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12 Best One Hitters in 2022

Posted by INHALCO Editorial Team on

As the name implies, a one-hitter will give you a good hit of weed when you need it without having to take out a bunch of other accessories such as a bong or rolling papers. One-hitters make smoking more discreet.

Easy to clean and convenient to store, one hitters come in a variety of materials, shapes, and styles: from hand-blown glass to metal, there is always an option for diverse styles of smokers. You may wonder which one is right for you. Luckily, we've created a list of the best one hitters on the market today for stoners. If you are interested in it, please read on.

1. INHALCO One Hitter Pipe 3 pcs ($17.99)

One Hitter Pipe 3 pcs

This one hitter pipe from INHALCO must be one of the best pocket or handbag buddies you have ever seen! The cool design, high-quality materials with a spring-loaded ash ejector make it the perfect gift for yourself or your friends. Emptying a one hitter has never been easier with these innovative One Hitters. Pack your weed as usual and press gently down to enjoy a mid-smoke stir. Then, press fully to eject the ash when you finish smoking. These one hitters are sold in packs of three and feature a range of colors to suit all tastes. If you want a small, discreet but unique one-hitter that you can take anywhere, the setup is a great option.


  • Material: High-quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Length: 5.1''
  • Easy to Carry
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Available in Pink, Green, and Black
  • 3 Pack

2. PILOTDIARY Glass One Hitter Metal Screen ($14.98)

PILOTDIARY Glass One Hitter Metal Screen

This simply-designed glass one hitter by Pilot Diary is based on the classic wood and stone chillums that have been popular for centuries by many cultures to smoke and enjoy weed. The 4-inch chillum is crafted from durable borosilicate glass and is easy to use. Just load the bowl end with your favorite dry herb or tobacco mix, fire it up, and inhale through the mouthpiece. The straight airway of the glass one hitter cools the smoke before it enters your lungs, resulting in a more enjoyable hit. The one-hitter chillum has a pinch by the bowl to prevent unwanted herb crumbs from moving through the pipe and into your mouth. 

In addition, the 4-piece pack also comes with a metal screen for better filtration and easier cleaning. Ideal for parties and get-togethers, these portable and affordable glass one hitters enable you to enjoy your herbs while on the go safely.


  • Material: High-quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 4''
  • Portable Pocket Size
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Pinched Herb Bowl
  • Includes 4 × Glass One Hitters, 1 × Metal Filter Screen

3. MJ420 Glass Pipe ($13.98)

MJ420 Glass Pipe

Looking for a mini detachable glass pipe that is portable to take around and easy to clean? Check out the MJ420 Glass Pipe. Measuring only 2.5", it's a convenient on-the-go glass blunt that fits easily in your hand and your pocket.

The mouthpiece avoids any possibility of inhaling ash when you smoke so that you can experience clean and pure smoke hits. The aluminum body makes the piece durable and protects the borosilicate glass element. The glass tube is easy to simple plugin/out. So you can clean or replace a new glass tube after some use. You can put out the smoke when you finish hitting by simply putting the silicone cap on. Let the MJ420 glass pipe take you wherever you want to roam.


  • Length: 2.5"
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Aluminum Shell 
  • Detachable Components 
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Includes a Clean Brush & a Gift Pack

4. RYOT-Large Acrylic One Hitter ($68.98)

RYOT-Large Acrylic One Hitter

The RYOT-Large Acrylic One Hitter is an ultimate combination of design and function. These intelligently designed bats exceed regular one hitters on the market in terms of functionality and aesthetics, simultaneously protecting your fingers and teeth from tar stains. They’re engineered to offer the optimum no-fuss smoking experience with a metal airway. 

Available in an assortment of eye-catching colors and patterns, the RYOT line has been a favorite among smokers for a long time. Constructed from acrylic, they are much cooler to the touch compared to standard metal one hitters.


  • Length: 3"
  • Material: Durable Acrylic
  • Available in a Variety of Colors
  • 6 Pack

5. Glass Weed One Hitter with Silicone Protector ($9.98)

Glass One Hitter with Silicone Protector

The biggest problem with glass one-hitters is that they break or get lost too easily. But this Glass Weed One Hitter with Silicone Protector solves the problem perfectly. The silicone sleeve offers some protection from breakage and is bright and colorful to look at, so you can find it easily if you drop it accidentally. The pipes go the extra mile regarding color, design, and functionality. Although these pieces are made with silicone, they are essentially modeled after their glass counterpart in every way. This standard size one-hitter can fit easily in your pocket along with your lighter, keys, and anything else you're carrying around. 


  • Length: 3.6"
  • Width: 0.9"
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Silicone Sleeve Protection
  • Available in Two Colors

6. Elevate Mighty Hitter Pipe ($34.98)

Elevate Mighty Hitter Pipe

One-hitters are great, right? But what if you want to sesh and pass it around to your friends? Yeah, that's where this bad boy comes in. It's big enough to pack a full bowl that can be shared among a group of friends, yet small enough to slip into your pocket. The design of this unit is extremely thoughtful and elegant. The exterior part has been beautifully built, showing off some amazing craftsmanship. Also, the extra thick glass tube makes the device feel sturdy at hand.

