Top 7 Star Wars Bongs: Embrace the Force

Top 7 Star Wars Bongs: Embrace the Force

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In a galaxy far, far away, a legendary saga unfolds, capturing the hearts and imaginations of millions. Star Wars has transcended the realm of cinema, permeating our culture and everyday lives. The Force has now reached new heights, merging with the world of smoking paraphernalia to create some out-of-this-world Star Wars bongs.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of the epic space opera or simply seeking to make your smoking experience unforgettable, these top 7 Star Wars bongs are guaranteed to transport you to a galaxy filled with adventure and cosmic delight. From intricate designs featuring iconic characters to sleek, futuristic styles, these bongs are the perfect way to celebrate and enjoy your favorite franchise.

Get ready to embark on an interstellar journey as you explore the coolest and most unique Star Wars bongs on the market. Packed with incredible craftsmanship, stunning visuals, and unparalleled functionality, these bongs are bound to make every smoking session feel like a thrilling leap through hyperspace.

1. Stormtrooper Ceramic Water Pipe

Stormtrooper Ceramic Water Pipe

Imagine yourself as a loyal member of the Galactic Empire, standing guard over your precious Stormtrooper Ceramic Water Pipe. This 6.5-inch tall beauty features a single chamber and fixed stem perc for smooth, filtered hits. The 14mm male bowl piece is the perfect finishing touch for this ceramic masterpiece. Thick and sturdy at 4mm, the Stormtrooper bong is a bold statement piece that will undoubtedly steal the show.

With its sleek, glossy finish and the iconic Stormtrooper helmet design, this bong is a must-have for any Star Wars enthusiast. Not only is it visually stunning, but it's also ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. The smooth contours of the ceramic material ensure a firm grip, and the fixed stem perc provides consistent filtration and diffusion for your smoking pleasure.


  • Single Chamber
  • Fixed Stem Perc
  • 14mm Male Bowl Piece
  • Ceramic Bong
  • Height: 6.5”
  • Thickness: 4mm

2. R2D2 Silicone Bubbler

R2D2 Silicone Bubbler

Let the charming R2D2 Silicone Bubbler guide you on your cosmic journey. Standing at a compact 5.3 inches tall, this food-grade silicone bubbler has a 14mm female joint and is the perfect companion for your adventures. Its durability and whimsical design make it the perfect sidekick for unforgettable smoking sessions. Just as R2D2 is always there for Luke Skywalker, this bubbler will be there for you.

The R2D2 Silicone Bubbler is a fantastic choice for those who are constantly on the go. Its compact size and durable material mean you can take it anywhere without fear of damage. The detailed design, featuring R2D2's iconic colors and patterns, will surely catch the eye of any Star Wars fan. This bubbler is not only a trusty companion for your smoking sessions but also a delightful conversation starter.


  • Height: 5.3
  • Food Grade Silicone
  • 14mm Female Joint

3. Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe

Behold the captivating allure of the Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe. This 4.5-inch pipe is made with high-quality, nearly unbreakable silicone. Its adorable design features a 9-hole glass bowl, making it an irresistible addition to your collection. With easy-to-pull-apart pieces for cleaning, this pipe is not only charming but also incredibly practical.

The Baby Yoda Silicone Pipe is a fantastic choice for those looking for a unique and eye-catching piece. The enchanting power of the Child can be felt with every use, as the intricate design and attention to detail make this pipe a true work of art. The high-quality silicone material ensures durability, while the 9-hole glass bowl provides ample space for your smoking material.


  • Height: 4.5
  • Pipe With 9 Hole Glass Bowl
  • High quality Silicone 

4. Empire Star Wars Death Star Bong

Empire Star Wars Death Star Bong

This incredible Empire Star Wars Death Star Bong is a force to be reckoned with. The green Slyme glass mouthpiece adds a touch of elegance to this imposing piece, which features a 2.5-inch base width and a 14mm male bowl. The themed glass opals provide an extra layer of detail, making this a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Embrace the dark side with this menacing beauty.

