to the first chamber.

When you inhale after lighting the dry herb or putting in the concentrate, the smoke enters the first chamber from the percolator, and the water from the first chamber is sucked into the second chamber through the thin glass tubes, and then rotates back to the first chamber, your inhalation allows water and smoke to flow in the recycler bong forming a continuous airflow circulation. This glass piece called Recycler bong is just working like this filtering the smoke repeatedly through the water circulation.

Recycler Bongs FAQ

How to Fill a Recycler Bong?

Many connoisseurs see this complex structure of the bong and are unsure how to fill the water into this glass piece, but it is actually very simple, just like filling a normal bong, pour the water into it directly from the mouthpiece because the water will not stay in the second chamber, the water will only pass through the second chamber, then through the connection port or other Glass tube and flow to the bottom of the recycler bong.

However, it is important to note that the amount of water should not be excessive, such as exceeding the first chamber capacity, typically, the best amount of water is approximately three-quarters of the chamber.

How to clean a Recycler Bong?

You'll need coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol. As with cleaning regular bongs, after soaking in isopropyl, add some coarse salt into it then shake the whole piece and most of the resin can be removed, but because Recycler bongs have some narrow glass tubes, you may need a specialized thin cleaning brush to clean the resin.

Why Recycler Bongs?

Recycler bongs are a type of beautifully complex glass bong that creates a scientific water circulation system to improve your smoking experience. For connoisseurs who always scream from the hot smoke, recycler bongs are a great piece of equipment that cools very well and can repeatedly cool your vapor while protecting your lungs, additionally, if you enjoy the flavor of terpenes in concentrates or flowers, recycler dab rigs are the best choice for you because they prevent the terpenes from being burned in the heat, providing you with the best flavor. Recycler bongs are also unmissable works of art for the aesthetically demanding player. It's time for progressive stoners to upgrade their gear!

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