Top 10 Purple Bongs - Smoke in a Romantic Style

Top 10 Purple Bongs - Smoke in a Romantic Style

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Are you a lover of romantics and dreams? Prepare to be entranced as we unveil a palette of shades that range from delicate lavender to deep, regal amethyst. Each purple bong on this exclusive list is a testament to the seamless fusion of form and function, meticulously crafted to awaken your senses and ignite your imagination.

From the moment you lay eyes on these remarkable creations, you'll be transported to a realm of breathtaking beauty. These bongs are not mere smoking devices; they are veritable works of art that transcend convention, transforming your smoking rituals into moments of profound aesthetic appreciation. With each carefully sculpted curve, every stroke of vibrant purple, these bongs exude an air of exquisite craftsmanship.

Individually, they tell stories of artistic inspiration—some adorned with intricate patterns reminiscent of an artist's brushstrokes, while others embrace minimalist elegance, exuding modern sophistication. This curated selection caters to a variety of tastes and styles, ensuring that there's a purple bong to resonate with your unique personality and preferences.

1. Preemo 11" 3-Arm Implosion Marble Recycler

Preemo 11" 3-Arm Implosion Marble Recycler

Imagine plunging into a sea of soothing smoke, swirling around in harmonious whirls as it travels through the magical 3-arm implosion marble recycler. A sight to behold, this Preemo product brings you the best of function and visual appeal, turning every smoking session into an unforgettable spectacle. With its reactive quartz banger, flame-polished 14mm joint, and a base diameter of 100mm, this piece ensures maximum heat retention for the most flavorful hits. Isn't it about time you dive into the extraordinary experience that this recycler dab rig promises?


  • Multi-eyelet percolator
  • Reactive quartz banger
  • Flame-polished 14mm joint
  • Base diameter: 100mm

2. Heady Glass Wolf Dab Rig

Heady Glass Wolf Dab Rig

Evoke the spirit of the wild with the Heady Glass Wolf Dab Rig. A compact masterpiece of 6.3" length and 3.5" height, this piece captures the essence of the wilderness, creating a visual spectacle that leaves one awestruck. With piercing eyes and finely detailed fur, the Wolf Dab Rig embodies strength, wisdom, and an untamed spirit. It's not just about aesthetics, though. The rig's well-balanced design and stable base ensure smooth hits every time, proving that it's a beauty that goes beyond the surface.


  • Length: 6.3"
  • Height: 3.5"
  • 14mm Female Joint

3. 12.5" Resin 3D Artwork Beaker Bong

12.5" Resin 3D Artwork Beaker Bong

Welcome the Michelangelo of bongs into your collection. With its 3D resin artwork dancing between dimensions, the 12.5" Resin 3D Artwork Beaker Bong transcends the mundane. This statuesque marvel offers cooler-than-a-polar-bear's-toenails hits with its three-pinched ice catcher, making your smoking sessions nothing short of masterpiece events. So why wait? Turn the ordinary into extraordinary today!


  • Height: 12.5"
  • Tube: 2"
  • Glass Thickness: 7 mm
  • Resin 3D artwork
  • 3 Pinched Ice Catcher
  • 6" Downstem
  • Thick Bowl for 14 mm Female Joint
  • 3 Pieces

4. Octopus Handmade Bong

 Octopus Handmade Bong

Experience the thrill of the ocean depths with the Octopus Handmade Bong. This unique piece, carefully crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, features a detailed octopus design that promises to bring a touch of aquatic magic to your smoking sessions. Offering a comfortable height and 14mm joint size, this bong combines versatility, durability, and smooth hits in one mesmerizing package. It's not just a bong—it's a captivating narrative of oceanic adventure, beckoning you to dive into its watery wonders.


  • Height: 5.5"
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Including a Bong Bowl Piece

    5. 13" Color Dots Beaker Bong

    13" Color Dots Beaker Bong

    Embark on a sensory journey with the extraordinary 13" Color Dots Beaker Bong. Crafted to perfection, this mesmerizing masterpiece boasts a captivating 3D Texture design that brings your smoking experience to life. You can enjpy a symphony of vibrant colors and intricate patterns, transforming each hit into a mesmerizing spectacle. With its durable borosilicate glass construction and optimal thickness, this beaker bong is a true work of art that will elevate your smoking sessions to new heights of pleasure and visual delight. Experience the magic of the Color Dots Beaker Bong and let its vibrant charm captivate your senses.


