10 Best Online Smoke Shops

10 Best Online Smoke Shops in 2024

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Do you want the best dab rigs and bongs delivered to your home? You can easily achieve this by finding a reliable online smoke shop and placing an order. Naturally, you can't just purchase your glass from any smoke shop.

The internet is filled with scammers who will easily con you and steal your cash. So, which are the best online smoke shops, the reliable ones with genuine services and legit products? I'm glad you asked. Here we will cover everything you need to know about online smoke shops, followed by the ten best online smoke shops in 2021.

Let's get started!

What is a smoke shop?

A smoke shop is a tobacco products retailer. They sell various tobacco products such as pipe tampers, pipes, matches, lighters, and pipe cleaners. There are also more specialized shops that retail cigar cutters, humidification gadgets, humidors, ashtrays, hygrometers, and so much more!

Why shop at online smoke shops?

There is a wide gamut of products to buy from your smoke shop, from water pipes to vaporizers, rolling supplies, and other accessories. With one click, you can have all your smoking accessories delivered to your doorstep from the convenience of your home. You have infinite alternatives to choose from, and you can have anything you need at the touch of a button.

Here are some of the reasons why you should shop at online smoke shops;

1. Convenience

This is the biggest advantage of online smoke shops. You can conveniently shop at midnight in your pajamas. You no longer have to wait in line or have attendants help you out with your purchases. Besides, you can finish your shopping within minutes.

Online platforms also allow you to shop 24/7. There is no better place to buy your smoking accessories since they will even be delivered to your home. All you have to do is have internet access, visit the online smoke shop of your choice, and place an order.

2. No Crowds

If you hate crowds and don't like dealing with them while shopping, then online shopping is the way to go. This mostly happens during holidays, festivals, or weekends, and you can line up for a long time.

Also, being among a crowd of shoppers at times makes you feel rushed. On the other hand, you don't have to deal with crowds while shopping online, and you also don't feel rushed. You can avoid these issues permanently if you shop online.

3. Affordable Prices

There are many more sales deals on online smokes shops than the smoke shops near you since the products are directly delivered to you from the seller without any middlemen.

It is also simple to compare the prices on different online shops compared to a physical smoke shop. Additionally, many online shops have discounted prices. Besides the better prices, you can also save on taxes because online platforms only have to collect taxes if they have a shop in your state.

4. Wide Range of Products

The wide array of options of smoking accessories online is excellent. You are sure to find any item or brand you're searching for. You get to buy products manufactured from different countries without spending your funds on airfare. It doesn't limit you to the products from your state or country only.

The stock is way more plentiful; therefore, you'll always find your color and size. Some online smoke shops even take orders for out-of-stock products and ship them once they come in.

5. More Control

Most of the time, when we go shopping, we tend to buy goods that we initially didn't intend to; thus, you spend more money than you wanted to. You can also buy products that aren't what you need since you could not find anything better.

However, for online smoke shops, you never have to let the store's stock dictate what you purchase since you can move to another website and buy the product you need.

10 Best Online Smoke Shops

1. Smokecartel.com


This brilliant smoke shop is our top pick for the best online smoke shop. This is due to their affordable prices, quality products, and free shipping in the US.

They have a wide range of excellent products to pick from, and if you're looking for unique dab rigs, or scientific glass, or any other exceptional products, then this is the smoke shop to visit. Their prices are also affordable.

Besides, you can find a wide gamut of vapors, bubblers, glass pipes, and Sherlocks. To guarantee the quality, they only retail glass from some of the most trusted US brands.

By keeping it in the US only, they make shipping more convenient. Shipping is free for all orders, and they usually have the products delivered after a few days of placing the order.

2. Grasscity.com


GrassCity has been in the game for so long, which is probably why people love it so much. Well, they also offer high- quality products. It was started in 2000, and it is among the original online smoke shops, which is why it is well-known among users. Some US users have been complaining of extended shipping time, though they are situated in Amsterdam, which should be understandable.

On the other hand, they currently have a new line of products from vaporizers to pipes and bongs, and they can all be shipped to the US, and there are more than 1000 products to choose from.

When it comes to variety, this is the smoke shop to visit; they have any product you might need. The wide array of products they offer makes it easy for you to find a suitable product that will meet your needs. With time, they have innovated their website and their services to suit the modern user's needs.

Regardless of the innovation, an element from their inception days is still dominant. Even now, where social media platforms are prevalent, the GrassCity platform is the perfect meeting place for the vast community that this fantastic online smoke shop near me cultivates continually.

3. 420science.com


This is among the oldest and most reliable smoking shops. It grew in popularity from placing stickers in their jars. Now, more than a decade later, it is one of the best online smoke shops. Not only do they offer free shipping for products worth more than $50, but they also give free returns endorsed by their satisfaction guarantees.

