How to Use a Heat Press

How to Use a Heat Press

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If you're serious about generating high-quality extracts, you understand why it is essential to produce solvent-less extracts, especially those that do not produce solvents during the yielding process. Fortunately, rosin is one of them.

Whether it's dry herb or flower, rosin, which appears similar to honey, is produced after applying a lot of pressure and increased temperatures to the raw material. In the end, you get a magnificent concentrate packed with terpenoids and cannabinoids.

If you want to find out more about pressing your rosin, you have come to the right place. This article includes a multi-step guide on using a heat press machine, followed by a detailed review of the five best rosin press machines.

Pressing resin has become fast, easy, and convenient with the numerous rosin presses in the market. Besides, if you're on a tight budget, there are some that cost under $500.

However, with the wide gamut of products available, choosing the right one has become extremely challenging. The first step is to disregard the low-quality ones. After this, you now need to find out which one will meet your resin pressing needs.

What's more, with many of the latest heat press machines incorporating the latest technology, it might be a bit tricky to use them. For these reasons, you should read through this guide, which will relieve you of the burden of determining the best machine for your rosin press requirements.

How to Use a Heat Press?

Step1. The first thing to do is have a reliable rosin press machine. There are many different kinds of presses available. When choosing a press, the main factors to consider are weight, size of press plates, and if the machine is made for pressing flowers or only for concentrates.

    Step2A good quality rosin press will last a long time if taken care of properly, but it requires some maintenance and precautions. To begin with, NEVER EVER use the machine without its proper plates. Doing so will lead to damaged press plates and a broken device.

    Step3. The rosin press also requires proper preparation of the starter material to be pressed. Never press dry herbs; they don't contain enough resin to make it worth your time and effort. It is best to let your material hang dry for 5-10 days, and this allows the plant matter to become brittle and more comfortable to break apart in preparation for pressing.

    Step4Place your material into the rosin press and then add solvents such as alcohol or CO2 oil at a rate of approximately one drop per gram of plant matter. Be sure to wait a few seconds between each drop being added to avoid over saturation of cannabinoids.

      The optimal time for pressing is 480 seconds (8 minutes) but remember that you must prepare to change the solvent after 240 seconds (4 minutes). Once you have prepared all of your material, it is time to set up your press.

      Step5Place a piece of parchment paper (never use plastic) on the bottom tray of the press. This is to prevent the plate from sticking to the top tray and becoming damaged.

      Step6Place your plates on top of one another, slowly lowering them down as you add one layer on top of another until you reach a height that allows you to lower your plant matter pressed between them. Do not push too high, or else you will break your plates.

      Step7It would be best if you didn't press with too much weight and force either; since this will lead to your rosin plates becoming damaged and making you go through the trouble of purchasing a new press.

      Step8Once you have pressed your material, it is time to collect your rosin. Remove the plates from one another and place them into a water bath to remove any excess solvent before pressing again.

      Step9With your plates clean of solvent, it is time to press again. Using a new piece of parchment paper on the bottom tray and repeat all the pressing steps as you did before.

        Step10Once the second pressing has been completed; it will be time to collect your cannabinoids and terpenes from the rosin that has been squeezed out of your plant matter and stuck to the plates. Warm water poured over your plates will dissolve the rosin into the water allowing for easy collection.

        Step11If you want to make solvent-less rosin, then you will need to press multiple times to achieve similar results as when using a solvent. Remember that pressing is a very time-consuming process that will require patience and commitment.

        Step12Once you have collected your cannabinoids and terpenes, place them into the appropriate solvent or carrier oil for extraction. There are different ways to make extracts with concentrates, such as a bath method, a pot method, a water method, an oil method, and many more.

          These methods will require some experimentation and research to find the one you like the best.

          Best Heat Press Machines

          If you want to press your plant material with a rosin press, here's a quick look at some of the best models you can find on the market today. These presses are some of the highest quality, and they will yield excellent results every time.

          1. Rosin Heat Press Digital Controller

          Heat Press Digital Controller

          Topping our list is this high-quality press made from robust materials, and it continually yields increased extracts. This heat press machine makes wax and herb drying fast and easy.

          It has an aluminum heating element that is 1.2 inches thick, a durable plate, and a temperature range of 0 to 250°C. Besides, it has 2° to 5° temperature alterations for straightforward modifications.

