Top 9 Terp Pearls

Top 9 Terp Pearls In 2024

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Dabbing is growing to become one of the most popular ways to smoke weed.

A dab rig is essentially a water pipe that’s designed to help you heat up and smoke weed. There are hundreds of dabbing accessories on the market. While some are purely to make the rig look cool, some are designed to enhance the smoking experience from the ground up.

Terp pearls are one of the best dab accessories that you can get. These small balls spin around the banger to help distribute heat perfectly. This helps improve the quality of every rip.

Interested in learning more about building the ultimate dab rig? Here’s what you need to know about terp pearls and why you need to get them today.

What Are Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are a great way to improve your overall smoking experience. These small banger accessories may seem simple, but they’re incredibly effective at temperature retention. This helps solve one of the biggest issues people have during their dabbing sessions.

For the most optimal rip, you need the temperature to be just right. If the temperature is too high things may taste burnt, if it’s too low you may not get enough smoke. This is why it’s important to heat up the banger and rip at the perfect time.

However, it’s not always easy to time these things perfectly. This is why terp pearls are such a great accessory to have on hand. These small accessories sit comfortably in your banger and help with heat retention during your dabbing session.

The small pearls work to absorb heat from the banger and retain it longer than the banger itself. The terp pearls will start to spin as you rip, distributing the heat evenly at the same time. This helps retain heat in the banger and distributes it evenly for a perfect rip every time.

How To Use Terp Pearls

After you take away the heat from your dab nail or banger, it’s only natural for things to start cooling down. High-quality bangers do a great job at distributing heat evenly, but there are other options out there as well. This is where terp pearls come in.

All you have to do to use terp peals is to drop a few of them in your banger. When you heat up the banger, the terp pearls will also be there to absorb some heat. It’s important to remember that some terp pearls can melt under too much heat, so make sure you heat everything perfectly.

The heated terp pearl can act as a heat distributor and evenly maintain the temperature in the banger. This means that your dab won’t cool down too fast but will stay optimal for your next hit. The pearls will spin around the banger once you start your dab.

This is how the terp pearls actually work. This is because the heated terp pearls are now moving around and distributing the heat around the banger. In simple terms, this helps trap more heat in the banger so that it stays at the ideal temperature for longer.

The reason why terp pearls are so genius is because they’re so simple to use. The core principle is incredibly simple, and you don’t need to do much to get started. Just drop them into the banger and you’re ready to go.

Even if you just use one terp pearl, you will notice the difference from your first hit. If you want to get the maximum potential out of your terp pearls, consider a bubble cap or a spinner cap.

This will help them move around the nail. Spinner caps are the best option as they let your terp pearls spin rapidly around the dabbing surface.

How to Clean Terp Pearls

If you’re thinking terp pearls are great, you haven’t even heard how easy they are to clean yet. Terp pearls are hot after use, so it’s important to wait for them to completely cool down before you touch them. Once they’re cool, you can remove them carefully with a pair of tweezers.

All you need to do is remove them from the banger and mix them around in some isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is a strong substance that can help remove all the residue that may have built up after your dab. Since you used alcohol to clean it, don’t rush to use it again.

Give it a nice clean and wipe it dry. You can then leave it to completely dry and cool down before using it again. Since residue builds up quite quickly, it’s important to take your terp pearls out and clean them between each dabbing session.

This way the residue is removed, and you can enjoy the best hits every time.

Our Recommendations - Best Terp Pearls On The Market

If you’re convinced that you need to try terp pearls, the next question is which one? There are tons of different options out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to help you out. Here’s a quick look at our best terp pearls that you should consider today.

1. 6mm Ruby Terp Pearls

6mm Ruby Terp Pearls

If you’re looking for a simple, effective pack of terp pearls, the 6mm ruby terp pearls are a great option. This pack comes with two terp pearls that can help with heat retention and temperature distribution. These terp pearls also work best with quartz bangers.

2. Terp Spinner Colored Flower

Terp Spinner Colored Flower

The terp spinner-colored flower is another great option for those wanting something unique. This terp pearl comes in a unique shape to help move air around faster. The best part about this terp pearl is that you can get them in different colors to match your dab rig perfectly.

3. Clear Blue Terp Pearls

Clear Blue Terp Pearls

If you like keeping things simple, the clear blue terp pearls may be the best option for you. These pearls come in packs of two or ten, with the ten-pack being the more economical option. They work best when you heat them for 30 to 45 seconds.

4. Terp Marble and Terp Screw

Terp Marble and Terp Screw

The terp marble and terp screw is a dabbing accessory that was designed specifically for the terp slurper. This screw spins to help maintain airflow while distributing heat evenly. There’s also a wide range of color options available for you to choose from.

5. Terp Slurper Marble Kit Assorted Color

Terp Slurper Marble Kit Assorted Color

The terp slurper marble kit is the perfect accessory for those with a terp slurper. This kit comes with three pieces that are randomly colored depending on stock availability. The kit includes a terp slurper marble and pill to fit a quartz banger perfectly.

6. Reversal Terp Pearl Kit

 Reversal Terp Pearl Kit

The reversal terp pearl kit is a unique set of three individual pieces. Each kit comes with two marbles and a pill that can fit perfectly in your quartz banger. The various sizes help distribute heat evenly for a truly epic dabbing session.

7. Dicro Terp Pearl Kit

Dicro Terp Pearl Kit

The dicro terp pearl kit is another unique kit that comes with three individual pieces. This kit looks absolutely stunning as it comes with a striking marble design. The kit is designed for quartz bangers and helps distribute and retain heat during your session.

8. Glow in the Dark Terp Pearls

Glow in the Dark Terp Pearls

If you want something truly unique that will stand out, you have to check out the glow-in-the-dark terp pearls. This terp pearls pack comes in a four-piece kit and includes a few different sizes. This helps them spin more efficiently for temperature distribution.

The best part about these terp pearls is that they glow in the dark, so you can elevate evening sessions to a whole new level.

9. Diamond Cut Terp Pearl Set

Diamond Cut Terp Pearl Set

For a more elegant look, consider the diamond-cut terp pearl set. This unique set comes in a few different colors and is cut in the shape of diamonds. This helps give the entire dab rig a more unique look and feel.

Buy Terp Pearls Today

If you’re looking for a way to improve your dabbing experience, consider getting a few terp pearls for your banger. This incredible innovation is so simple yet so effective at helping maintain a cooler temperature for your dab. This doesn’t have an impact on airflow, so you can enjoy the maximum taste without wasting any flavor.

There are a few different kinds of terp pearls on the market today. While we have listed our top picks above, you can visit our website to browse our entire selection. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about terp pearls.

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