How to Dab Concentrates Easily?

How to Dab Concentrates Easily?

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The fascinating features and advantages behind dabbing give it an edge over smoking in today's consumption community. Dabbing is largely an easy and smokeless way to consume concentrates. Talk about concentrates, they come in different shades such as crumble, and shatter. However, the most common form is wax. It is also a more solid form than any other concentrate. 

Best Way to Dab

1. Nectar Collector

Electric Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are usually efficient for smoking wax concentrates. Its methodology is somewhat similar to using a dab rig. However, for nectar collectors, a hot titanium or quartz tip dips into the wax to vaporize your concentrates while the user inhales through the mouthpiece at the other end of the collector. 

The portability of the nectar collector also gives it a special place in the heart of dab lovers. More so, some collectors are built with percolators to enable them to take in water. 

Just like every other dab tool, dab accessories also require good hygiene to function best. You may need to soak your mouthpiece after use in isopropyl alcohol for a while before rising in hot water. This will get rid of leftover concentrates and promote the smoking experience. 

2. Dab Rig


    Dab rigs are arguably the most popular means of wax vaporization. Perhaps, this could be because its effects are much stronger than smoking from a regular water pipe.

    Dabbing with a rig involve the use of a touch to heats up a dab nail till it turns red-hot. Subsequently, the user applies a bit of wax on a dabber and waits for the nail to cool down a bit before stirring the dabber in the nail or banger.

    This short exercise produces a huge cloud of vapor through the shaft of the water pipe for the user to enjoy. 

    Taking care of a dig rig can be very simple. With a glass cleaner, you can get your rigs cleansed in almost a moment. 

    3. Dab Pen

      Airis 8 Electric Nectar Collector Dab Pen

      For beginner dabbers, vaping is an excellent choice to start with, because most dabbing accessories are designed to work with vaporizers. A dab pen is an electronic device that is used to turn wax concentrates into vapor through a small unit. Vape pens come in different sizes and shapes. They possess varying power according to their inbuilt battery. Their coils also vary from quartz to ceramic and even titanium. 

      Cleaning your dab pen is also as important as using it. This is because constant use may result in clogging. Once you notice any resistance during use, you will require to clean the round atomizer to get rid of dirt and leftovers of concentrates. 

      4. Portable E nail

      Portable Enail

      "E-nails" also known as "Electronic nail" is a premium way of vaporizing concentrates. The system is usually made up of a heating coil, a titanium nail, and a box unit. The heating coil heats up the titanium nail and then transfers the heat to the banger through conduction. Users enjoy the function of adjusting the temperature level to achieve the tastiest and freshest flavor possible.

      Dab Concentrates how to

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