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What is a Bong?

How Does a Bong Work?

Parts of a Bong

Optional Bong Pieces

Bong Bowl Piece

Different Types of Bongs

Did you know that there are bongs that are sold for $100,000? Thankfully, you can get one for yourself for much cheaper.

But, no matter if you are an avid smoker or a newbie, you've probably wondered about what is a bong and why does it need all those intricate maze-looking pieces. Are they all necessary to a good high? What would happen if you didn't have one of the bong pieces? 

We will answer all these questions and more in the guide below!

What Is a Bong?

At its essence, a bong is a common way of consuming cannabis, especially dried flowers. There are many different slangs for a bong, such as water pipe, billy, bing, binger, and more. 

Apparently, water pipes were used as far back as the Ming Dynasty to filter and cool smoke. And the word bong comes from the Thai word "baung", which refers to a traditional round wooden bamboo tube. 

Bongs take on many shapes and sizes nowadays, that's why owners of bongs usually name their water pipes and consider them as part of their smoking family. 

How Does a Bong Work?

There's a very good reason why cannabis smokers use glass bongs to get that awesome high

When you light up the bong bowl, the smoke then goes through bong filters, chambers, and percolators before hitting your mouth. In fact, the smoke gets filtered four times before it gets to your mouth. This reduces lung and throat irritation and allows the smoke to hit you even more smoothly. 

Another advantage to keep in mind is that a bong can filter and cool the smoke through water, thus, giving you a smooth draw, even when you inhale a huge amount of smoke. You can maintain the pungent spectrum of aroma and flavor of cannabis while reducing its harshness on your lungs and throat. 

Also, once you know what each part of a bong does and how it functions, you will be able to purchase an affordable bong for yourself, without wasting money on too many accessories, and improve your cannabis experience. 

Parts of a Bong

There are five basic bong pieces to keep in mind when purchasing your personal glass bong. 

Glass Bong Bowl

Bowl - this is where the dried cannabis flower is loaded and combusted. It's a bulbous attachment and is often removable.

Carb - this is short for carburetor and is a small hole that allows the user to remove or clear the smoke from the entire chamber of the bong. This completes the bong toke and is usually a pull- or slide- mechanism. It will be exposed when the bowl is removed. 

Downstem - this is the small tube that allows smoke to travel from the bowl to the base, where the water sits, allowing the smoke to percolate through the water (this is the first time the smoke is filtered). The downstem creates small bubbles which increases this surface area and allow for more cooling effects.

Base - this is the bottom of the bong and can take many different shapes and sizes depending on the design. The beaker- or bubble-shaped base creates another water chamber where the smoke can be filtered through (filtering the smoke a second time). 

Tube - this tube ends with the mouthpiece and is the chamber that fills with smoke once filtered through the water. Some bongs will have an ice pinch included which acts as a catch to keep ice inside the tube of the water pipe allowing extra cooling of the smoke before it travels to the mouthpiece. 

Optional Bong Pieces

Not every bong will have all these pieces attached, but you can always buy them as add-ons, to enhance your high. It's highly recommended.

Percolator (optional) - this is an extra water chamber with multiple slits and holes, through which the smoke gets filtered a third time. Hot smoke gets cooled down twice the amount, as it creates even more bubbles than your standard downstem. 

Percolator Bong

Ice Chamber (optional) - this is where ice itself acts as a cooling agent. As soon as the smoke hits or touches the ice, it is chilled once more. 

Ice Catcher

Splash Guard (optional) - this is usually found in higher-end bongs, and is a dome-like structure with multiple slits and cuts, allowing the smoke to pass through while trapping the unwanted water inside the chamber. This gives you a clear, smooth, and tasty hit. 

As you can see, a bong is an intricate structure involving varying pieces that allow you as the user to experience the best high possible. A good bong is well worth its weight in gold. 

Bong Bowl Piece

bong bowl

A bong bowl is the most important part of the weed bong and usually comes in two different sizes, 14mm and 18mm. It's a removable slide that attaches to the bong and holds the dry herb. A bong bowl piece comes in a variety of designs nowadays, as bong designers have fewer restrictions on them and become more creative.  

Different Types of Bongs

There are many four primary types of bongs to keep in mind when purchasing yours. It's important to keep in mind the bong parts mentioned above, so you don't get confused when you see the various intricate bongs on the market today. 

Chambered Bongs

If you want a clear, smooth hit, this is the best bong for you. They are also called multi-chambered bongs, and the chambers are stacked and equipped inside the bong on top of one another. This allows the highest smoke filtration as the smoke is filtered through 1 to 3 water chambers.

Chamber Bong

Percolator Bongs - What is a Percolator Bong    

Percolator bong allows for an optimally balanced smoke diffusion and water filtration as each of the stacked chambers has a highly efficient percolator associated with it. It has many slits and holes for extra airflow and circulation and allows the smoke to cycle circularly, creating many bubbles. 

Percolator Bong

Recycler Bongs

recycler bong has a two-chamber system that recycles water in a loop-like fashion. The looping allows for less time for the vapor to come into contact with the air, increasing the dryness in your hit (decreasing the staleness of your smoke). You can recycle the smoke through the water as many times as you would like before taking a hit. 

Straight Tubed Bongs

Straight tubed bong is the simplest design for a glass bong with a straight tube and a water chamber at the base of the bong. This type of bong is not recommended for everyday usage due to low smoke and water filtration. 

Now You Know Exactly What Is a Bong

No longer do you have to wonder what is a bong and how does it work. With this knowledge at hand, you can purchase the best bong for you and your specific needs. 

Purchase a glass bong for yourself from Inhalco by checking out our bongs for sale.

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*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. All products are intended for legal usage. Before consuming cannabis in any form, please consult with a licensed health care provider, smoke at your own risk.

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