How To Use a Glass Blunt

How To Use a Glass Blunt?

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What is a Glass Blunt?

I love smoking, and as a connoisseur, I keep up with all the latest happenings in this market. The latest trend in the smoking industry is something known as a glass blunt, which is also sometimes commonly called glunt. It is a small device that is typically made of stainless steel, plastic, and rubber. There are more expensive versions that are made of glass. By getting one, you get a compact version of a cross between a pipe and a blunt.

The glass blunt is an excellent replacement for traditional blunts. While smoking a blunt can be fun, it still means you are smoking tobacco along with your herb because of the tobacco wrapper. Smoking herb like that is one of the unhealthiest ways of smoking.

However, with the advent of glass blunts, all of that has changed. The glass blunt gives you the correct size and quantity of flower without the tobacco wrapper. It is also quite easy to fill and use a glass blunt. Also, there is no wastage of flower as the glass blunt only burns when it is actually being hit. That is unlike a cigarette that keeps burning in between puffs causing the flower to go up in smoke.

How To Use a Glass Blunt?

A glass blunt has the following parts:

  • The glass tube
  • The rubber cap
  • The twisting mechanism that helps pack the flower and push out the ashes
  • The smoking mechanism, which is the metal cap at the end with holes to smoke through. It functions both as a filter and a mouthpiece for smoking. 

It is very easy to load and use a glass blunt.

How To Load Glass Blunt

  1. First, you have to remove the mouthpiece that sequentially removes the screw as well.
  1. Then fill the glass tube with the ground bud without removing the rubber on the bottom. This is essential so as to prevent the flower from falling out while you are filling it.
  1. Once it is filled up, re-insert the screw and start screwing. Twist the screw counter-clockwise to push the bud up against the rubber cap.
  1. Finally, remove the rubber cap and light up. Slow rotate during smoking to synchronize the glass tube with the combustion point. 

All there is left to do now is to remove the rubber cap and smoke away. As the end turns to ash, you can simply twist the mouthpiece and the screw will push the ash out from the end. With this wonderful feature, you can add fresh buds to continue smoking.

Why Do People Opt For a Twist Glass Blunt?

You are missing out on a lot if you have never used a Twist Glass Blunt. You may still be lightning up cigarettes or using glass bowls, but using a Twist Glass Blunt changes the whole game. I have been using it for quite some time, and so I am well aware about the benefits posed by this handy device. I have sorted out these extraordinary benefits for you below that may convince you to get one today.

Saves time and efforts

Rolling flowers is a tough, inconvenient, and tiring work, which you would understand if you have ever spent a considerable amount of time rolling out a cigarette. 

The first step that comes when rolling a cigarette is arranging paper of the correct fit and size. Once you are able to get that, the next step requires you to ensure that the herb is ground just perfectly, without being too powdery. Third, you need to take into consideration the size of the paper and pack with the exact measurements that would fit the paper. And finally, the last step requires you to be extra careful and slowly roll the paper. This step is crucial as carelessness can cause the flower to fall out. You also need to make sure that the paper holds its shape. Rolling out flower really needs a lot of practice and it takes quite a while for you to master this beautiful art.

But you can now bid goodbye to all those problems by getting yourself a twisty glass blunt. You can easily fill it up and start smoking in no time.

Does not weigh a lot

As compared to different ways of smoking, such as a glass bowl, a glass blunt is extremely lightweight. And that’s not all - a glass blunt is also designed specifically to be compact. It can be easily carried around in pockets or smaller spaces. This, again, is quite in contrast to a glass bowl that is bulky and large.

A glass blunt has a slender and lean design and the glass used to design it is quite light in weight. But do not think that the device is fragile or weak, and so will not break easily. Despite being so airy and light, the glass that is used to make it is quite strong, and so it can resist all forms of wear and tear.

Does not need a lot of cleaning

As a smoker, you would probably understand the mess that smoking can make. I, as a matter of fact, hate when I have to spend my best moments cleaning up the mess. The mess caused by ash from smoked flower creates a mess everywhere, which is quite a nightmare. But, with a glass blunt, you no longer need to worry about ash messing up the area.

The glass blunt supports better combustion, which means that the flower burns better. There is also no opening from where you may lose goodies. Also, the ash created by smoking remains within the twisty glass blunt until you want to sit down and clean it.

And when it comes to hygiene, you will definitely agree that glass tops when compared to paper.

Easy to conceal

This is probably one of the reasons why I and many of you would get attracted to a glass blunt. The glass blunt has a compact design that makes it look quite discrete. A person would simply mistaken a lit glass blunt for a cigarette. 

This stealth accessory can easily be carried around without gathering a lot of attention. You can also smoke without getting worked up about those around you.

You will also find that modern glass blunts are designed in such a way that they disguise the smell as well. You can also easily store goodies in modern glass blunts.

Does not cause any harm

Before being acquainted to twisty glass blunts, I always used paper to make my cigarettes. It was only later that I found out that this paper contains harmful chemicals that are not considered safe for your health. When we burn the paper, it also releases toxic fumes, which again harms us.

But twisty glass blunts make use of glass, which is considered to be one of the safest materials that remains unperturbed by heat. It is because of this reason that glass is the first choice when it comes to storing medicines, juices, syrups, and various other materials. 

A glass blunt, therefore, helps minimize the effects of harmful chemicals contained in the paper used to roll cigarettes. And that’s not all! With this, you also reduce the chances of harming your fingers from heat.

