Bubbler VS Bong

Bubbler VS Bong - A Closer Look

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When it comes to smoking marijuana, there are many innovative devices available that go far beyond a standard roll of paper or a pipe. Most people have heard of a bong, but what about a bubbler? What is the difference between a bubbler and a bong, and which one should you choose? To further complicate matters, the two smoking devices may appear very similar to the untrained eye. They can be perplexing because they are typically made of similar materials and do similar works. 

Some people believe that the bubbler is simply another name for the bong, and there is no essential difference between them. However, when thinking about a bubbler, most people associate it with a specific type of water hose. That's why we wrote this article. We're going to take a closer look at these two popular smoking devices and help answer the questions that have been bothering you for so long.

What Is A Bubbler?

A bubbler is a cross between a bong and a pipe, but it looks and functions more like a dry pipe. It usually has a mouthpiece, bowl, and sometimes carbs. The significant feature of a weed bubbler is that, in most cases, it only has a fixed lower bar, which means you can't remove it to clean. The bubbler is usually in the "Sherlock" style, shaped more like the classic type of pipe Sherlock Holmes smokes. As the style develops, a small water pipe may look similar to a bong but is actually a sophisticated bubbler.

What Is A Bong?

A bong is a considerable upgrade from a bubbler because the bong is more complex, has more parts, and provides larger hits and longer smoke time. A typical bong consists of a water chamber, a mouthpiece, a separate bowl, and a downstem. Variations of this design are available, as are various accessories to experiment with, but the basic setup remains consistent.

What's The Difference Between Bong And Bubbler?

  • Size

The average bong is 1.5 to 2 times the size of a bubbler pipe. As a result, a nice bong is an excellent daily driver for when you can sesh at home while keeping your bong safe and secure. With a sturdy base, you can rip your bong in your lap or leave it on the table in front of you.

A weed bubbler may be more appropriate for those who are always on the go. Bubblers are much more discrete, easier to transport, and require far less water to fill the chamber because of their smaller sizes.

  • Design

There are exceptions to every rule, but for the most part, bongs have only a few different shapes – a long straight or bent tube connecting a mouthpiece to a beaker or bubble-shaped base. Because of their larger size, bongs can accommodate more intricate percolators, resulting in some fantastic bubble stacking levels of diffusion. Whereas the overall shape of bongs may lack options, the vast array of different perc types and multi-chamber designs make up for it.

On the contrary, bubblers usually have a wider range of style options. The mouthpiece occasionally bends out the back like a sherlock pipe or shoots straight off to the side. Bubblers come in a variety of mouthpiece shapes, ranging from tubes to discs to spoons. Bubblers typically have simpler diffusion – 2 or 3-hole percs. Because simple percs have smaller chambers, stacking a thousand microbubbles is unnecessary. However, there are, once again, exceptions.

  • Function

With dabbing on the rise, many people want a piece of glass that can multitask for them and handle both dry herb and dabs. A bong can solve this problem well. You just need to replace the bong bowl piece with a proper dab banger, the device will be converted to a dab rig at once. But bubblers are usually not able to accept a dab nail. 

Bong VS Bubbler-Which Is Better?

Pros Of Bongs

Larger Hits - Bongs provide a stronger high than a bubbler. Most bongs are significantly larger than bubblers, with more space between the bowl and the mouthpiece, allowing the user to take larger hits than with a bubbler.

Longer Smoke - Because bong bowls are larger in size, they last longer than a bubbler or pipe. As a result, they are ideal for smoking in large groups.

Better For High Tolerance Stoners - There will be times when a weed pipe or a bubbler will not suffice. Sometimes you need something more powerful.

Easier To Clean - You can clean the bong, bowl, and downstem separately, so bongs are easier to clean than bubblers.

More Customizable - Bongs are more customizable than bubblers. Many different bowls can be used with the same bong. You can have one with or without a percolator. Bongs come in various styles, so you'll always be able to find one that suits your tastes.

Cons Of Bongs

More Easily Broken - Generally, a bong is far more likely to break than a bubbler if dropped.

Require Frequent Pieces Replacements - Bong parts, such as the downstems and bowls, wear out and must be replaced from time to time. This costs you more money and can be inconvenient if you don't live near a head shop.

More Difficult To Hold - Bongs are more difficult to hold than bubblers, so they are more likely to be dropped.

Louder Rips - Bong rips are much louder and more noticeable than bubbler rips, which can be a problem when trying to smoke discreetly.

More Difficult To Store - Bongs are larger and more breakable than bubblers, making them more challenging to store and conceal than bubblers.

Pros Of Bubblers

Smoother Hits - Bubblers provide a smoother hit that is less likely to cause coughing than a bong.

More Durable - Bubblers last longer than bongs. It is far less likely to break than a bong if you drop a bubbler because bubblers are typically made of thicker glass and cover a smaller surface area than a bong.

Easier To Hold and Handle - How bubblers are shaped makes them easy to hold and less likely to drop than a bong.

A Good Mid-Level Piece - Bubblers are ideal for when you want to smoke from something stronger and smoother than a pipe but don't want to go as far as a bong.

No Need for Extra Pieces - Because bubblers include everything you need, there is no need to purchase additional pieces such as bowls.

More Stealthy - Bubblers are quieter than bongs, making it easier to cover up the sound when necessary.

Cons Of Bubblers

Not Smoke As Long As Bongs - Because bubbler bowls smoke faster than bong bowls, they are not as suitable for large groups as bongs.

Difficult To Clean - Bubblers are more difficult to clean than bongs because they cannot be disassembled like a bong.

Get Dirty Faster - Bubblers must be cleaned more frequently than bongs, and the water must be changed more frequently.

Less Customizable - Bubblers are not as customizable as bongs. Separate bowls and accessories can be purchased to personalize almost any bong, but this is not the case for all bubblers.

Final Thoughts

Weakness is not always a weakness. In the eyes of different people, weakness can become a strength sometimes. The key lies in what you value. Take the size as an example, is the small size of the bubbler an advantage or a disadvantage? A bubbler is obviously not enough for those who like an intensive hit, but its small size is a real plus in the eyes of those who go out a lot. So it all depends on what you like and what you need. Whether you are looking for the large rips of a bong or if you prefer the flavor with tasty tokes from a bubbler, INHALCO offers everything you need.

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