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Top 8 Alien Bongs in 2024

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Human beings have never stopped the endless exploration of extraterrestrial civilizations and unknown mysteries, and they are constantly amazed by the eternal wonder of the universe. Have you ever looked up at the sky and imagined yourself in a psychedelic galaxy or nebula while high?

Although we may not be able to determine whether extraterrestrial life exists, if you are also interested in extraterrestrial civilizations, if you are also very fascinated by unknown and mysterious romance, then this compilation is specially designed for the UFO Enthusiasts association, our selected 8 Alien bongs and UFO-themed crafts are the key to your connection with ET!

Martian Madness Alien Bong

This Martian Madness Alice Bong has an astonishing aesthetic that showcases its superb glassblowing craftsmanship in every detail. The Alien head-shaped mouthpiece is a unique and eye-catching design, making it a conversation starter at any party. It features a whole-body green glass structure that adds to its charm, and the anodized finish glass material makes it look radiant and mysterious.

Its performance is also outstanding; it features a Roswell Gray alien head-shaped mouthpiece and an exquisite cone beaker base; the hanger style joint connects a fixed 4-hole diffuser, making it perfect for smoking concentrates or dry herbs. The 4-hole diffuser ensures a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience, while the banger hanger joint allows for easy use with a dab rig.

This bong is not only functional but also a stunning piece of art that is sure to impress your friends. The whole excellent structure and aesthetic design add to its charm, giving it a mesmerizing and otherworldly appearance.


  • 90 Degree 14mm Female Joint
  • Fixed 4 Slits Diffuser
  • Height: 6”-7.5”
  • Anodized Finish

Alien Monkey Mandala Beaker Bong 17"

Alien Monkey Mandala Beaker Bong 

Immerse yourself in an otherworldly smoking experience with the Alien Monkey Mandala Beaker Bong. Stretching gracefully to a height of 17 inches, this bong seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. Its beaker-shaped body not only showcases an exquisite alien monkey mandala motif but also ensures a spacious chamber, enabling smoother and cooler hits with every drag.

For those who prefer their hits extra crisp, the bong comes equipped with a 3-pinch ice catcher. Simply stack your ice cubes, and relish the invigorating sensation of chilled smoke flowing effortlessly, while the captivating design enhances the ambiance of your sessions.

Crafted with attention to detail and a focus on delivering superior performance, the Alien Monkey Mandala Beaker Bong is your go-to choice for transcending ordinary smoking experiences. Dive into the depths of its design, and let each puff be a journey through galaxies unknown.


  • Height: 17" tall
  • Beaker shaped body
  • 3 pinch ice catcher
  • Alien monkey mandala design

HEMPER UFO Vortex Bong


If you are looking for an ultimate smoking accessory that combines creativity, innovation, and design, this UFO Vortex Bong will surely impress anyone who sees it. The shape of the bong depicts a UFO emitting a beam of light and sucking a cow into the air. The mouthpiece on top is  designed as a classic flying saucer, while the beam emitted from the bottom forms a conical chamber base. 

With its unique venturi holes and inline percolator, this bong delivers a smooth and flavorful hit every time. The inline percolator ensures that the smoke is filtered and cooled before it reaches your lungs, while the venturi holes create a spinning vortex smoke effect that is mesmerizing to watch. You can see the smoke being absorbed like a UFO absorbs light, creating an interesting visual effect. This feature not only adds a touch of fun to your sesh but also helps to aerate the smoke, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable hit.


  • Height: 7’’
  • 3mm glass
  • Diammeter: 3’’
  • Inline percolator

March Martian UFO Bong


If you are looking for a unique and stylish extraterrestrial themed glass piece, this March Martin UFO Bong is that is sure to catch the eye of any smoking enthusiast. Measuring just 4'' in size, this mini bong is the perfect size for a quick hit or for those who prefer a more portable smoking experience.

The bong's design is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring a stunning aesthetic and detailed workmanship that makes it stand out from other pieces on the market. The centerpiece of the design is the shape of a Martian in a UFO, looks vivid, complete with a flying saucer prototype base and a green alien perc that adds a touch of extraterrestrial flair.