Adaptable for various purposes

In all my years of using twisty glass blunts, there is one thing I have realized - they are extremely versatile devices. You can use a twist glass blunt for various purposes, which would otherwise not have been possible with traditional methods.

With so many functionalities, we may think of a glass blunt as a bulky object with several attachments. However, that is not the case. It is extremely small and compact, but it takes care of all your needs without adding to its size or weight. 

5 Best Twist Glass Blunts

Twisty Glass Slim

Twisty Glass BluntWith the Twisty Glass Slim, you can forget about spending quite a lot of time rolling a blunt the old school way. It is extremely easy to fill up and use this glass blunt. All you have to do is fill it up, apply the cap, and screw the blunt in a counter-clockwise motion. It really is as simple as that! You can relax and enjoy your herbs without all the hectic and inconvenient processes. This Twisty Glass Blunt is the perfect one for solo smokers or for sharing.

The Twisty Glass Blunt is easy to use and maintain. It also does not create a mess with the ash being strewn everywhere. By screwing the blunt clockwise, you can easily remove the ash, creating more room for fresh herbs. 


  • Extremely easy to fill up and use
  • Lets you relax and enjoy without spending a lot of time creating a cigarette or a blunt
  • Perfect for solo smokers and for sharing
  • Easy maintenance
  • Does not create a mess with the ash or other residue strewn everywhere
  • Easy to remove the ash by screwing the blunt in a clockwise motion

    7Pmini3 Glass Blunt with Water Filter

    Glass Blunt Mini

    This is a compact glass blunt that is high in quality and is extremely durable. The best part about this glass blunt is that it comes with a water filter. The glass blunt eliminates the harshness of smoking by filtering it through water.

    The design of the glass blunt looks cool. It is also quite convenient to use and take care of. The glass is sturdy and will not break or give up due to continuous use. It is also resistant to scratches, staining, and discoloration. The glass blunt also does not heat up excessively and so will not harm your fingers.

    Key Features:

    • Compact glass blunt that is high in quality
    • Extremely durable
    • Comes with a water filter that eliminates any harshness
    • Cool design
    • Convenient to use and take care of
    • Sturdy glass that is resistant to breaking, scratches, staining, and discoloration
    • Does not heat up excessively, keeping your fingers safe

    Centstar Glass Blunt

    Centstar Glass Blunt

    If you are looking for a twisty glass blunt that gives you the best herb smoking experience, the Centstar glass blunt is the perfect option for you. I am sure you will fall in love with the practical design of this glass blunt that makes it easy and convenient to use.

    The glass blunt has been made using sturdy glass that is highly durable and resistant to scratches, staining, and discoloration. The lightweight construction is another feature that makes it a great option. Also, the compact design allows you to carry it around without taking up much space.

    The Centstar glass blunt can also handle a good volume of flower; you also do not have to worry about ash falling everywhere or messy residue. It is also quite easy to assemble or disassemble the device for easy cleaning and maintenance.


    • Gives you the best smoking experience
    • Practical design
    • Easy and convenient to use
    • Made using sturdy glass that is durable
    • Material resistant to scratches, staining, and discoloration
    • Lightweight and compact
    • Easy to carry and store
    • Can handle a good volume of flower
    • Does not call ash to fall out
    • Easy to assemble or disassemble
    • Easy to clean and maintain

    LeBlunt Twisty Glass Blunt

    LeBlunt Glass Blunt

    LeBlunt Twisty Glass Blunt is among the best twisty glass blunts in the market, as affirmed by many smokers. It has a simple design that is easy and convenient to use. The device is made of clear tempered glass, which makes it highly durable, strong, and reliable. The longevity of the glass blunt is what’s really attractive. It has been designed excellently to ensure that it does not give up after repeated use. 

    The clear glass allows easy viewing and the simple twist mechanism helps with the removal of ash or other residues. The high-quality tempered glass resists abrasion, chipping, and dents. It also does not heat up excessively during use; this keeps your fingers safe and cool when you are using it.


    • One of the best twisty glass blunts in the market
    • Simple design that is easy and convenient to use
    • Made of clear tempered glass
    • Durable, strong, and reliable
    • Designed for longevity
    • Easy viewing and simple twist mechanism
    • Easy to remove ash and other residues
    • Material resists abrasion, chipping, and dents
    • Does not heat up excessively and keeps your fingers safe and cool

    Enjoyee Glass Tip Rolling Blunt

    Enjoyee Glass Tip Rolling Blunt

    The Enjoyee Glass Tip Rolling Blunt makes smoking convenient and gives you the best experience. It is one of the easiest to use glass blunts in the market. It is an accessory that has been designed simply but with the best quality materials to bear constant use without falling apart. It comes in a clear design and can be assembled quickly and easily.   

    The glass blunt has been made keeping in mind the utmost details that give you topmost performance and durability, making it last for a long time. The Enjoyee glass blunt is also lightweight that makes handling and carrying it very easy.

    If you need anything else to get convinced about the goodness of this product, then it is also high in terms of easy maintenance, authenticity, and cleaning ease.


    • Makes smoking convenient
    • Designed simply using the best quality materials
    • Easy and quick to assemble
    • Gives you topmost performance and is long-lasting
    • Lightweight, making handling and carrying it easy
    • Easy maintenance and cleaning
    • Authentic

      Enjoy relaxation!

      Now that you are well-aware with a glass blunt, I am sure there really is no going back. With a glass blunt, you will enjoy smoking with a whole new pleasure.

      *This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. All products are intended for legal usage. Before consuming cannabis in any form, please consult with a licensed health care provider, smoke at your own risk.

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