Top 10 Skull Bongs, Pipes and Accessories in 2022

Top 10 Skull Bongs and Accessories in 2023

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Are you into skull aesthetic? If you've ever thought of what it's like to smoke from a skull pipe, look no further. Everything from exquisitely crafted skull bongs to highly functional skull accessories has been discovered. Welcome to the underbelly of the art world. Take a look at what we've prepared for you.

1. Frosted Skull Bong ($108.89)

Frosted Skull Bong

Are you looking for a beautiful piece that performs even better than it looks? Check out this Frosted Skull Bong! With exquisite skull patterns all over the body, this skull water pipe is a nice mid-size piece with a stunning appearance. It stands 10 inches tall and includes a percolator, which diffuses smoke before it enters the main chamber of the bong, filtering and cooling the smoke and making your hits smoother and easier. This skull water bong is an elegant piece made of electroplated and frosted glass suitable for daily use and sharing at social gatherings.


  • Height: 10"
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Electroplated Frosted Design with Skull Decals
  • Showerhead Percolator
  • 14mm Bowl & 14mm Banger

2. Ceramic Skull Bong ($49.99)

Ceramic Skull Bong

Face off against this eerie skull. Don't be alarmed: his mission is to please you rather than frighten you.

This 8" tall Ceramic Skull Bong is shaped to look like a grinning skeleton. This piece is easy to grasp, and the flat bottom keeps it upright when set down. It's made of tough, all-ceramic material for consistently smooth, clean hits.

Don't ask for whom the bong tolls. It tolls for you!


  • Height: 8" 
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Expertly Sculpted Skull Design
  • Glass Bowl Included

3. Skull Water Pipe ($49.89)

Skull Water Pipe

This Skull Water Pipe is more than just a bong: it's a way of life. It adds character to your smoking area in a way that a clear glass water pipe simply cannot. It's a work of art that allows you to transfer smoke from its skull to yours as easily as possible.

This piece will captivate you with its rock and roll style, finely sculpted skull base, eye-catching color, and ease of grip. You will have an easier time reaching the mouthpiece if you cant the tube slightly backward, and you will have a more comfortable hitting experience.

Plus, at 10-inches tall, this one-of-a-kind water pipe is the ideal size: it's not so big that you'll need to rent extra storage space, but it's also not too small to get the job done.


  • High-Quality Material
  • 10" Inch Height
  • With Downstem & 14mm Bowl
  • Skull Face Base
  • Random Color

4. Crystal Skull Bong ($88.98)

Crystal Skull Bong

The Sabertooth Monster Crystal Skull Bong has a simple design with a noticeable artistic twist. With a height of only 5.5 inches, this little monster is ideal for both dry herb and concentrate smokers and makes an excellent tabletop or travel piece. A 45° female joint houses a 14mm male bowl for smoking dry herbs. Smoke travels down a fixed glass stem into a showerhead perc in the water chamber where it is filtered for a clean, smooth hit!

I mean, look at the dimples, big eyes, and chubby glass cheeks for a "Sabertooth Monster"; these little dudes are pretty cute.


  • Height: 5.5"
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Showerhead Perc
  • Two Colors Available
  • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • 14mm Bong Bowl Included

5. Glow In The Dark Skull Bong ($73.60)

Glow In The Dark Skull Bong

Smoking at night is more fun when you use the Infyniti Glow In The Dark Skull Bong. This water pipe made of thick, durable glass features a lot of skulls over the body that glows in the dark when the lights go out. 

Ideal for night seshing, this beaker-style water pipe is outfitted with a 14mm joint. It includes a diffused downstem that forces smoke through thin slits into the water for filtration and cooling before reaching your lips on the flared mouthpiece.

The bong's neck has an ice pinch that allows you to drop a few ice cubes in to make your rips extra chilly and smooth. This nice water pipe comes with a 14mm deep bowl with a handle so that you can enjoy many long seshes after dark with your favorite smoking buddies.