One of the standout features of the March Martin UFO Bong is its Anodized Finish process. This process allows this glass piece to be covered with a unique luster that adds a sense of science fiction and a psychedelic reflective vibe to your smoking experience.


  • 4’’ mini size
  • Martian UFO themed
  • Anodized Finish
  • Diffuser: Matian Perc

Alien Mini Rig With Dome Nail


This mini rig features a unique design of Spider-Man being possessed by a black alien symbiote, making it a must-have for any Sci-fi or superhero fan. 

Crafted from high-quality Borosilicate Glass, this mini rig is covered in alien black and boasts durability and reliability; the compact size of only 5 inches . this rig features a miniature bubbler in the shape of Spider-Man; the black-shaped parasite acts as the home of the mini bubbler and seems to be sucking the superhero.

Also, the included dome nail allows for easy and efficient dabbing. It is designed to fit perfectly on top of the rig, with extra dome glass for good steam control, creating a tight seal to prevent any vapor from escaping, reducing waste of precious concentrate, and ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.


  • Alien Design
  • Dome nail
  • Height: 5"
  • Quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Joint: 14mm Male
  • Includes: 14mm Dome+Nail

12" Extra-Terrestrial Water Pipe


Are you a movie fan of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial? Then this stunning and unique piece of smoking equipment is sure to impress you. This E.T. bong is a bubble bong that features exquisite workmanship and aesthetics, made from high-quality green borosilicate glass; the manufacturing process makes its glossy surface reflect dazzling glory that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. One of the standout features of this water pipe is the intricate design of the bubble Chamber Base, which is carved into the shape of the E.T. and looks incredibly lifelike. This adds a touch of whimsy and mystery to the water pipe that is sure to comfort your nostalgia.

In addition to the Bubble Chamber Base, the water pipe also features a long and wide bong neck that provides a smooth and comfortable smoking experience. The neck is wrapped in a spiral-shaped decoration, which adds an additional layer of visual interest to the overall design.


  • Height: 12”
  • Heavy duty glass

Space Monster Bong


The Space Monster Bong UFO is landing! A green alien visitor is stalking your hay!

The childlike design of this Space Monster Bong must impress everyone. This bong is 7 inches high, features a green UFO-shaped body, and the spaceship's 3.25'' diameter wide round base makes it very stable. Its passenger is a green double-tentacled monster diffuser, the fine glass blowing process makes it look very lively and interesting, and it has a powerful showerhead perc, ensuring you a smooth and silky smoking experience. And the 90-degree female joint can perfectly fit most bowls and nails, making it switch between bong and rig at will.

So grab yours today and prepare for an otherworldly smoking experience with your little monsters!


  • Height: 7"
  • Diameter: 3.25"
  • 14mm male flower bowl
  • Percolator: Space monster perc
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • UFO shaped body

8" Space Wars Creature Ceramic Bubbler


When talking about alien creatures, you have to mention Yoda, one of the most famous aliens in movie history. This fantasy Yoda ceramic bubbler is the perfect addition to any Star Wars fan's collection. This bubbler features a highly detailed design of Yoda wearing his iconic Jedi Master robe, silently displaying his ancient philosophy and undying wisdom.

It Standing at 8" tall, it is the perfect size for easy handling and portability. It's quality ceramic built to last and features a fixed stem perc and a 14mm female joint, ensuring smooth and satisfying hits every time. The fixed stem perc provides excellent filtration, delivering a clean and refreshing smoking experience. The 14mm female joint allows for easy compatibility with other smoking accessories and attachments.

This bubbler not only functions flawlessly, but also makes for a unique and eye-catching decorative piece when not in use. Whether you're a fan of Star Wars or simply appreciate high-quality smoking accessories, this yoda Ceramic Bubbler is sure to impress.


  • Material: Ceramic, durable
  • Shape of Yoda wearing his Jedi Master robe, detailed design
  • Height: 8"
  • Fixed Stem Perc
  • 14mm Female Joint

Bottom Line

 These 8 unique Alien Bongs are not only unique and exquisite in design, but also impeccable in function. If you also want to establish contact with alien civilizations, each one is worth adding to your galaxy collection, whether you want to invest in a beautiful alien craft, or prove your identity with your alien brothers, don’t hesitate to find your destined Alien Bongs!

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