They usually have plenty of giveaways or great sales deals, and they are among the few smoke shops that give you great bundle deals allowing you to save a lot of money. Their product line is spectacular, which is why they made their way on this list. Besides, their branded glass is durable, thick-glass.

4. Inhalco.com

best online headshop 2021 inhalco

Inhalco carries (almost) everything you'll need for a good dab for flower or wax, dab rigs, nectar collectors, trays and grinders, and accessories of any kind. With slick design and easy to navigate menu, their mission is to make it easy for people to discover and learn more about the different sorts of cannabis accessories available. They offer free shipping on order $40+.

5. Dankstop.com


This lovely online smoke shop near me has all the latest and best brands like Mathematics Glass. They have a wide range of US-made glass, and they offer free shipping on every product.

The other thing to love about it is its easy return policies and remarkable customer service. Therefore, when it comes to prices, glass selection, and shipping, Dankstop is among the best online smoke shops.

They offer fun-themed pipes and rolling trays with reinforced glass, and a gift for every order above $29.00.

With brands like Myster, Chameleon glass, PuffCo, and Silika Glass, you are sure you're purchasing the best bongs, dab rigs, and e-rigs with each purchase. What's more, you are given a PieceProtect glass lifetime warranty for each product. This is a warranty for every glass product you purchase from Dankstop!

6. Dailyhighclub.com


This is an awesome online smoking shop, and it's essential. Its monthly box has lots of smoking accessories for everyone! It offers products from bongs, dab rigs, gear, rolling papers, etc., and has been around for a long time, and its services are dedicated to all levels of smokers.

Since its inception, it has been the preferred site for thousands of users. Besides, they never lack the best and latest products. Here you will find the modern dab rigs, herb grinders, bongs, bubblers, and vaporizers, at affordable prices, which is why it is among our top picks.

7. Badassglass.com


With such a name, you expect plenty of "bad ass" products, which is what they offer. They give free shipping on all your orders; they don't have a minimum requirement, which is incredible.

Moreover, they have products from some of the best brands, such as Empire and Diamond, though they still have a wide variety of unbranded glass at an economical price tag. Want a product that will go for more than several sessions? You can rely on this smoke shop to get your smoking accessories like pipes that will keep going for years.

This smoke shop is filled with high-quality products from well-known brands to ensure you get the products you deserve. To maintain their good reputation as one of the best online smoke shops, every product goes through stringent quality control.

8. Smokea.com


Smokea is quite infamous due to the sweet daily deals they offer. You will get a significant discount on their products for these deals, which is why they are irresistible. However, the downside with this smoke shop is that they do not have a wide array of products compared to most of the shops in this review.

It is an online smoke shop that you can visit to get cheap yet quality products. While you may not get products from brands like MAV, or Illadelph, you will get those from other well-known brands.

Their main objective is to cater to users searching for excellent and high-quality products at an affordable price. On the other hand, if you want free shipping, you have to buy products worth more than $10.

9. Tokersupply.com


Toker supply smoke shop is a terrific website in terms of products. You can be sure you will buy legit products that'll make you want to come back, considering their 420% customer satisfaction guarantee.

However, if you're not satisfied with the product you've purchased, they have easy return policies. They pride themselves in lots of high-quality branded glass pipes, and unbranded ones as well. Also, they retail all the different kinds of smoking accessories you will need, from dab torches, storage containers to carb caps and rolling papers.

What's more, the famous smoke shop offers excellent bundle backs different from other smoke shops. You can get any type of dab tool or glass bundles at an affordable price.

10. Slickvapes.com


Slick vapes platform is designed for all users out there, from beginners to novices. They have the latest products at incredibly affordable prices. Also, their coupon deals and customer service are quite impressive. Their coupon page is updated every day, and you can check it out for more deals.

If you are a beginner, this online smoke shop is perfect for you. They have a guide on how to select the ideal vaporizer for you. Whether you are looking to get a different flavor from your concentrates, herbs, or dry leaf, or simply trying to find a more furtive and healthier way to vape, this is the place to be.

Also, they offer free shipping for orders of more than $49.99, and most of their orders are shipped the same day. For those people who value their privacy, Slickvapes.com delivers their packages unmarked. Here you will enjoy quality products at discounted prices.

Conclusion - Best Online Head Shops 2021

You can confidently purchase your smoking accessories from any of the online retail shops in this article. All their items are tried and authenticated, but the best thing is that they take care of their clients if something goes wrong while delivering or if the product has an issue. If you want to save some cash, you can always search for sales deals or coupons on these platforms.

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