Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong - INHALCO
Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong - INHALCO
Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong - INHALCO
Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong - INHALCO
Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong - INHALCO
Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong - INHALCO
Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong - INHALCO

Tornado Chamber Recycler 8"

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Are you looking for a unique and more adventurous way to take your smoking sessions to the next level? Look no more, as our water bong for sale with powerful effects is your best shot at getting anywhere closer to fulfilling your fantasy.

This Tornado Chamber Recycler Bong is made of thick, durable, and premium quality borosilicate glass with high resistance to hot temperature. Therefore, it will not crack or snap easily and will serve as the perfect smoking accessory for home and will do well in an outdoor setting.

Another interesting thing about water pipes glass bongs is that it doesn’t limit your fun in terms of what herbs you can enjoy. With the Tornado water bong, you can smoke any of your favorite herbs, mixtures, and other concentrates.

The glass bong comes in an impressive size, which is portable but still will hold enough concentrates for your smoking sessions. It has a sturdy circular base that provides a firm support to your herbs and concentrates. It will withstand a light bulge or push and not crack or break easily as it is not made from cheap and thin glass material.

One common setback with most water bongs is the difficulty in keeping them clean due to many chambers and their separate compartments. Getting your tornado water bong clean is way easier with the right cleaning materials and does not require any special skill or tool.

All you may need to do to get your water bong clean as a whistle, free from resin, and ready for your subsequent smoking sessions are;

  • Separate or detach the compartments, i.e., remove the lower base that holds your water from the top pipe where your smoke travels through.
  • Soak each part in a bowl with hot water, vinegar, or alcohol
  • Use a bong brush to reach parts where residues are noticed.
  • Leave your water pipe bong to dry properly, and you will have it in the best possible condition again.

There is no doubt that the Tornado chamber recycler glass bong is the next big thing in the smoking world. Bring a new touch of powerful effects to your next blunt smoking sessions with this easy to use revolutionary accessory that all smokers must-have.


  • Height: 8 Inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Male
  • Includes: 14mm Glass Dome + Nail
  • Perc: Tyre Perc
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass

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