Puffco Peak VS Peak Pro: What Are The Differences

Puffco Peak VS Peak Pro: What Are The Differences

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From vaporizers to dab rigs, game changer after game changer has arrived on the smoking scene in recent years. It's a completely different world than it was in 1969 when Mushroom New Orleans first opened its doors for business. We still enjoy a good hand roll or water pipe, but we also love hand-held vaporizers that we can control. Continue reading if you're interested in the most recent technology for consuming legal concentrated smoking materials.

While there is plenty of choices, the Puffco Peak has emerged as a fan favorite for on-the-go electric rippers. We've known the most popular features of the Puffco Peak that have swept the cannabis community, but is the Pro version much better?

Is it worthwhile to upgrade if you already own a Puffco Peak? Which is the better bang if you're new to Puffco and are going to purchase your first device? Let's get started.

History Of Puffco 

When we think of Puffco, the word "revolutionary" comes to mind. A vaporizer manufacturer based in New York was founded out of necessity when its founder and CEO, Roger Voladarsky, "decided he wanted more than what the industry standard could provide." His ideas paved the way for innovative and game-changing products known for their unrivaled design and performance.

Puffco is one of the most popular brands of electric rigs in the world, with a large following in the dabbing community. Many people in the community use their devices to have a good time. Puffco has released several products, but Puffco Peak is one of the most well-known in the world. As a result, when the company announced the Puffco Peak Pro, its fans were skeptical. The main concern was how the company could improve on its already fantastic and mind-blowing product.

Puffco introduced peak as an electronic device that allows users to vaporize concentrates with the push of a button. Unlike other traditional nails, the device ensures safe and easy dabbing while conserving the concentrates. Peak Pro, the most recent release, contains the heart and soul of the Puffco Peak. It has some additional impressive advantages and features. Fortunately, we've had a chance to test both products, and it's time to tell our readers how we feel about these two incredible devices!

Before The Birth Of Puffco Peak - Traditional Dabbing 

We used to consume wax concentrates in traditional ways before the Peak was even announced at the 2018 CES. Setting up a rig and heating the banger with a butane torch would be required. Telling the temperature is not as precise. To tell if the banger is too hot, one would have to hover their hand over it.

Experience usually teaches the correct temperature profile, but even that requires a series of trials and errors. The extracts are then dipped directly into the banger and inhaled. Otherwise, you'd have to constantly load pea-sized wax concentrates onto a relatively small dab pen.

Puffco Peak VS Peak Pro - What’s The Real Difference

Size & Design

The Pro's matte finish is one of the most popular features, outperforming the original's visual appeal. The original's shiny plastic has been replaced by a much more sleek-looking black base that leads to a much narrower mouthpiece than its predecessor.

The atomizer is another feature that has been significantly improved. What was once a three-part atomizer has been reduced to a single solid piece with a carb cap fixed to the top of the atomizer, allowing for a more secure chamber. Its glass is more tapered and slightly longer than the previous model. It does not return the water to the mouth, making it a better choice than the original Peak.

Battery Life & Charging

The original Puffco Peak's battery is impressive, but there have been new improvements to the battery's power and usage. The Peak Pro lasts about 30 sessions before needing to be recharged, as does the Puffco Peak.

puffco peak battery

However, the company has addressed the original Peak's central issue of supporting micro USB charging. The most recent Puffco Peak Pro includes a USB-C charging cable that recharges the device in 2 hours. The latest Puffco Peak Pro can also charge wirelessly using the Puffco Peak Pro power dock. Both of these updates enable users to quickly recharge their devices and begin vaping!

Carb Cap

Puffco redesigned the carb cap of Peak Pro and abandoned the previous tethered design. The new carb cap is held together by silicone grommets and sits flush on top of the ceramic bowl. It does seal the carb cap, but its new design still includes an air path that allows you to control the amount of air that flows through the ceramic bowl. This means you won't have to deal with a dangling carb cap that could be knocked out of the base. It also allows you to see through it, allowing you to witness the magic as it takes place.

Vapor Quality

The Puffco Peak Pro has better vapor quality. The atomizer can handle more concentrate because the bowl is 40% larger than the Peak.

The original Peak had issues with heavy loads, but the Pro has no such problems with the new atomizer. The carb cap offers directional airflow, which disturbs the vapor and results in no hot spots, leading to an even distribution of heat.

In terms of e-rigs, the Peak Pro is at the top of the list. At the lowest temperature, the vapors produce flavorful and smooth clouds, while at higher temperatures, the clouds become harsh and intense, but the use of water filtration ensures that the vapors remain tasty. As previously stated, the atomizer in Peak Pro is 40% larger, allowing it to handle more concentrate and ensure less concentrate burning.

Smoking Experience

The transition from the original to the Pro improved the smoking experience and provided users with a more convenient and enjoyable session.

The matte finish is slicker and does not leave fingerprints, which is great. The glass is more tapered and a bit longer than its predecessor, allowing it to hold more water while not splashing it back into your mouth – a huge highlight. Also, they've made it backward compatible with the original Peak glass, so don't worry if you purchased a cool custom glass piece for your original Peak. As previously stated, the atomizer is 40% larger and much more capable of handling a higher load. 


The Puffco Peak Pro's carrying case has also been improved, so transporting it is no longer an issue. The magnetic case requires no zippers or straps and can easily be closed to hold all the tapping tools needed for equipment maintenance.

Temperature Flexibility 

Both devices have four temperature settings, with each setting reflecting a different color. The smartphone app and control over settings are the key differences between the two devices. Peak Pro supports live temperature control, allowing users to specify the desired temperature via an app. 

Which To Choose - Peak Or Peak Pro?

The Puffco Peak paved the way not only for the Peak Pro but probably for all e-rigs on the market today. Investing in a device as good as the original Peak is never a bad idea, but with the Peak Pro out, it's a different story.

The original Peak was in a league of its own, and so is the Peak Pro. The Peak Pro clearly outperforms its predecessor in terms of features. It does, however, come at an additional cost. Furthermore, to fully enjoy the Peak Pro experience, you'll need to invest in Puffco's other Peak Pro-specific accessories, such as the Peak Pro Power Dock. If your needs aren't so demanding that you need a wireless dock and precise temperature control, you could go with the original.

The Puffco Peak Pro broadens most consumers' horizons and provides wax concentrate connoisseurs with a device worth their money. We recommend the original Peak for those looking for a straightforward experience. If, on the other hand, you are an advanced consumer looking for a unique experience, you can invest in the Peak Pro. The original Puffco Peak has passed the keys to its successor, a bolder, more intelligent device suitable for professional use. While it is more expensive, it is designed to demonstrate that you always get what you pay for in the world of vaporizers.


The Puffco Peak Pro is a significant advancement in the world of e-rigs. They have improved almost every aspect of the device, all for the better, and it is difficult to argue that the Pro does not belong in the top tier of e-rigs. There's a lot to like here, between the USB-c charging, new fancy app, new carb cap, and general sex appeal of the matte finish.

However, the price of this piece of technology is a significant and obvious disadvantage, as it will cost you upwards of $400. But, if you're willing to spend the money, I'd say it's well worth it. Those looking for a more affordable option can consider Ares Electric Dab Rig or Pulsar Rok Vaporizer, which are more affordable.

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