How to Smoke Crumble

How to Smoke Crumble

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What Is Crumble?

Crumble Vs. Shatter: Which Is Better?

Can You Smoke Crumble In A Bowl?

How To Store Crumble?

How to Smoke Crumble With a Nectar Collector?

Experience Crumble Yourself

It might surprise you to learn that the global market for cannabis concentrate alone is expected to reach almost $14 billion by 2026. Concentrates and extracts are quickly becoming one of the most rapidly expanding sectors of the global cannabis industry, and for good reason. By their very essence, cannabis concentrates allow consumers to purely experience the most THC-abundant cannabinoids of the plant, without any excess material.

From shatter to CO2 oil to distillate, there is a variety of cannabis concentrates to choose from. Crumble, however, is a unique form of concentrate that is gradually emerging as a popular choice for many cannabis users. Whether you already smoke crumble or are just interested in learning more, this brief guide will help break down crumble's unique qualities.

What Is Crumble?

Crumble Wax

Sometimes called "crumble dab" or "crumble wax", crumble is a very potent concentrate with a dry, malleable, and powdery consistency. Its color generally ranges from light yellow to amber and it normally has a THC content of approximately 90%. It is widely seen as a very versatile form of concentrate that can be easily smoked or consumed in a variety of ways.

Crumble's, well, crumbly texture is due to its unique manufacturing process in which the concentrate is purged with lower heats over a longer period of time. This results in a drier concentrate as opposed to more viscous, waxy extracts like shatter. This dryness is a perk to many, as it can mean a much lower risk for mold or decontamination when stored or left unused for long stretches.

Crumble Vs. Shatter: Which Is Better?

As opposed to crumble, shatter is a concentrate with a more brittle, glassy consistency that cracks and breaks easily, hence its name. Whereas crumble is "whipped" throughout its purging process, shatter remains undisturbed, leaving it more solid and giving it a clear, translucent appearance. Though shatter is a bit more popular than crumble, the two are both prevalent forms of concentrate that lead many to wonder: which is better?

Both crumble and shatter are incredibly potent and can be dabbed, vaporized, or sprinkled atop smoked cannabis in similar ways. The key difference is that, compared to shatter, it takes far less heat to melt crumble. Crumble can even melt prior to being heated for consumption if stored in too warm of an area.

This sensitivity to heat can itself be either a benefit or a drawback. Some enjoy the ease with which greater quantities of crumble can be melted down and inhaled. Meanwhile, some are more wary of getting higher than they desire to be, perhaps preferring the slower, more gradual experience of heating shatter.

In the end, between crumble or wax, it all comes down to your preferred method of consumption.

Can to Smoke Crumble In A Bowl?

Yes, you can smoke crumble in a bowl, though it is best that you sprinkle it atop dry flower rather than smoke it on its own. As previously mentioned, crumble melts easily, which can possibly clog a bowl's airhole and/or create a thick resin that can be difficult to clean. Laying a small amount of it over some weed will allow it to melt into the flower as you smoke, making for a much smoother inhale.

How to You Smoke Crumble with a Nectar Collector?

How Do You Smoke Crumble In a Nectar Collector

As with most concentrated cannabis, dabbing via nectar collector is perhaps the most efficient way to enjoy crumble. While most waxes are applied to the end of a nail before being heated and inhaled, crumble is too dry to stick. Thus, the process of how to smoke crumble works slightly differently:

1. Simply use a torch to heat the nail, holding it at right about the distance where the flame visibly ends.

2. After about ten seconds, ever-so-slightly dip the nail's hot end into where your crumble is stored

3. Inhale from the other end as you do so, and there should be just enough heat to melt and vaporize your crumble, giving you a nice smooth hit.

During the process, your crumble should be stored in a safe container made of either glass or silicone, something that will not melt or be damaged by the nail's high heat.

Also, nectar collectors come in all shapes and sizes, so it helps to shop around before deciding upon one that's right for you.

How To Store Crumble

In addition to its potency, one of the strongest appeals of crumble is its bright flavor brought out by the terpenes preserved when making it. With improper care and storage, you may notice crumble growing darker in color, or perhaps losing its scent or flavor. Therefore, to keep your crumble as fresh as possible, you will want to store it somewhere safe.

Ideally, you will want to store your crumble in an air-tight space out of any direct light. Cooler room temperatures will keep the crumble from melting as well. Once again, durable glass or silicone containers are most optimal.

Experience Crumble Yourself

Now that you're familiar with the basics of crumble, all that's left to do is try it yourself!

Whether you would prefer to smoke crumble with a bowl, a nectar collector, or a vape or vape pen, INHALCO can introduce you to a wide variety of concentrate-related products and accessories. We strive to provide an easy, personalized experience to both newcomers and seasoned concentrate enjoyers alike.

Browse our selection today and see what the crumble hype is all about!


*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. All products are intended for legal usage. Before consuming cannabis in any form, please consult with a licensed health care provider, smoke at your own risk.

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