Glass Blunt

Glass Blunts are steadily gaining more popularity among the vaping community. This is mainly because of how easy they have made smoking our favorite herbs become, and the touch of aesthetically pleasing luxury they add to every vaping moment.

What is a Twisty Glass Blunt?

Twisty glass blunts are a great alternative for those who enjoy the occasional smoke but still value their health. The revolutionary paperless glass blunts allow the user to load their favorite dry herb, puff puff easily and pass around the circle.

The mini glass blunts are also a superb choice for you if you enjoy smoking one hitter pipes but hate the hassle of having to roll them in paper or having them properly ignited and burning all around.

Glass blunts are also the best option for people who don't enjoy ingesting all of the herbs in most one hitter pipe wraps as they also serve as the ideal container to save your un-smoked herbs for the next session.

Considering the amount of heat generated while vaping, the glass blunts are made from borosilicate glass and spiral copper screws that are durable and have an impeccable ability to withstand high temperatures.

How to Use a Glass blunt?

Glass blunts provide an unmatched alternative for loading rolled herbs, herbs, or concentrates in a glass tube rather than using paper to smoke.

The simplicity that comes with using twisty glass blunts for your everyday smoking session will instantly kill the urge of ever trying to roll your blunts in a paper again.

To load the glass blunt, the copper lead is removed, and your dry herbs are put in the hollow glass pipe. With a twist mechanism used to load and dispose of ash, the copper screw is then moved back and forth to position the herbs appropriately and force them into the ignition area in the mini glass tube.

When you feel you are done and need to call the vaping session off, simply cover the open area where the herb was loaded and the burning stops, leaving your remaining herb in the best condition and ready for the next smoke session.

Why Use a Glass Blunt?

  • It eliminates the need for a grinder:

The glass blunt pipe brings a whole new level of convenience to every vape lover as they come with their built-in grinder. You don't need any extra or sophisticated equipment. Your glass blunt pipe and a lighter for ignition is all you need to start enjoying an uninterrupted puff on the go.

  • Cheap and Reusable

Gone are the days when only the rich could afford to smoke healthy with their mini glass blunts. Now, they are affordable and available to almost every class of smokers. They also come with an anti-slip design that makes them easy to handle, clean, and reusable for life.

  • Eliminates Burns and Wates

It is not bad to get the last drop of flavor from your favorite herbs, but with paper, that's not just possible. Trying to smoke the tiny piece that remains before the paper tube is thoroughly exhausted will only leave you with burns on the lips and fingers.

How to Clean a Glass Blunt?

Keeping the mini glass blunt clean is so easy and effortless. Firstly, empty everything in it, including ash, drop the glass blunt inside a container of "Grunge Off," and be sure to pick it up as clean as a whistle by the time you need it again.

Don't want to use the Grunge Off? Get alcohol and a pipe cleaning brush, soak the twisty glass blunt in a solution of alcohol and salt overnight, and remove any leftover stain with a pipe cleaning brush.



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