The Empire Star Wars Death Star Bong is a must-have for any serious Star Wars fan. Its intricate design, featuring the iconic Death Star sphere, is a testament to the skill and dedication required to create such a piece. The green Slyme glass mouthpiece adds a touch of sophistication, while the themed glass opals enhance the overall visual appeal. This bong is not just a smoking accessory, but a true work of art.


  • Green Slyme Glass Mouthpiece
  • Base Width: 2.5"
  • Includes 14mm Male Bowl
  • Themed Glass Opals

5. Yoda Bong Tilted Neck

Yoda Bong Tilted Neck

For the true Star Wars fan, the Yoda Bong Tilted Neck is a must-have addition to your collection. This glazed ceramic piece features grip rungs for easy handling, and the wide mouthpiece allows for maximum intake. The detachable downpipe and cone make cleaning a breeze. Measuring 13cm from ear to ear, 17cm from back to front, and 23cm high, this Yoda Bong is the wise choice for any aficionado.

The Yoda Bong Tilted Neck is not only a stunning piece but also incredibly functional. The tilted neck design provides added comfort during use, while the grip rungs ensure secure handling. The wide mouthpiece allows for maximum intake, ensuring a satisfying smoking experience every time. The detachable downpipe and cone make cleaning and maintenance simple, so you can spend more time enjoying the wise counsel of Master Yoda.


  • Wide Mouthpiece
  • Tilted Neck
  • 13cm From Ear to ear,
  • 17cm from back to front and
  • 23cm high

6. 8" Death Star Glass Bong

8" Death Star Glass Bong

Unleash the power of the 8-inch Death Star Bong. This Star Wars-inspired bong features percolated hits for smooth, filtered smoking experiences. The fixed downstem and removable bowl add practicality to this impressive piece. No splashback means you can enjoy the full power of the Death Star without any interruptions.

The 8-inch Death Star Bong is a striking and formidable piece that will surely impress any Star Wars fan. The intricate design, reminiscent of the iconic Death Star, is a testament to the skill and artistry required to create such a powerful weapon. With its smooth percolated hits and no splashback, this bong ensures a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience. It is not just a bong, but a symbol of power and strength in the galaxy.


  •  Percolated Hits
  •  8 Inches Tall
  •  No Splashback
  • Fixed Downstem
  •  Removable Bowl

7. Star Wars Gas Mask Bong

Star Wars Gas Mask Bong

Embrace your inner bounty hunter with the Star Wars Gas Mask Bong. This rubber-sealed gas mask bong features a familiar character covering, making it a striking addition to your collection. The detachable bong attachment with a skull design adds a touch of menace, ensuring that you'll command attention at any gathering.

The Star Wars Gas Mask Bong is a one-of-a-kind piece that will elevate your smoking sessions to a whole new level. With its rubber-sealed gas mask design, you can fully immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe while enjoying a unique smoking experience. The familiar character covering adds a layer of intrigue, while the skull design on the detachable bong attachment exudes a sense of fearlessness. This bong is not for the faint of heart, but for those who dare to venture into the unknown depths of the galaxy.


  • Rubber Sealed Gas Mask Bong
  • Familiar Character Covering
  • Detachable
  • Skull Design

The Last Word

Selecting a quality star wars bong is never an easy task, but our guide can reduce your workload. What we recommend are not only stunning but also functional, making them the perfect choice for any fan. Whether you're looking for a whimsical companion for your smoking sessions, a powerful statement piece, or a fearless and bold accessory, these interstellar treasures are sure to delight you. Embrace the force and let these beautiful pieces transport you to a galaxy far, far away. 

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  • These bongs/pipes are amazing artwork. I would love to see a C3PO bong that really depicts his character. Been looking but everything out there is just not him.

    Marti Wright on

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