    • Borosilicate Glass
    • Joint Size: 14mm
    • Base Diameter: 125mm
    • Thickness: 7mm
    • 3D Texture

    6. Layered Cone Mini Rig

    Layered Cone Mini Rig

    Discover the elegance and compactness of the Layered Cone Mini Dab Rig. Standing at 5.5 inches, this stylish glass dab rig is perfect for enjoying your favorite concentrates. Crafted from high-quality glass, its unique layered cone design guarantees to impress even the most discerning connoisseurs. The cone shape offers easy and comfortable handling, while the layered design adds an extra touch of sophistication. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or a beginner, this mini rig is the epitome of style and functionality. Its compact size makes it ideal for on-the-go use, and its high-quality construction ensures that it will remain a cherished piece for years to come. Treat yourself to the smooth and flavorful hits that only the Layered Cone Mini Rig can provide.


    • Height: 5.5"
    • Joint: 14 mm
    • Come with a 14 mm Glass Bowl

    7. Purple Haze Stemless Bong

    Purple Haze Stemless Bong

    Prepare to be mesmerized by the Purple Haze Stemless Bong, a true masterpiece crafted by Molino with passion and dedication. This coated Pyrex glass bong boasts a negative engraved transparent logo, allowing you to witness the holy smoke as it gracefully rises through the cylinder. With its heavy 7mm wall, towering height of 42cm, and a diameter of 50mm, this bong exudes both durability and elegance. As an added bonus, each color variation comes with a different matching glass bowl, ensuring a personalized touch. Indulge in the allure of the Purple Haze and elevate your smoking experience.


    • 7 mm Heavy Wall Pyrex Glass
    • Height: 42 cm
    • Diameter: 50 mm
    • Joint Size: 14.5 mm
    • Ice Ring

    8. Noble Glass 12" Soft Glass Bong

    Noble Glass 12" Soft Glass Bong

    Immerse yourself in the artistry of the Noble Glass 12" Soft Glass Bong. Hand-blown in the USA with meticulous attention to detail, this bong is a testament to superior craftsmanship. Its round base and unique design set it apart from the rest, while the striking black bong with purple patterns adds a touch of sophistication. The bong comes with a 14.5mm black glass on glass bowl and features a diffused downstem for smooth and enjoyable hits. Experience the fusion of elegance and functionality with the Noble Glass Soft Glass Bong.


    • Hand-Blown
    • High-Quality Soft Glass
    • Round Base
    • Unique-Design
    • Black Bong with Purple Pattern
    • Comes with 14.5 mm Black Glass on Glass Bowl
    • Diffused Downstem

    9. Artistic Fluorescent Glass Bong

    Artistic Fluorescent Glass Bong

    Get ready to be enchanted by the vibrant glow of the 10inch Tall Fluorescence Glass Bong. Made from crystal-clear material and boasting a straight type shape, this bong catches the eye with its branch-shaped 3D design. Its 4mm thickness ensures durability and a comfortable grip. Illuminate your smoking sessions with the captivating fluorescence of this bong, creating a truly mesmerizing visual experience.


    • Thickness: 4mm
    • Height: 9.4 ″ 
    • Material: Crystal
    • Shape: Straight Type
    • Glow in the Dark
    • Branch-shaped 3D Design

    10. Octopus Mini Bong

    Octopus Mini Bong

    Meet the adorable Octopus Mini Bong, a small yet powerful smoking companion. Despite its compact size, this bong delivers huge hits that rival those of full-size bongs. Its spherical head ensures a satisfying smoking sensation, while the cute face in black ink and anatomically correct eight tentacles add a touch of whimsy. Available in blue or brown, this little guy is the perfect piece for smokers of all varieties. With a 3" diameter and a 10mm bowl included, the Octopus Mini Bong combines cuteness with impressive performance.


    • 3″ Diameter
    • 10mm Bowl Included
    • Cute Octopus Shape

    The Bottom Line

    These bongs are not solely objects of visual delight. They are meticulously engineered to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience. With features such as precision-percolation systems, ergonomic designs, and innovative heat-retaining materials, these bongs seamlessly combine functionality with elegance. Every inhale becomes a smooth and flavorful journey, enhanced by the distinctive characteristics of each purple masterpiece.

    No matter your level of expertise in the realm of smoking, the top 10 purple bongs showcased in this article are poised to inspire and captivate. Whether you prefer the intricate designs of the Preemo 3-Arm Implosion Marble Recycler or the enchanting allure of the Heady Glass Wolf Dab Rig, there's a purple bong that will transport you to a realm of beauty and relaxation.

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