Raw Rolling Papers - Buyer’s Guide For 2022

Raw Rolling Papers - Buyer's Guide For 2024

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Some people like hitting a bong or pipe, while others prefer smoking a joint. If you are a joint lover and enjoy the roll-your-own (RYO) lifestyle, you know that few things are worse than receiving paper that is difficult to roll or leaves a harsh aftertaste of chlorine. Given that rolling papers can significantly improve or detract from your weed smoking experience, you want to make sure you choose wisely. However, when it comes to rolling a blunt or joint, with so many options available online, including many subpar varieties, it appears difficult to select a quality brand.

If you're looking for the best rolling papers on the market, check out this comprehensive review of RAW rolling papers, a brand that has made a name for itself as a natural option for a smooth smoke.

About Raw

A Brief Introduction Of Raw


RAW belongs to HBI International, a leading U.S. manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of rolling papers and related accessories. The company, based in Phoenix, Arizona, sells various RYO products, including the RAW line. With additional product lines such as Herbal Bar, Juicy Jays, and Rolling Supreme, HBI International has a lot of clout in the cannabis market.

RAW is the achievement of a decade-long effort to create the most awesome rolling papers ever. There was an ocean of bleached white papers with animal or chemical glues and no regard for what smokers wanted before RAW. Josh Kesselman, the founder of RAW, had the vision to change the situation.

RAW debuted in 2005 and has become one of the most well-known rolling paper brands. It has a cult-like following for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, RAW distinguishes itself in the rolling paper industry by being additive-free. RAW Rolling Papers do not contain any chemicals (such as chlorine) or preservatives found in many brands today. This is why the brand appeals to those seeking a pure marijuana-smoking experience.

The brand also has a solid social media presence, with 88.9 thousand Instagram followers as of 2024, making it hard to overlook RAW's online influence. RAW is also known for its sense of community. The RAW Foundation supports several projects worldwide, including those in the Philippines and Ethiopia, that promote human equality and assist those in need. RAW, for example, donated $10,000 to the non-profit Wine To Water in 2012 to assist in the construction of water wells and the education of needy populations on proper sanitation procedures.

These characteristics distinguish RAW from its competitors in the rolling paper industry. The brand is also easily recognized by its appearance.

Features Of Raw Rolling Papers

The first thing you'll notice about RAW rolling paper is that it's not bright white like other paper brands. It is because RAW papers do not contain the whitening agent chlorine.

RAW Classic papers are light brown in color because they are made entirely of natural materials. The RAW Organic Hemp papers are noticeably lighter in appearance than the Classic papers; the Organic papers are a tan color, with the exact shade depending on the color of the hemp used to create them. While both the Classic and Organic papers are thin, the Organic papers are even thinner – almost transparent.

The crisscross watermark on the papers is another distinguishing feature. RAW's patented watermark promotes an even burn and reduces the likelihood of runs, resulting in smooth smoke. When smoking either type of paper, the papers burn slowly, giving you time to relax.

RAW rolling papers are handcrafted in Alcoy, Spain, by artisans. The pure Acacia gum on the papers is hand-harvested from Acacia trees in Ethiopia and Senegal.

A Close Look Of Roll Rolling Papers

RAW provides a range of rolling-related products, including raw rolling papers, raw tips, pre-rolled raw cones, raw roller, and other accessories. Let’s take a look at some representative products popular on the market.

Raw Rolling Papers

Raw Classic

RAW Classic rolling papers come in a variety of styles, including regular, creaseless, and rolls. The traditional interleaved papers are manufactured from a special blend of unbleached fibers and natural gum. They are all-natural and watermarked for an even burn and less chance of runs. Regardless of size or design, the flavor is clean and pure. Put another way, what you taste is the weed instead of the paper.

Raw Organic Hemp Papers

Raw Organic Hemp Papers

Raw Organic Hemp papers are made from hemp fiber, which is found on the outside of the stalk of the plant. RAW uses pure hemp that has been grown organically and without the use of chlorine. These are processed with the environment and sustainability in mind. Because no additives are used, the result is translucent papers that burn slowly and cleanly. RAW Organic Hemp is available in 114, 112, Kingsize Slim, and Rolls sizes.

If you plan to try Organic for the first time, the Single Wide is a safe bet. However, if you prefer a longer and wider paper than SW, the 1 1/4 would be a better choice. The KSS will be significantly longer than the SW and 1 1/4 sizes, providing a larger hit.

Black Raw

If you like RAW Classic papers but prefer delicately thin rolling papers, Black raws are a must-try. The black RAW papers are the thinnest that the company has ever produced. They're so thin, in fact, that there's no need to worry about the flavor of burning paper interfering with your enjoyment of the lovely terps in your cannabis.

RAW Black papers are made entirely of natural plant fibers and tree sap gum. They are available in a variety of sizes:

  • RAW Classic Black Single Wide Papers
  • RAW Classic Black 1 1/4 Papers
  • RAW Classic Black King Size Slim Papers

Although RYO enthusiasts will enjoy the slow, clean burn of Black RAW papers, their thinness makes them unsuitable for those who aren't skilled at hand-rolling.

Raw Tips

Raw Tips

As one would expect from the brand, RAW's tips are natural and unrefined. The tips are intended to prevent marijuana waste by providing a spacer at the end of the joint. They are far more convenient to use than ripping off pieces of business cards. Furthermore, because of the dye and other materials in the paper, business cards can emit potentially hazardous toxins when ignited.

RAW has a wide range of tips available, including original, wide, pre-rolled, and gummed. There are also tips explicitly designed for their cones (pre-rolled, Perfecto, and Maestro versions). RAW tips are great for a natural way to roll on the go. They are less expensive, easier (and healthier) to use than makeshift tips, extend the life of your weed, and reduce rolling time.

Pre-Rolled Raw Cone

When you don't want to hand-roll the paper because it's too time-consuming or you don't know how, RAW pre-rolled cones are a great alternative. They come pre-rolled on RAW's signature watermarked, thin paper. Simply fill them with weed, twist off the ends, and light them.

Classic and Organic cones are available in a variety of sizes. If you want Classic 1 1/4 cones, you can get a quarter six-pack containing six cones per pack and 32 packs per box. You could also purchase the KS 32-pack, which contains 32 King Size cones per box. If you plan on smoking a lot, consider the 800 Bulk KS pack, which comes with 800 King Size cones per box. While this review does not cover every pack type, many options are available.

Raw Roller - Rolling Machine

It is undeniable that hand-rolling your blunts or cigarettes is a funny experience where you can get a sense of achievement. But if your rolling skill is not so perfect, or you don't want to spend too much time rolling, why not invest in a rolling machine to make your life easier? Instead of worrying about the troublesome process of performing brain surgery attempting to roll a joint correctly with your bare butterfingers, pamper yourself with a rolling machine. With the assistance of the small robot, rolling could not be easier. A Raw rolling machine ensures a perfect roll every time, no matter what you smoke.

Other Products From Raw

Raw Papers And Accessories

RAW offers a comprehensive lineup to match its rolling papers, as evidenced by the large number of RAW accessories available including raw joint holder, raw rolling tray, raw grinder, shredder, matches, lighters, hemp wick and more. When you buy everything you need for the ultimate rolling experience from the same company, you can be confident that everything will work well together.


Lots of cannabis consumers are impressed by the overall quality of RAW rolling products, from the rolling papers to the tips, cones, and accessories. RAW is an excellent choice for a purist, someone looking for clean smoke, or anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


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