How to pick the right herb grinder

Complete Guide to Pick the Right Herb Grinder

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Whether you enjoy smoking cigarettes, bongs, or pipes - you’ll need the best herb grinder that you can get your hands on. The market is filled with herb grinders; however, we’re here to show you which herb grinders are your best bet for an effortless grinding experience.

Herb Grinder

Read along for our complete guide on how to pick the right herb grinder.

Why Do You Need to Pick the Right Herb Grinder?

Many people think that a herb grinder is just a herb grinder. However, this belief falls apart quickly once you’re ready to grind your prized herbs. When you pick the wrong herb grinder, you’re left with an inconsistent grind and a grinder that isn’t built-to-last.

There’s nothing worse than realizing that you spent so much money on the herb itself but didn’t go the extra mile with a herb grinder. As with all things, the tools-of-the-trade create the overall experience. In the case of a herb grinder, it allows you to create the ideal consistency for an even burn and enhanced flavor.

Furthermore, picking the right grinder also means it’s specific to your needs. Do you need a discrete herb grinder or a rugged design that can be dropped over and over? One of the main attributes of a herb grinder is its storage capability. This aspect is overlooked by most, and yet, it’s one of the primary functions of a herb grinder. 

It’s examples like these that’s pushed us to create this guide to pick the right herb grinder.  Each of these aspects will impact your experience - which is why you must pick the best herb grinder available.  

Mandala Herb Grinder

Mandala Herb Grinder

If you’re in the market for a do-it-all herb grinder, then look no further than this Mandala Herb Grinder. This four-tiered herb grinder is a workhorse when it comes to tearing apart your herb into the perfect size.

At 1.6-inches in height and width of 2.1-inches, this herb grinder easily fits in your pocket or bag. Furthermore, the Mandala Herb Grinder is made from aluminum alloy, which is scratch-resistant and able to withstand an untimely drop. 

Furthermore, the Mandala Herb Grinder has a magnetic top to ensure it never spills any herb. There’s nothing worse than a knocked over herb grinder; however, the Mandala Herb Grinder protects you from this common mistake. 

The Mandala Herb Grinder excels in a noise-free grind, which enables you to quickly and quietly grind herb anywhere. The perfect grind that’s achieved by the Mandala Herb Grinder is attributed to the efficiently designed teeth. As you grind, your herb falls through the perfectly shaped holes into the next chamber.

The subsequent chambers are where your ground herb resides, and where knocked-off trichomes are filtered through a stainless steel micro-screen for those who enjoy herbs.

Each of INHALCO’s Herb Grinders comes equipped with a pollen scraper to accumulate your goodies. This allows you to efficiently use your herbs without wasting any precious material.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a herb grinder that will grind herb in a moment’s notice - then look no further than INHALCO’s Mandala Herb Grinder.

One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder

One hitter dugout

Are you looking for a grinder that doubles as a one-hitter? If this Jack-of-all-trades is what you’ve been dreaming of, then look no further than this One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder.

Now, you can quickly grind your herb on the spot and immediately take a hit. No longer will you have to worry about transferring your ground herb to another smoking device once you have the One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder in your hands.

The One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder by INHALCO was designed specifically for those that require discretion, efficiency, and pure convenience. If you require any of these three attributes, then the One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder is for you.

First, the One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder is fully-loaded with everything you need when smoking herb. The herb grinder is located on the device and contains a magnetic lid. The grinder twists effortlessly and provides the same consistency - every time.

As you grind your herb, it falls into a storage compartment for safekeeping. Once you’re ready to smoke, simply pull out the one-hitter device and pack it with herb.

Luckily for you, INHALCO thought of everything to make your smoking and grinding experience a breeze by incorporating a magnetic lid. This makes storage and usability extremely efficient, and you’ll no longer need to fumble with a screw-top lid.  

The One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder by INHALCO shines brightly for those who are constantly on-the-go. Travelers can rejoice now that they have a one-hitter and an efficient grinder on the same device.

The One Hitter Dugout with Mini Grinder is lightweight and abrasion resistant - making it ready for any adventure you can throw at it.

One Hitter Dugout Stash Holder

One Hitter Dugout Stash Holder

Are you ready to experience an ultimate form of convenience? If so, then you need to take a hard look at this One Hitter Dugout Stash Holder. The Stash Holder holds everything from A-Z that you’ll need to get your dose.

It is made from high-quality components that are meant to last. When you open the device, you’ll find a grinder, storage space, a mini-lighter, a bat, and a cleaner.

The herb grinder is attached at the top of the device, where you can quickly grind your herb in a moment’s notice. The herb is then transported to a small storage space that completely smell-proof. Not only is this convenient, but it is also highly discreet.

The bottom is where a mini-lighter is found, which means you’ll never experience the disappointment when you realize you left your lighter in your other pants. Instead, a mini lighter is conveniently found at the base of the  One Hitter Dugout Stash Holder.

Next, you’ll find the one-hitter, which is also known as a bat. The bat resembles a cigarette, which creates a stealthy experience when you require enhanced discretion.

Lastly, a cleaning tool is found within the stash holder, which allows you to clean out the one-hitter for the next session.

If you find yourself searching for an all-in-one tool for your herb needs, then look no further than INHALCO’s One Hitter Dugout Stash Holder. With the One Hitter Dugout Stash Holder, you’ll always be prepared, whether you’re at home or on-the-go.

One Hitter Dugout with Magnetic Rotating Lid

One Hitter Dugout With Magnetic Rotating Lid

What if you already have a herb grinder, but you need optimized storage space for your traveling adventures? If this sounds like a situation that you can relate to, then the One Hitter Dugout with Magnetic Rotating Lid is your perfect product. 

INHALCO designed the One Hitter Dugout with Magnetic Rotating Lid for your convenience. Once you’ve ground your goodies with a herb grinder, simply place the ground herb into the storage space of the One Hitter Dugout with Magnetic Rotating Lid. 

The lid is magnetized, which allows you to swivel between the different options of the One Hitter Dugout. As you slide open the rotating lid, you’ll find ample storage space. As you swivel the lid in the other direction, you’ll find a discreetly placed one-hitter and cleaning tool.

The one-hitter was designed to look like a cigarette, which empowers you with an enhanced form of stealth. Furthermore, the store space locks in any aromatic smell with ease, thus increasing the overall stealthiness of the product.

When you don’t need an additional grinder, but you need the perfect companion for when you’re outdoors or traveling, then the One Hitter Dugout with Magnetic Rotating Lid is your best option.

Which Grinder is Right For You? 

When it comes to the best herb grinders, it all depends on you. Are you a stay-at-home-toker or an on-the-go-smoker? Are you seeking an all-in-one device that allows you to grind your herb and smoke it at the same time?

Depending on your answer - one of INHALCO’s grinders will fit your needs. Each herb grinder is built with the customer in mind, which means high-quality components and a built-to-last design.

Each of these grinders will leave you ready to grind herb at the drop of a dime. Convenience, efficiency, and attention-to-detail are all attributes of INHALCO’s herb grinders. Now that you’ve read our complete guide to pick the right herb grinder - which one is best for you?

Herb Grinder

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