          It has a clamshell design, which produces a 1000 lbs force, which is very impressive, considering the recommended pressure is 600lbs. This machine is the perfect heat press for individuals who are serious about producing unique resin and extracts. The plates measure 75 by 50mm, and they're made of durable aluminum.

          Moreover, it has two heating elements that maintain the temperature according to the pre-set time. Due to the sturdy aluminum build, you don't have to stress about pollutants accessing the extract.

          The adaptable and customizable digital controller allows you to press your resin without needing to use other tools. All you have to do is set the time you would like the machine to press for, and you're all set.

          Additionally, it has sanction pads (4), which stabilize the device to avoid spilling when loading or unloading. This is the ultimate rosin press, and it is worth investing in if you want to get top-quality extracts. 

          1. RosinPro Single

          Rosin Tech Pro Rosin Press

          This is the only rosin press on the market that is guaranteed to be free of lead, BPA, phthalates, or any other toxic heavy metals. It's made entirely in the USA and includes a 12-month warranty.

          The company behind it is so confident in this product that they're willing to send you a free unit to try out for yourself! It has an adjustable heat range of 50 °C to 250 °C.

          It has a heavy-duty heating element, and it has a HEPA air filtration system. This is a highly reliable model for those who want to get the most out of their rosin extraction.

          1. Nugsmasher Mini

          Nugsmasher Mini Press

          This manual rosin press is one of the best-rated heat presses in the industry. It has a compact build; thus, it is modest enough to place in the kitchen and highly portable to move from one place to another. It is perfectly designed for beginners and for users who will utilize it at home.

          It is made in the USA, and it comes completely assembled, and its features are usually found in the large, high-end, costly, and commercial heat press machines. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty, fantastic, right?! To use it, plug it in, wait for it to get warm, and start pressing.

          This tool is extremely user-friendly and makes a swift press easy and fast. While it has a compact design and build, it has an impressive 2000lbs of pressure across the steel plates.

          This lets you press a maximum of 3.5 grams of starter material. Besides, it is among the most inexpensive, high-quality rosin presses in the industry, which is why it is on our list.

          With its heating elements that warm up quickly and remain hot for the time you're using it, accurate temperature control, and additional safety thanks to the circuit protection, this is the perfect personal heat press to get the best extractions. Also, it has a sturdy build, manual pump lever, and safe plate-release lever to make the pressing process easier.

          1. Sasquash V2

            Sasquash V2 Rosin Press

            Sasquash is infamous for producing remarkable and high-quality hybrid and hydraulic rosin presses, and the V2 hydraulic rosin is no exception. It offers 15 000 lbs of pressure, and while it's not economical, it provides the best performance, and it is worth buying.

            Besides, it processes 1 ounce of starter material at a time. Even though there are lots of high-quality hydraulic rosin presses, V2's performance and flexibility is unmatched.

            You can use it with a foot or hand pump or an air compressor. Besides, it can be operated entirely using an electric pump. Therefore you can begin by applying hydraulic operation using the foot or hand pump and then move to electric pump eventually when you want to increase output or when you want to make the process automatic.

            However, this spectacular heat press machine comes with a significant drawback; you have to purchase the pumps separately. Even though these pumps are available in the market, they are quite pricey, with the foot pump going for $500 and the electric pump being sold at $1800. This is a necessary and large additional expense. Besides, once you purchase the foot pump, you will also require buying an air compressor.

            The V2 has considerable plates measuring five by 8.5 inches, made from durable aluminum. These plates are heated to a specific temperature via four heaters. It is quite heavy, weighing 135lbs though it features a compact build measuring 8 by 18 by 14 inches.

            What's more, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which only covers the fabricated and hydraulic parts for life while the electric parts are covered for 90 days.


            There are plenty of heat press machines to select from, and buying the right one that fits your personal or commercial needs can be difficult and time-consuming.

            In this knowledgeable guide, we have done all the heavy lifting for you and chosen the best heat press machines from well-known manufacturers and those with good customer reviews. There have been plenty of upgrades and advancements in the heat press industry over the previous year, and we do not all have the time to keep up with it.

            With rosin becoming more popular due to the flavorful experience, it is only right if we help you find a suitable rosin press machine. Fortunately, you can now get the upgraded and high-quality resin press that will get the job done fast and easy. Even the top and cheapest heat press will produce a better yield than the traditional hair straightener.

            It is essential to remember your safety, especially when you decide to buy a commercial-sized rosin press. You will be dealing with tons of pressures, and if you're a beginner, it would be best if you started with small-sized heat press machines and work your way up.

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