Instead of 3 pinches at the end of the one-hitter pipe to create the bowl, it features 6 pinches to create a screen with maximum airflow, all while leaving the exterior super smooth and sleek. They are offered in any combination of Walnut or Maple wood, with black, clear, or white glass.


  • Length: 4” 
  • Diameter: 0.75” 
  • Glass Color Options: Black, White, Clear
  • Wood Options: Maple, Walnut

7. PILOTDIARY 2-in-1 Concentrate Taster Pipe ($17.98)

PILOTDIARY 2-in-1 Concentrate Taster Pipe

Pamper yourself with this innovative 2-in-1 Concentrate Taster Pipe! The smart 2-in-1 design lets you fill the pipe with the herb to use or load concentrate onto the provided quartz dish and heat it. The latter method would increase the service life of the glass and burn your finger less. This Concentrate Taster Pipe comes with a silicone protection casing, which not only prevents your lips and fingers from burning but also protects the pipe from breaking or falling. Grasp one, and you're ready to soar!


  • Length: 4.1"
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • silicone Protection Casing
  • Quartz Dish Included
  • Multiple Colors Options

8. PILOTDIARY Wood Dugout One Hitter ($21.98)


Looking for a perfect Wood Dugout With Glass One Hitter? Look no further, you just found the best in the market. 

If stealthiness is your goal, this Wooden Dugout serves as the best traveling companion because you won’t need to carry your supplies in separate containers. Simply slip the 3.5-inch dugout into your pocket or bag, and then you get everything you need for the stealthy smoking experience. Handcrafted with premium wood, the kit is classy, discreet, and impressive. Maybe it is not the cheapest option on the list, but its top-notch quality means it will be a dependable setup, offering many years of portable smoking fun.


  • Dugout Height: 3.5” 
  • Wood Dugout with Glass One Hitter
  • Handcrafted Craftsmanship
  • Durable & Discreet
  • Unique Magnet Design
  • Enough Space for Accessories

9. Metal One Hitter Dugout With Grinder ($21.98)

Metal One Hitter Dugout With Grinder

Get ready for a revolutionary way of smoking taking over the market by storm with this One Hitter Dugout With Grinder from INHALCO.

This discreet and portable One Hitter Dugout is an ideal accessory for any smoker that enjoys getting around. The interior of the Dugout is equipped with an awesome mini grinder that makes grinding and cutting your favorite dry herbs a piece of cake. Another fantastic feature of the One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder is the powerful magnetic lid, keeping everything safe. You can carry around your material without any worry of it spilling inside your bag or pocket.


  • Dugout Height: 3.1”
  • Material: High-Quality Metal
  • All-In-One Device
  • With Mini Grinder
  • Discreet & Portable

10. Grav Labs Silicone Glass Blunt ($14.95)

Grav Labs Silicone Glass Blunt

Have no time to roll one? Save your time and smoke with this Silicone Glass Blunt by Grav Labs! Handmade with high-quality material, this glass blunt is protected by a removable and shock-absorbent silicone sleeve, protecting it from drops, bumps, and other accidents. The portable one hitter features a pinched mouthpiece that doubles as an ash catcher. There is a suction cup at the base for stability. To use the silicone glass one hitter, just pack the built-in glass bowl with your favorite herbs and light it up. Enjoy quick hits in seconds.


  • Length: 4”
  • High-Grade Borosilicate Glass
  • Removable Protective Silicone Sleeve
  • Ash-Catcher Style Mouthpiece
  • Portable & Pocket-Friendly
  • Easy to Use and Clean

11. Pulsar Ash Catcher One Hitter ($19.25)

Pulsar Ash Catcher One Hitter

As an improvement from the traditional one hitter, the Pulsar Ash Catcher One Hitter is designed for more pleasant sessions on the go.

What makes this one hitter stand out from the crowd is the ash-catching chamber, so you needn't worry about inhaling any hot ash. What will reach the mouthpiece are pure, flavorful clouds. What's more, the ash catcher also gives this piece a stylish appearance, further intensified with colored stem and bowl. Made from thick borosilicate glass, this one-hitter measures 5 inches and comes in an assortment of vibrant colors. 


  • Length: 5"
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Ash Catching Design
  • Colored Stem & Bowl
  • Multiple Colors Options

12. Pulsar Lollipop Deep Bowl One Hitter ($16.95)

Pulsar Lollipop Deep Bowl One Hitter

Are you tired of being the same? Take a look at this Pulsar Lollipop Deep Bowl One Hitter.

This one-hitter is manufactured from thick borosilicate glass and upgrades on standard chillum designs with a deeper bowl and a neck ring for easier holding. Small in size but robust enough to create huge hits. The inverted mouthpiece helps catch ash, so you can smoke without any worries! The one hitter features the Pulsar logo on the clear body and has a colored accent on the bowl, adding a bright style to this piece. Are you ready to navigate the dry herb world with this colorful one hitter?


  • Length: 3"
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Deep Bowl
  • Inverted Mouthpiece 
  • Neck Ring
  • Multiple Colors Options


Now that you've found the best of the many one-hitter options, you can pick one that suits you most among them. Once you have decided on the perfect one hitter for you, you need to figure out how to use it and how to clean your one hitter. None of these are challenging to learn, and when you get the hang of them, you can easily smoke wherever you go! Get your one hitter today! You'll fall in love with this new, portable way to toke!

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