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Glass Bong Or Silicone Bong: Which To Choose?

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Over the past decades, there has been notable development in improving the interoperability of alternative medicine and harnessing new ways of consuming concentrate products. Consequently, the smoke community has been hit with several waterpipe innovations ranging from bongs to rigs, and so on. Particularly, recycler bongs have proved efficient over the past few years. They usually come with a two-chamber system and an intake tube for moving the vaporized water up through the piece before recycling back down. They also possess an excellent filtration function that gives it an edge over other bongs.   

However, despite the smoothness of water filtration for inhalation amongst other merits of the recycler, users also seek for the best waterpipe material for their bong that guarantees a premium smoking experience.   

There exist a wide array of bongs in the market, with diverse style, material, shape, and size, all providing unique experiences. However, glass and silicone water pipes are the most popular materials for beginner and veteran smokers alike.


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Glass bongs, on the one hand, have been a remarkable and classic smoking accessory with an impressive history. Their aesthetic quality gives glass tools the ability to connect with the personality of the user through design and craft. More so, glass bongs have the upper hand in improving the smoke quality for your recyclers. They also stand up to abrasive cleaning methods or other modes that may trigger wear and tear to your recyclers.

The obvious downsides to the glass materials are non-durability and breakage. Their fragile nature puts them on high risk of damage during transit by smoking enthusiasts. Additionally, they can also be challenging to clean due to quite restricted access to sticky buildups inside the glass bong.


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Silicone bongs, on the other hand, are usually designed in psychedelic neon and colorful swirls. Most silicone products now come with artistic design. They have been able to stage a contest with glass bong due to their relative efficiency. As a matter of fact, they make the best choice for camping trips, and other outdoor retreats because of their high-durable quality against breakage. Recyclers silicone bongs are also much easier to clean than glass bongs. You are sure to remove all contaminates after chains of rigorous usage.

However, silicone recycler bongs are liable to emit a slight plastic taste during use. More so, the smoke is much harder during inhalation; this may prove a letdown for some enthusiasts.


Silicone Glass Bong

Fortunately, there is a chance of ousting the shortcoming of both pipe materials. This way, users can annex both merits for their recyclers in all ramification. Such as the Silicone Glass Bongs.

Firstly, concerned users may consider the adoption of quality borosilicate glass. This glass type comes with a high silica content and heat tolerant level. Unlike other glasses, recycler bongs made with borosilicate glass manifest higher quality with use and age. Secondly, concern users may sort after silicone recyclers made with glass parts. This hybrid system enhances the smoke quality and inhalation of the silicone bong. With these options, cleaning becomes much easier, and smoke enthusiasts need not worry about the fear of making the hard decision on both choices.


Glass Bong Silicone Bong

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