  • Height : 14"
  • Thickness: 7 mm
  • Base: 5"
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Skull Pattern Design
  • Beaker Base 
  • Straight Neck
  • 3-Pinched Ice Catcher
  • Thick Bowl for 14 mm Joint
  • Total Length 5.5"/ 6 Slits Downstem

6. 7" Skull Bubbler ($79.99)

7" Skull Bubbler

The Heady Lantern Neck Crystal Skull Bubbler is a seductive yet terrifying water pipe for daring connoisseurs. Aside from being a fashionable water pipe, its lantern neck functions as a z-neck zong, preventing splashing and providing a clean smoking experience. This water pipe is a stunning addition to any freaky smoking enthusiast's collection and is sure to draw attention wherever it goes.


  • 7" Height   
  • 2" Base
  • 14mm Male Bowl 
  • Unique Abstract Skull Design

7. Skull Glass Hammer Pipe ($36.50)

Skull Glass Hammer Pipe

Greet this kickass Guns N' Roses Skull Glass Hammer Pipe! It's 5 inches of awesomeness with its thick borosilicate glass construction and deep bowl that can hold a lot of herbal goodness.

The GNR Cross pipe's mouthpiece is wide to break up the smoke and allow for silky smooth hits. There is even a choke on the left side of the pipe to control air flow. This white hammer pipe is adorned with the classic Guns N' Roses cross, which is embellished with colorful skulls. The pipe's stem features a cool Guns N' Roses font. A red rose pattern located on the mouthpiece for a nice finishing touch.  

This incredible pipe is a must-have for any Guns N' Roses fan, rock enthusiast, or collector. Order yours today and celebrate one of the greatest rock bands of all time!


  • Colored Glass
  • Hammer Style 
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Portable Pipe

8. Skull Glass Pipe ($31.50)

Skull Glass Pipe

With the eye-catching 9" J' Bend Skull Glass Pipe, you'll be the envy of all your friends. It's a J bend glass pipe with a really cool skull bowl. Because of its unique shape, it is both easy to hold and enjoyable to smoke from. Simply place your favorite ground herb on the scary skull bowl to use the cool glass pipe. Light it up, place your lips on the mouthpiece, and take a deep breath! The hits from the bone will be inspiring. This pipe is available in five vibrant colors. Which color glass pipe do you prefer?


  • Premium Glass
  • J Bend Style
  • Skull Bowl
  • Five Colors Available

9. Spooky Skull Ashtray ($22.99)

Spooky Skull Ashtray

Why use a monotonous ashtray when you can get one that makes a big statement, like this 3-inch tall Spooky Skull Ashtray? This grinning skull ashtray will add a dark, gothic feel to your smoking sessions and spark some interesting conversations when your friends come over.

The ashtray is made of a durable and easy-to-clean resin material. It has a realistic bone shape and includes cracks, eye sockets, and teeth. You can snuff out your cigarettes or joints on top of the cranium by resting them on the built-in cigarette rests on the edge of the indented skull!


  • Durable Resin 
  • Realistic Skull Look
  • Perfect Home Decor 
  • 3 Openings at the Top

10. Skull Grinder 3 Pcs ($21.98)

Skull Grinder 3 Pcs

Using this Rasta Skull Grinder with pyramid-shaped precision-sharp teeth instead of breaking up your weed with your fingers. This 2-inch wide compact grinder will grind your weed to the ideal fluffy consistency for rolling.

You'll get a consistent grind every time you use this weed grinder, ensuring that your joints burn smoothly and evenly. This grinder has a pollen chamber at the bottom where you can collect the highly potent kief that remains after each grind. One of the highlights is the creepy skull design, adding more fun to your seshes. It is sold in a set of three pieces, which is enough to provide years of grinding convenience. 


  • Metal Grinder
  • Skull Designs
  • 2.0" (50mm)
  • 3-Piece

The Bottom Line

After browsing this collection of skull smoking equipment and accessories, which one captured your heart? Don't wait any longer. Invest in a skull bong or accessory right away to make your next session unforgettable!

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