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Wake and Bake Mug

What is a Wake n Bake Mug?

A wake and bake mug (also known as a coffee mug pipe) is a coffee mug and a weed pipe in one, this very practical pipe mug serves as both a coffee mug and a smoking pipe. As the saying goes, wake up bake up coffee mug. Just like everyone wakes...

What is a Wake n Bake Mug?

A wake and bake mug (also known as a coffee mug pipe) is a coffee mug and a weed pipe in one, this very practical pipe mug serves as both a coffee mug and a smoking pipe. As the saying goes, wake up bake up coffee mug. Just like everyone wakes up with a cup of coffee, many stoners wake up with marijuana to start the day, caffeine makes your brain start thinking in an organized way, and wake and bake helps you accelerate into the alpha state of the day, imagine a device that can combine your two habits after waking up into one, which is wake and bake mugs.

What is Wake and Bake?

If you are new to wake and bake mugs or pipe mugs, then you should learn what is Wake and Bake first. Wake and bake is a habit in which the first thing you do after waking up is to puff on weed, thereby kicking off your day and waking up your tired body and mind.

It may sound crazy if you've never tried it, but THC has as many unintended benefits as caffeine for you while just waking up, and the FDA has confirmed that THC and cannabinoids can boost appetite and stimulate bowel movements, with many stoners placing their devices directly next to their beds and others enjoying their dry herb while drinking coffee, especially for many people who need to keep up with intense brain work throughout the day or have no time to prepare a proper healthy breakfast are directly enjoying the benefits of wake and bake, a quick, short hit and a cup of coffee, starting your day on positive, keeps your mind active from drowsiness and gives you a good appetite throughout the day, which is why mug pipes exist, which can solve your morning coffee and bake weed habits in one device, If you have the same habit or want to start one, scroll down and find the ideal wake mug for your morning routine.

How does a wake and bake mug work?

Many stoners mistake weed mugs for water pipes because of their shape, but the weed pipe part of the mug is separate from the part that holds the coffee, the cup part that holds the coffee is sealed, and the pipe part includes the bowl from the mug base, the pipe tube follows the hollow handle of the mug to the mouthpiece at the top of the handle, so your coffee will not be contaminated by smoke and ash, but you can enjoy them both!

How to use a Wake and Bake Mug?

This is a quick and simple guide to using the weed coffee mug. There is an inconspicuous bowl at the bottom of the Wake mugs, which is linked to the mouthpiece at the top of the handle by a hollow handle.

Step 1. Begin by pouring your coffee into the mug; there is nothing better than a cup of coffee in the morning.

Step 2: Next, pack the bowl. Place your cannabis in the bowl on the mug base.

Step 3: Just use a hand pipe. Place your finger against the carb hole.

Step 4: Light your dry herb, then remove your finger from the carb hole and inhale the smoke.

Step 5: Take a final sip of coffee and enjoy your morning.

FAQ About Wake & Bake Mugs

Are wake and bake mugs bongs or water pipes?

No, based on their appearance, many people will mistake wake and bake mugs for bongs or water pipes. Although wake and bake mugs have a water or liquid storage space, they are actually mugs with a weed pipe installed. The water storage space at the top is for your steaming coffee, not for filtering smoke and the pipe and mug parts are sealed separately.

Potential Benefits of Wake and Bake?

Everything has two sides, and wake and bake is no exception. If you're just getting started with wake and bake, you might want to take a quick look at the Pros and Cons of wake and bake before you get started.


Remove drowsiness

With caffeine to keep you awake and cannabis has proven to help you think outside the box, choose a strain that will give you the energy you need to start your active engine for the day.

Relieve pain and stiffness

Sleeping at night may keep your body in the same position for a long time, which inevitably makes you feel stiff in the morning or painful in a certain part of your body. Activate your body with a mug pipe and do some gentle exercises or workouts to get rid of the stiffness easily.

Stimulate bowel movement and appetite

 After a full night's sleep, your appetite needs a long process to kick in, which is when it needs some stimulation to help it. Cannabis and coffee can stimulate your appetite no matter what time of day it is, giving you a good appetite for the day, even your sugar-free oats turn into a delicious meal.


Consume a higher dose

If you start in the morning, this may cause your threshold to be higher today, and it may be harder for you to get high later in the day, and you may need more doses subsequently. 

Costly habit

 This is an expensive morning routine because consuming more doses causes you to consume your stockpile faster and spend more money in the same cycle.