How to Clean a One Hitter

How to Clean a One Hitter?

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How to Clean One Hitter

'Well, it's almost that time.'

'Yes! Get your one hitter ready so we don't miss it.'

'Way ahead of you, my guy.'

'Wait, what's that? I'm not using that, it's gross!... I'll just roll one real quick.'

If you're reading this, you've definitely been on either side of that conversation at some point. A one hitter pipe is probably the most efficient way to smoke: they're discreet, you don't use much cannabis, and you still get a great high.

The less exciting part is that one hitters tend to get murky faster and they can be a hassle to clean so we tend to leave it, especially because usually we can't see the inside. 

Smoking from a residue filled one hitter isn't ideal and even though they aren't fun to clean, it has to be done. Do not fear, this article will be your guide on how to clean a one hitter, providing you with easy pipe cleaning solutions so you'll be back to smoking in no time. 

(First tip, you should always have a back up one hitter anyways.)

Why You Should Clean Your One Hitter

You might think 'sure, my one hitter is dirty, but it's not like it's unhealthy'. In fact, it is quite unhealthy. Resin begins to build up, even after the first hit. After 20 hits you can imagine what the build up will look like. The resin contains toxic bacteria and when you take a hit all that travels to your lungs. 

Besides that, a clean one hitter gives you nice smooth hits, while a dirty one hitter will be harsh. We like to cough due to hot cannabis, not a dirty pipe. 

How to Clean a One Hitter

If you go to your local dispensary and tell them you need to clean your glass one hitter, they'll offer you products that will get the job done, no doubt. However, we like to save money and these products may not seem expensive, but because you should clean your one hitter often, you'll be buying them frequently. It'll add up.

I've got you covered, all the things you'll need you might already have at home, and if you have to purchase something or a few things, it'll cost less than one pipe cleaning solution offered at a dispensary. 

What You'll Need

1. A Ziplock bag. Look around your pantry, there has to be one lying about. Realistically, though, any size plastic bag will do, if you know what I mean.

2. Salt. You should have more than enough at home.

3. Running water. You should have an endless supply, but don't use too much, be environmentally friendly. 

4. Paper towels. Another common household product. Again, don't use too much. 

5. Q-Tips. These might be harder to find at home unless you're lucky, but a pack of 300 costs $3 at Walmart. 

6. Pipe cleaners. Could be more rare to find at home, but a pack of 25 costs $0.88.

7. Isopropyl. You should buy a bottle for the sole purpose of cleaning your one hitter. For best results buy 91% alcohol. 70% works too if 91% is sold out.

Attention: Read the label carefully, similar looking bottles offer similar products but they aren't Isopropyl. 

Cleaning Your One Hitter

You've got your dirty one hitter and now you have all your cleaning supplies for under $10, it's time for a bath.

1. Pour enough Isopropyl inside your plastic bag so your one hitter will be completely drowned.

How to Clean One Hitter

2. Add a generous amount of salt. At first, you'll be all precise, using a spoon but soon you'll just be pouring it in. Don't use too much, 4-5 tablespoons will be alright. Tablespoons are the bigger spoons. 

3. Stir the mixture up until it's like a saltwater ocean then add your one hitter. Seal the bag and swoosh it back and forth for a bit, this way the interior will be filled with salt/alcohol. (Second tip, you can add pinches of salt to either end for more in-depth cleaning. It's not always necessary.)

How to Clean a One Hitter

4. Once that process is finished let your one hitter soak for 30-60 minutes, around how long the washing machine takes. Go for a walk, read a book, clean your room, time will go by fast. (Remember, if you have a back up one hitter you can still get high.)

5. After your desired time, remove your one hitter from the bath and thoroughly rinse it out. Use the q-tips and pipe cleaners to reach the hard areas. 

How to Clean a One Hitter

6. Once you feel like you've given it a nice clean with the pipe cleaners and q-tips, rinse it out one more time to get rid of the excess junk. It's important to get the taste of alcohol and salt out. 

7. Let your one hitter dry for however long it takes, but it shouldn't take long. You can use a paper towel to clean the outside. 

self cleaning one hitter is a new option that's convenient for smoking in public, you just have to press an eject button and the ash falls out. This option may be for you, but everything needs to be cleaned after a while and nothing lasts forever. 

Warm It Up 

Now you know how to clean a one hitter in the most cost-efficient, environmentally friendly way. In an hour or less. So when you're facing the troubles of the conversation at the beginning of this article, you'll be able to deal with it without having to call it a day on chilling. 

One hitters are a fun way to smoke because they're small and efficient, you can take hit after hit easily, but once they get dirty, they must be cleaned. If you're an avid smoker, it comes with the lifestyle and helps keep your hits smooth and your lungs healthy. 

Once again, you should always have a back up handy for cleaning times. If you're looking for a new one hitter, a back up, or any other smoking device hit our website where we have many fresh options of bongs, vaporizers, and much more.  

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